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Short-Haired Havanese Dogs

Giving Your Havanese Dog a Haircut 

Last updated on December 3rd, 2020 at 04:53 pm

Havanese dogs come in all colours, they have all kinds of different personalities, and yes, they even come in an adorable short-haired version. When you think Havanese, you probably think of the typical long-haired scrappy dog with beautiful, multi-coloured hair that grows in chaotic yet charming waves. What you likely don’t imagine is that these very same dogs can be born with tidy short coats. And while a short-haired Havanese dog may look different, they are no less adorable. Nor are these dogs any less loving, playful, or fun to be around. In fact, short-haired Havanese dogs still make fantastic companions for you and your family.

Because short hair is a recessive gene in the bloodline of all Havanese dogs, there is always a slim chance that any single puppy in a litter can be born with short hair. It’s rare, but it does happen. You won’t notice any significant changes until the puppy is about five or six weeks old, then you’ll see the difference. While the other puppies continue to grow their long, shaggy coats, the genetically different pup won’t. You will spot very distinct disparities between the short-haired pup and its siblings. For example, there will be fringes along the ears, hair fringes on the hindquarters, on the front of their legs, and probably on the top of their tail. You will also notice their muzzle doesn’t grow as much hair as the others, causing their nose to look longer. They also lack the typical eye hair that comes with a normal Havanese dog. The result is a unique and happy puppy that still wags their tail and cuddles you on the couch!

If you happen to find yourself with an unexpected short-haired Havanese dog, you may be curious just what the heck to do about it. But don’t stress! So long as you are not allergic to dogs or have serious asthma problems, you don’t need to do anything. These dogs are lovable just like their brothers and sisters. They have the same traits, the same health concerns (or lack thereof), and the same fun spirit. The only difference is that their hair is short and won’t grow long any time soon. But that brings us to our next point.

Do Short-Haired Havanese Dogs Shed?

One of the most appealing aspects for adopting a Havanese dog is that they are hypoallergenic. This is why people who suffer from allergies or asthma love Havanese dogs. They’re cute, loyal, and won’t make you sneeze. You can easily keep a long-haired Havanese from shedding with regular brushing, keeping your nose clean and your hardwood floors free of that icky shed hair.

Pure bred long haired Havanese do NOT shed.

However, short-haired Havanese dogs are kind of the opposite, they are purebred but have a recessive gene that breeders are trying to breed out, you can’t show them or breed them. They are known as Shavanese.

These dogs do shed.

They can shed a lot, and they are in no way hypoallergenic. If this is a concern for you, definitely don’t go out and adopt one of these short-haired puppies. Playing with the dog, brushing the dog, and really any sort of activity can cause hair follicles to shed and your allergies to kick into action. This is because short-haired Havanese don’t have the extra coat of hair to catch the dead and detached hair follicles, whereas the normal Havanese has an outer coat that acts as a filter to catch the pesky allergens. 

How to Give your Short-Haired Havanese a Face Haircut 

So, you have a short-haired Havanese dog. Grooming and haircutting are going to be a little bit different than with their long-haired brethren. Especially the face. You need to take extra care when giving your Havanese dog a “face haircut.” This is extra true when talking about the ears, eyes, and mouth. Some prefer scissors and some prefer clippers. It comes down to personal choice. Keep in mind that most professionals use clippers always for the ear area. By holding the ear up, simply use a pair of clippers to trim the area between the ear and the eye. Do this on both sides and then move to the more complex parts of the face.

If you are going to use clippers to shave or trim the Havanese dog’s muzzle, you want to shave in the same direction you would shave your own muzzle. Run the clippers the same way the fur falls. If you are going to use scissors, it is recommended to use special thinning scissors, as these won’t leave the kind of uneven lines you find when using straight-edged scissors; the dog’s face will appear more natural.

The first step is to brush all the hair on your Havanese dog’s face. Get rid of the food, the crumbs, the gunk – anything at all that could be stuck in their fur, especially around the mouth area. Then it’s time for the cutting. You may want to employ the help of someone around the house to keep your dog still. The last thing you want is a jerky dog and a scissor accident. You want to be extremely careful with the fur below the muzzle and in the corner of their eye. Keep a steady hand and trim slowly, and you should be okay. Trim the fur on the bridge of the dog’s nose all the way back to the skin, then thin what remains on the muzzle. Brush the dog’s eye hair forward over their physical eyeball, then trim it to your liking with normal scissors. This gives you a clean cut over the eyes.

It is recommended to trim the hair on one side of the face, then the other. Maybe give your dog a break halfway through, since the first few times you give them a facial haircut they aren’t going to be too pleased about it. But don’t worry, with time it will get easier. 

The Best Clippers to Use for Havanese Dogs 

When it comes to a great clipper for Havanese dogs, we recommend the Cyrico 5-Speed Dog Clippers. These clippers are cordless, they come with excellent blades, five variable speeds for maximum grooming efficiency, LED reminders for the battery level, rechargeable batteries, and a very quiet function. The quietness is what makes these clippers special. You don’t want to be shaving your Havanese dog, especially not their face, with noisy clippers. The Cyrico was designed by dog lovers who understand what it takes to give your beloved canine a stress-free haircut. 

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