Havanese Maltese Mix – Havamalt

There is arguably nothing more adorable than the Havanese Maltese mix, commonly known as a Havamalt. It’s a small dog …

There is arguably nothing more adorable than the Havanese Maltese mix, commonly known as a Havamalt. It’s a small dog breed with a big personality. These dogs typically have a lifespan of between 12 and 15 years.

They are fast, they are obedient, and they fill your house with laughter. These are amazing companion dogs for a family, for a single, or for a senior. They operate well with children, and they have moderate grooming needs. 

The Havamalt

Havamalt dogs should be brushed daily, they don’t bark very much, they are hypoallergenic, they average around 12 inches in height and 13 pounds at maximum, and they have a pretty good tolerance to heat but they don’t like the cold. As we said before, they are excellent family pet and are extremely good with children.

But they are also good with other dogs. 

The Havamalt breed came around sometime in the 1990s and is an attractive mix of both the Havanese and Maltese pups. The Havamalt got the best traits from both breeds. They have almond-shaped eyes, droopy ears, a short tail, and a long and silky coat. They are typically cream, brown, black, blue, white, grey, golden, or silver.

If you are looking for a dog that aims to please, the Havanese is one of the best.

When you mix a Havanese with a Maltese, the temperament becomes ideal for anyone who wants a furry best friend. They are super smart, extremely eager to please their owners, and are always happy to see you. But they also inherited the Havanese’s dependency issues. They can suffer from separation anxiety and should never be left alone for long periods of time. 

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What is the Difference Between a Havanese and a Maltese?

If you don’t know much about dogs, you might not even notice a difference between a Havanese and Maltese. If you were to see a Havanese-Maltese mix you might not be able to even tell. Both dogs are super cute, they’re both smart, and they are both happy, curious, and affectionate.

They are both lap dogs, they have gorgeous coats of fur, and they are extremely playful. But there are also some serious differences. 

Havamalt Heritage

First is the heritage. Maltese dogs come from Malta, a small island south of Italy. It’s believed that the Phoenicians likely introduced the Maltese dog to Malta thousands of years ago even before the rise of Greece. They are extremely old animals! 

As for the Havanese, they come from Cuba. They were originally brought to Cuba by Europeans in the 1600s, and have since become an extremely popular breed in the USA. Nonetheless, Havanese are still the national dog of Cuba. 

Havamalt Appearance

When talking about appearances, Maltese dogs are all very similar. They are usually white, they always have long and silky hair, and sometimes they have a splash of tan or lemon on their ears. But Havanese dogs come in many different colours, colour combinations, and they have a wide variation of different markings. The Havanese dog is a little taller, and they are a bit heavier as well. 

Havamalt Temprement

When talking temperament, Havanese dogs are better for homes that have small children. While both breeds are friendly and playful, Maltese dogs are a bit more fragile and are more prone to being injured by reckless children. Havanese dogs are a bit more robust and can take more abuse from kids.

Havamalt and Humans

Both breeds are super intelligent and very responsive to humans. Maltese can be a little stubborn, but they do well in dog sports and can be extremely obedient. They are also very outgoing and require quite a bit of socialization. On the other hand, Havanese can be a little oversensitive. They don’t do well with punishment, and they require socialization from an early age to be better with other humans and pets.  

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Health Concerns

While there are no known health issues specific to this mixed breed there is the possibility she can inherit conditions the parents are more prone to. To avoid getting a sickly puppy or one that develops problems alter in life buy from a breeder who is happy to offer health clearances and that they cover the parents too. Health concerns she might develop because her parents are prone to them include Patellar luxation, Portosystemic liver shunt, PRA, Hypoglycemia, Collapsed trachea, Legg-Perthes Disease, eye problems, deafness, heart problems, White Dog Shaker Syndrome, Reverse sneezing and joint dysplasia.

Health wise, Havanese typically live one or two years longer than Maltese. Maltese are known to have heart issues, they can suffer from gastrointestinal issues, and they are even prone to deafness. With a Havanese dog, they are also prone to deafness, but it’s more often that they get cataracts or hip dysplasia. 

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Living with a Havamalt

How much grooming is needed?

Havamalts are hypo-allergenic. This means that they do not shed, and the amount of hair is very minimal. You can choose the type of hairstyle that you want to have for your dog, each of these will bring with it a different grooming regiment. Either way, you will likely need to visit a professional groomer every couple of months unless you learn to do the grooming yourself using clippers, or some other method.

For grooming, Maltese dogs need to be groomed every day to prevent mats and tangles. Havanese dogs need to be brushed less frequently, only about two or three times a week. Havanese dogs can be bathed as needed, but Maltese are going to need regular baths to keep them clean. Also, Maltese need to get their nails clipped much more frequently than Havanese do. 

When bathing make sure that you use a dog shampoo that is designed to be soft on the natural oils in the skin. You don’t want to wash these out.

What is she like with children and other animals?

Havanese and Maltese dogs are both pretty good with other dogs, but it really does depend on the parenting and the situation that the dog is in. It is important that you train them early to socialize and be ok with other animals. My Havanese lives with two cats and they are fine together.

Typically they are also great with kids, but again early socialization is critical. Kids also need to be taught boundaries and how to be safe with a small dog, picking them up all the time can be dangerous and should be monitored especially when the kids are young.

How Much Does a Havamalt cost?

Costs vary wildly depending on where you live, if you’re adopting a puppy or an adult, or if you’re purchasing your Havamalt from a reliable breeder. On average, you can expect to pay anywhere between $500 and $1800 for a new puppy. It really depends on the breeder and on what the situation is. You won’t typically pay more than $2000 for a Havamalt. 

Costs involved in owning a Havamalt

After the price of the puppy and the initial vet checkups and vaccinations there are some additional things that you will need to consider for your family budget. Your dog will need a leash, a crate or carrier, blood tests, micro chip, desexing and possibly other shots depending on your local regulations. This will be in the 4-500 range.

You will also need to consider other things like food, toys, treats, civic pet licence, training and grooming costs.

What is the Best Maltese Mix?

Maltese dogs are tiny and adorable, and you will fall in love with one the moment you meet it. And while Maltese mix extremely well with Havanese, there are some other very cool breeds that mix great with a Maltese dog. 

Maltese and poodles are an awesome combination. Then you have the adorable Maltese and Shih Tzu. If you want to maximize adorability, try a Maltese and a Chihuahua mixture. A Yorkshire Terrier and Maltese make for a splash of cuteness and colour, while a Maltese and a beagle will make all the kids in the house happy.

How Much Does It Cost to Buy a Havanese Dog?

Believe it or not, purchasing a Havanese dog is only a little less than purchasing a Havanese and Maltese mix. There are of course going to be expenses throughout your ownership, but for the flat rate of just purchasing a new Havanese puppy, the average cost is somewhere between $1000 and $1500. As with everything, the price will fluctuate based on location, type of breeder, and general situation.

How Big Does a Havamalt Get?

The Havamalt is going to get somewhere between 8-12 inches tall. This is considered a small-medium dog, not really small and not really medium. They say they can be like a toy dog but really they are a little bigger than that. 6-12 pounds is what you can expect.

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