Best Fabric To Repel Dog Hair

A question that all pet owners or prospective new pet owners ask is what about the hair and my couch? …

A question that all pet owners or prospective new pet owners ask is what about the hair and my couch?

The great thing about Havanese dogs is that they don’t shed. As hypoallergenic dogs, they also don’t release allergens into the home. However we also have a lot of information and fans that have mixed breeds, that do shed a little, and because of that, we thought we would write this article.

If you are thinking of buying a new couch then this is for you.

What is the Best Fabric to Repel Dog Hair?

The best fabric to repel dog hair is tightly woven cotton with a thread count of over 500. It can be hard to find, if you can’t get that then the next best thing is microfibre, microsuede or leather. With all fabrics, you are going to have static electricity to deal with especially if you live in a really dry environment as I do. However, if you are able to add some humidity that will help with the static.

Lets break it down.

Cotton for Couches and Furniture

Cotton is a natural substance and has a great feel and lifetime to it. If you are looking for reupolstery to transition a piece of furniture into cotton get a hold of Calgary Interiors in Calgary. Their upholstery Calgary setup is second to none.

Tightly woven 100% cotton repels dog hair. Make sure that your cotton is 500 plus thread count cotton or above. The higher the thread count, the tighter the weave, making it a more pet hair-resistant fabric

MicroSuede and MicroFibre For Upholstery

Microsuede is not woven at all, unlike most of the other fabrics. Being unwoven there’s really nowhere for the hair to stick. The hair might still lay on top of the fabric, but a simple wipe down or a quick pass with a vacuum should get rid it all with ease.

One of the best things about microsuede is that it’s super soft. It feels great to the touch and gets even softer with washing. It’s also very stain-resistant and breathable much like cotton.

The only real downside to microsuede is that they are typically more expensive than items made from cotton or other more common fabrics. However, when one considers the reduced cleaning time you’ll spend on dog hair it is worth it. It’s also super comfy and will be great for cuddling your doggo.

What About Leather

Leather is great, it is easy to clean, it resists pet hair and resistant to most kinds of stain.

The hair from your dog won’t stick to the leather, which is nice. It will usually just sit on the surface and then you can wipe it off later. It usually also vacuums very easily.

The only issue with leather is that you will have to keep it soft, and avoid letting it crack.

Linen and Dog Hair

Linen is tightly woven and as we have discussed that’s great for repelling dog hair. It usually has a slick surface that prevents dog hair from locking into the fabric. Linen is also very breathable, like cotton. In contrast to cotton, linen is very absorbent and fast drying.

It has the unique property of not feeling wet until it has absorbed quite a bit of moisture.

Due to the fact that linen is often used for bedding, it can be a bit more expensive than other alternatives. You can keep the cost down by getting a linen-cotton blend with an increased thread count. This will still be great at preventing pet hair from sticking, but it will save you some money.

Linen has amazing fibres that are very absorbent and dries super-fast. The fabric is excellent, credit to its threads, so it lasts very long.

Linen is known to reduce your stress and improve your sleep. The material is weaved so well, making it very resistant to your pet’s hair.

These Fabrics Are NOT Good for Repelling Pet Hair

The following types of fabrics are the least resistant to pet hair, and because of the roughness of these fabrics, it makes it harder to repel your pet hair.

Avoid using these kinds of fabrics if you can to reduce hair sticking, especially for your clothes.


Corduroy is not a good choice for clothing and furniture when it comes to pet hair. It’s almost the opposite…it attracts and holds onto the hair. If you have a big dog that doesn’t shed your ok, but if your dog sheds you might be in trouble.

This material would make an excellent bed for your pet. Because of its rough-spaced surface, it traps almost all of the pet’s hair that touches it.

Velvet and Velour

Velvet-like fabric – Velvet is a gorgeous material, and although it seems very delicate – it is not. It’s not the best material for dealing with stains and most times acts like a magnet for your pets’ hair.

Let’s Talk About Canvas

Canvas would work. It is pretty resistant to pet hair and doesn’t give the hair much to grab onto. The problem is canvas isn’t very soft, especially when it comes to sitting on a couch and watching a movie.

Usually, instead of the canvas being used to make the couch it is used to make a couch cover, which if you have a couch that is attracting your pet hair you could get a canvas cover that would help repel the hair. But then you would have to remove it each time you want to sit on your couch. Could work if you work long hours and your dog is home alone.

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