Big Dogs That Don’t Shed

Big Dogs that Don’t Shed

Last updated on August 23rd, 2021 at 07:30 pm

Havanese dogs don’t shed. It’s one of their hallmarks, and one of the reasons that they have risen in the dog rankings. People like their hypoallergenic genetics, and their non-shedding coat. However, some people like bigger dogs, and have a harder time with smaller dogs for various reasons.

Today we’re looking at big dogs that don’t shed. But unfortunately, there is no such thing. All big dog breeds will shed some amount of hair. Dogs shed naturally to get rid of their damaged hair. However, some big dog breeds shed less frequently and are considered to be relatively hypoallergenic, meaning they’re great for people who suffer from dog allergies.

Some dogs shed hair far more than others. If you want your home to be free from annoying dog hair, and if you don’t want to suffer any annoying dog allergies, you must get a dog that doesn’t shed much. But that doesn’t mean your dog won’t shed at all. Just about every animal sheds their old hair and skin – even humans!

Afghan Hound

The Afghan hound is one of the most graceful dogs on the planet. They were originally bred as hunters, meaning they are incredibly agile and have excellent eyesight. Afghan hounds have long and silky hair. They also don’t shed very often. But because their hair is so long and lustrous, grooming is a must. An Afghan hound must be groomed frequently to keep their coat looking fantastic and to prevent any unwanted hairs from falling out on your furniture.

Standard Poodle

Even though the standard poodle looks like a hairy beast, it rarely sheds. The standard poodle is a favourite for dog lovers who hate shedding and is one of the most popular hypoallergenic dogs around. Standard poodles are often mixed with golden retrievers to create hybrids with excellent personalities and minimal shedding. Plus, poodles are smart and loyal. They’re also effective guard dogs.

Irish Water Spaniel

irish water spaniel

The Irish water spaniel is a medium-to-large dog, with the biggest males growing to be roughly 70 pounds. These dogs are goofy and love having fun, making them great for small families. They also love to swim. And because they very rarely shed their hair, these dogs are great for people who want a hair-free home.

Portuguese Water Dogs

Portuguese water dogs are another great choice for families who love activities. These pups also love playing in the water! Portuguese water dogs are friendly, they have oodles of energy, they’re great companions for active youngsters, and they are agreeable and easy to train.


The Komondor has a very unusual coat of hair. It almost looks like this dog has dreadlocks. This is because its hair grows in long cords. The Komondor is hypoallergenic, very easy to maintain, and an excellent companion. Because they have such an unusual coat of hair, they do need to be cleaned to keep their cords of fur healthy, but they require less brushing than other dogs. They also make great guard dogs thanks to their high intelligence. 

Belgian Malinois 

The Belgian Malinois has a short outer coat of hair and rarely sheds. Even though it may look like a German Shepherd, it doesn’t shed nearly as much. They don’t drool excessively, they can grow to be over 80 pounds, and they even have a big dog attitude. However, these aren’t the best pets for kids. Belgian Malinois requires a firm hand and an assertive and confident leader to train them properly. These dogs must get socialized early and have a strong influence to keep them in line, otherwise, they’ll walk all over you.

Black Russian Terrier 

The black Russian terrier does not shed frequently. However, it does require a significant amount of maintenance. This includes regular brushing and trimming the hair around their eyes. Even though they have such a thick coat, it very rarely sheds and is intended to keep the dog warm during harsh winters. If you’re looking for a warm and cuddly dog that won’t make you sneeze, the black Russian terrier is a perfect choice.

Wirehaired Pointing Griffon

The wirehaired pointing griffon is a dog that always looks like a grumpy old person. But these puppies are great for hunting. They’ve been trained through the centuries to retrieve game birds, hares, and waterfowl. But they’re also fun outside of the hunting world and make excellent companions for those who love exercise. The wiry coat of hair doesn’t really shed much but should be brushed frequently to prevent unwanted tangles.

Airedale Terrier

The Airedale terrier is another medium-to-large dog that doesn’t shed much. These dogs are fun and affectionate and extremely playful. They require huge amounts of exercise to remain healthy, meaning they aren’t the best dogs for couch potatoes. They bond strongly with their owners despite being quite stubborn and retaining slight independence throughout most of their lives. The Airedale terrier is perfect for those who want a strong and independent dog that won’t shed.

Giant Schnauzer 

The giant schnauzer is a huge dog that rarely sheds. This is despite their thick and dense fur. Giant schnauzers are smart and headstrong, very unique in the dog world, and can be a little bit bossy. The giant schnauzer is not a great dog for youngsters or people who have never owned pets, as they require a calm and skilled leader to be at their best.

Big Dogs That Shed Too Much

German Shepherds

German shepherds are popular all over the world. These huge and agile dogs are not only regal, but some would say noble. Unfortunately, they shed like crazy. These are not hypoallergenic dogs and should be avoided by anyone who doesn’t like dog hair.

Golden Retriever

The golden retriever is another huge dog that sheds like a monster. They require a huge amount of maintenance and shed throughout the entire year, with hair loss getting worse during the spring and fall. You basically need to follow those who own a golden retriever around with a pet vacuum because they shed so much.

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