Do Havanese Dogs Smell?

Last updated on February 25th, 2020 at 09:14 pm

Do Havanese Dogs Smell? The reality is that all dogs smell but some breeds are better at remaining clean. I Own a Havanese dog and I can vouch for its non-smelly nature. They don’t shed, and they don’t smell. They are great for people with allergies and they are also easy to keep clean.

How to Keep Your Havanese From Stinking

Havanese are cute little toy dogs that come from the island of Cuba, no taller than 11.5 inches fully grown. They are adorable, ultra-friendly, easily trained, hypoallergenic, and they don’t even stink! At least, no more than an ordinary dog would stink. Havanese have silky hair that doesn’t produce a bad odour, assuming you take good care of it by brushing the dog’s hair every day. Because the Havanese does not do a lot of drooling, there is none of the “bad breath smell” that some dogs give off. You can cuddle, kiss, and hug your Havanese all day long without every smelling something foul or gross.

Of course, this means you need to take care of your dog with frequent grooming. If you leave your dog to run through the woods, roll around in the dirt, or even just lounge in the house all day and never wash or groom them, chances are they will start to smell at some point. And that’s your fault, not theirs. 

How Do I Groom My Havanese Dog?

Havanese dogs must be groomed often. It is recommended that you set aside at least five minutes of your day to brush the dog’s soft coat of hair. This will keep it from stinking. It will also keep its coat from getting matted or tangled. This is important because a matted coat on your Havanese can cause skin problems and could lead to a big clump eventually needing to be cut out entirely. This is unpleasant for the dog and for you, so it is best to keep up a schedule and brush your dog’s hair. 

Some people like to cut the Havanese’s hair even shorter than it already is. This is fine and won’t bother the dog at all. In fact, it will cut down on the chance of it shedding, matting, or getting stinky. If you choose to cut the dog’s hair shorter, try using a lotion to keep the ends from splitting. This will also make sure your dog smells great with their new haircut. 

When brushing your Havanese dog, do it gently. Their hair is not very thick and a light brushing will do enough to remove all the dead hairs trapped inside its outer coat. This is especially true for Havanese puppies since their skin is super fragile and can be hurt during a rough brushing session. Whatever you do, don’t let it get to the point where your dog’s hair is coarse and difficult to brush. This means you have been neglecting the grooming duties and your dog’s hair has gotten clumped and dirty.

When brushing your dog’s hair, be aware of their face. There is a ton of hair around their cute little face and because they are rude piggies when they eat, they can get crumbs and other small stuff stuck in their facial hair. Be careful and brush it extremely gently. Take care to remove any unwanted debris with your fingers. As a side note, you can use a mist sprayer on your dog’s hair before brushing.

How Do I Keep My Havanese Dog Smelling Good?

Even though Havanese dogs are not naturally smelly and won’t get smelly without blatant neglect or medical mishap, there are still some things you can do to keep them smelling fresh. The first thing on the list should go without saying – brush your dog’s teeth! This does not need to be done every single day, but you should brush their teeth regularly. A good brushing will prevent their gums from getting infected. It will keep other nasty dental conditions from forming in their mouths. And, of course, it will keep them from getting gross doggie breath.

Just like humans, dogs need baths. The best way to keep your beautiful Havanese dog smelling doggie delicious is by giving them an occasional bath. Be warned, not very many dogs are going to be happy about it. You can lessen your Havanese’s stress over bath time by sticking to a schedule. This will get them used to it. Try bathing them once a week for continuity. This will keep them smelling good and keep their hair nice and lustrous. For people who are worried about damaging the dog’s skin by so much washing, stop! A weekly bath will not hurt your dog in any way. Professional handlers bathe their dogs up to two times a week to keep their coats shiny and clean.

Another bonus to washing your dog weekly is that their skin will be clean. Clean skin and clean hair equal a healthy, non-stinking dog. Always give your pup’s hair a quick brush before the bath. This will make sure their hair is free of tangles and the shampoo will do its job. You may need to try a few different brands of shampoo, in the beginning, to see what works best on your Havanese’s coat. Also, your dog may react better to certain conditioners and shampoos. If you are applying with a sprayer, steer clear of your dog’s face. Imagine how you would feel if someone sprayed soap up your nose.

My Havanese Dog’s Ears Stink

We all love the Havanese’s thick and beautiful hair. However, all the hair growing inside your Havanese’s ears can cause problems. Before adopting a Havanese dog, you should know that they are more prone to ear infections than other dog breeds. The telltale sign of an ear infection in your pup is a bad smell coming from the ears. 

To avoid a stinky ear infection and a massive veterinary bill, check your dog’s ears every now and again for an excess wax build-up or foreign debris. You can do this whenever you groom the dog or give it a bath. Pieces of food or dirt that get tangled in the hair inside the dog’s ear can lead promptly to an infection. You will know right away if there is a bad smell when you sniff the dog’s ears. If there is, seek a veterinarian right away. An infection can hopefully be cured quickly with special medication.

To keep your dog’s ears clean and smelling normal, check them periodically. When you give your dog a bath, gently insert a cotton ball into each ear. You may also consider trimming the inner ear hair. Whatever you do, never ever shove Q-tips into your dog’s ears.

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