Havanese Mix Breeds

Havanese Mix Breeds Maltese + Havanese: Havamalt  Mixing a Maltese and Havanese is a match made in heaven. Either called …

Havanese Mix Breeds

Maltese + Havanese: Havamalt 

Mixing a Maltese and Havanese is a match made in heaven. Either called the Havamalt or the Havatese, these dogs can grow to be about 13 pounds, the average size of both breeds. These dogs are smart, extremely energetic, and they love to cuddle. Expect a Havamalt to become fiercely attached to its owner.

The Havamalt usually has droopy ears and a wiry coat of fur that can be a variety of different colours. As a toy breed, this dog is surprisingly active. It’s not by any means a lap dog and can spend lots of time walking, running, and getting into trouble.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel + Havanese: Cavanese

The Cavanese mix is also known as the Havalier. It can be just about any colour and usually has a soft, short coat of curls. These dogs are smart, affectionate, and suffer from the dreaded separation anxiety. 

But they are adorable. These dogs are just little guys and are known for their abnormally expressive eyes. They have short, stocky legs and aren’t as furry as the Havanese by itself. But if you’re interested in a cute, rambunctious little pup that blends the sweet innocence of the Charles spaniel with the curly-haired energy of the Havanese, the Cavanese is a great choice.

Alaskan Klee Kai + Havanese: Havaklee

The Havaklee is a unique mix that looks a lot like a miniature husky dog. This pup will usually inherit the Alaskan’s bright blue eyes and high energy. Expect the Havaklee to have seemingly boundless reserves of energy. These dogs are best kept with active families.

Australian Shepherd + Havanese: Australian Havanese

The Australian Havanese is a very energetic dog who gets a lot of its characteristics from its shepherd parent. It gets the best of both worlds in terms of intelligent. If you’re looking for a smart little puppy that can learn tricks and will entertain the family, the Australian Havanese is perfect for you. 

Beagle + Havanese: Beaglenese 

Being mixed with a beagle and a Havanese, the beaglenese has one powerful nose. But that nose can also lead this dog into tricky situations. Expect this pup to be harder to train thanks to its beagle genes. Potty training may be a little more difficult as well. However, the Havanese side means the beagle will be more eager to please and obey than an ordinary beagle. Plus, this dog has long, floppy ears and big sad eyes.

Bichon Frise + Havanese: Havachon 

The Havachon breed is arguably the fluffiest Havanese mix in the world. This tiny pup has button eyes and a handsome face, along with a lighter white coat of fur that makes it truly adorable. It also gets the best of both worlds with brains and beauty. 

Bolognese + Havanese: Dualanese 

The Dualanese is a dog with a sweet temper and all the pep of a traditional Havanese. It’s a great family dog but should never be left alone, as it relies heavily on its human companions for comfort.

Boston Terrier + Havanese: Hava-Boston

The Hava-Boston usually inherits the big floppy ears of the Boston terrier. This is a slender dog that honestly looks more like a terrier than a Havanese. The big difference here is the long coat of hair passed down from the Havanese.

Cairn Terrier + Havanese: Cairnese

The Cairnese is a terrorizer of cats, with all the spunk of a terrier and all the hot-blooded energy of a Havanese! Expect a wiry coat of hair, lots of brushing, and plenty of time spent running circles in the yard.

Chinese Crested + Havanese: Crested Havanese 

The crested Havanese is surprisingly robust for such a frail mixture. This dog won’t normally be hairless like the Chinese crested, nor will it be too fluffy like the Havanese. You’ll get a nice mix of both that makes for a truly unique pet.

Chihuahua + Havanese: Cheenese

The Cheenese is the best Havanese-mixed guard dog. Just like a typical chihuahua, expect a whole lot of protective energy and a fair bit of neuroticism. Even with the Havanese genes, this dog is still going to bark. The only difference is that it won’t bark as much. Plus, it looks very odd with bug eyes and big ears.

Dachshund + Havanese Mix – The Havadash or Dashvanese

The Havadash (dashvanese) is a great combination for a designer dog that can get you the best of both worlds. While the Havanese will pass on its loyalty and hypoallergenic nature the Dachshund will give you it’s playful, loving soul. Perfect.

Cocker Spaniel – Havanese Mix

A cocker spaniel Havanese mix is a breed of dog that has one parent who is a cocker spaniel and one parent who is a Havanese dog. As the breed has two different parents coming from two different breeds, it cannot be considered a purebred dog. Instead, it is classified as a hybrid.

Cocker Spaniel Havanese Mix

However, whether the mother is a cocker spaniel or Havanese– and the same for the father– does not affect the identity of the dog. As long as one parent is a cocker spaniel and one is Havanese, it falls within these breed guidelines. You may have heard of a Havaco dog.

This is the name that was given to cocker spaniel Havanese mixes– many hybrid dogs have a name that combines the name of both of their parent breeds.

Corgi – Havanese Mix

Havanese corgi mixes have one Havanese parent and one corgi parent. Both parent breeds have a history, while the hybrid mix is still fairly new on the scene. The Havanese, for instance,  is a breed that became very popular in Cuba. It is the only native breed of Cuba and is the country’s national dog breed.

Havanese Corgi Mix

It was developed from the Blanqito and Bichon breeds and was popular with the wealthy in Cuba. During the Cuban Revolution, a few wealthy families escaped to the states with their pets, and the Havanese became popular there as well, growing to the popularity we see today.

Jack Russell Terrier + Havanese: Havajack

If you’re interested in a small toy dog that will lead the family, choose the Havajack. This dog is outgoing, friendly, bold, and will keep its owners on their toes. This is the boldest of all the Havanese mixes, though it may still suffer from separation anxiety.

Pomeranian + Havanese: Ewokian

The Ewokian got its name because it looks just like an Ewok from Star Wars. The dog is absolutely tiny, just a little thing with a whole lot of dark brown hair. This is the definition of a lap dog. The Ewokian will only be happy when its owner is nearby.

Pug + Havanese: Puganese

The Puganese is a unique mix that may keep you awake with its constant snoring. Since the Havanese is mixed with a pug, you can expect shorter hair, a naturally chubby dog, and a whole lot of cuteness. The Puganese is adorable and mischievous, but too loud to be very sneaky.

Shih Tzu + Havanese: Havashu

Both parents of the Havashu are very similar. This means the hybrid is healthier than some others, with a maximum life expectancy of a whopping 18 years! That’s quite a long time for a dog. Expect the Havashu to be affectionate with its owners, other dogs, and kids.

Yorkshire Terrier + Havanese: Havashire

With the Havashire, expect nonstop games! This dog has loads of energy, lots of spunk, and a fiery personality that makes it very lovable. The Havashire craves cuddles, attention, and the approval of its family. 

Havanese and Corgi Mix

Both of these dogs are in high demand, so it was only a matter of time till they got bred together.

Havanese cocker spaniel mix – The Havaco

This is a cute little dog, a little bit bigger because of the Cocker size, but all in all the Havaco is a great dog. Again maintains that hypoallergenic genes from the Havanese.

Havanese Golden Retirever Mix – The HavesomeGold

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