Top 6 Havanese Haircuts – Styles For 2023

Havanese Haircuts for a Super-Style Havanese Pup!

Last updated on February 10th, 2023 at 09:44 pm

There is nothing more adorable in the entire world than a Havanese dog with a cute haircut. Havanese, the spunky little canines from the island of Cuba, boasts one of the most versatile coats of hair in all of the dog kingdom. Havanese haircuts vary by dog and owner, here are the top Havanese haircut that will make these little dogs so so cute.

havanese haircuts puppy cut and teddy bear cut

The Havanese Grooming Situation

Havanese dogs come in a wide variety of colours, from red to brown, white to black, and every hue, shade, and variation. They also have very shaggy coats of hair that are exceptionally malleable for fun and stylistic haircuts.  Havanese hair can be a beast, and all that thick fur (thick hair) needs to be attended to.

Havanese don’t shed as much as other dogs, so that is a bonus. Plus, their hair is sometimes wavy and sometimes curly, and even sometimes straight. If you were to never trim your Havanese dog’s hair, it would easily grow over 8 inches long within the span of a few months. Because of their quick hair growth, you can give them all kinds of neat haircuts. 

When you get tired of one style, you can very quickly give your Havanese dog a new hairstyle. Today we are going to go over the top five Havanese haircut styles super popular today. Hopefully, you will find inspiration for a haircut both you and your Havanese dog will enjoy.

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Top Havanese Hairstyles

1. The Natural Havanese

This is a favourite amongst the hairstyles for the Havanese dog. It involves a whole lot of grooming, brushing and no clippers!

By letting your dog’s coat grow unimpeded by haircuts, you will find your Havanese in its most comfortable and natural state.

Your dog’s hair will grow long and wavy, just like if your Havanese dog was a wild wandering mutt.

Be Aware of Mats

The only thing to be aware of when letting your Havanese go all natural is that its hair will eventually get matted. You will need to practice constant grooming to make sure your dog’s coat keeps from tangling and forming clumps. 

If you live in a place with a very hot climate, make sure your dog doesn’t get too hot in the summer with all that hair. Keep brushing it regularly, and witness your dog transform into a natural wonder.

2. The Havanese Dreadlocks (AKA Havanese Cording) 

This is almost more of a lifestyle than a hairstyle. The practice of cording your dog’s hair can take upwards of two years to be complete, so you better be committed to this serious haircut. If you think you are up for it, this is one of the nicest hairstyles for Havanese dogs. 

Basically, you want your Havanese dog to grow its hair naturally into cords that look like dreadlocks. Though I warn you, this is different than letting their hair grow natural and long like a vagrant.

You can help the dreadlocks form by training the dog’s fur. Every two weeks, give your dog a bath and twist their fur into locks, which will work to take the long shagginess out of their hair and turn it into fluffy and manageable spiral locks. Their spiral curls won’t be greasy or hard like human dreadlocks, but soft and nice to touch.

If you find this process difficult, or if it’s not working after a few months, you may want to speak with a professional groomer to at least get some advice. This is a fun hairstyle that can keep you engaged with your dog.

A New Free Course on Dog Grooming Reveals the Secret Step-by-Step Techniques used by the best Dog Groomers in the country!

Finally, You Can Now Groom your Havanese on your own at home without having to hire an expensive groomer!

Grab Your Copy of this Free Course on Dog Grooming, NOW!

3. The Havanese Buzzcut

If you want to keep things simple and keep your dog’s hair short, you may want to try the Havanese buzzcut. You can easily do this at home with a pair of clippers. It is perfect for those who live in hot climates, and also perfect in the summer because it will be refreshing for your dog.  This Havanese haircut is one of the best for certain parts of the year.

The buzz cut will keep you Havanese tangle free with a short hair look, and you can add style to the ears or muzzle with medium-length hair, or short hair. Taking care of your dog grooming tasks is also a great way to bond.

If you want to keep this hairstyle, you need to get used to trimming pretty often because of how fast Havanese hair grows back. Personally, I think the Havanese dog looks happy and handsome with a well-done buzzcut. Leave the hair on their ears floppy and buzz down their bodies so they are soft and furry.

4. The Havanese Puppy Cut

Havanese Dog Puppy Cut

The Havanese puppy cut is just as easy as the buzz cut, it is just a little bit longer. Your Havanese dog will look like a cute and adorable puppy, no matter how old they are. This is the hairstyle that will have people stopping in the street to admire your beautiful dog.  The Havanese puppy cut is also a great cut for summer, especially if you live in a hotter climate and want to keep your dog cool.

With a pair of clippers, simply trim your dog’s hair so it is roughly 2 inches long all over their body. You can easily keep their hair the same length by trimming often using a quality pair of clippers and a guard to maintain consistency. 

This is one of the most popular styles for Havanese dogs. Your puppy will appreciate the breeziness of having their hair short and manageable, plus you won’t have to deal with any tangles or knots.

Nessies Puppy Cut

5. The Havanese Teddy Bear Cut

Havanese Dog Teddy Bear Cut

This is arguably the cutest hairstyle for your Havanese dog. Just like with the pup cut, you want to keep the hair all over their body roughly the same length, but a little bit longer at about 3 inches. As for the head, you want to keep their hair super fluffy in a round shape, making them look utterly adorable. This really is the cutest haircut for Havanese dogs.

To get the right effect, you will need to make sure the hair on your dog’s face and around their ears is just right, long and smooth so that they look just like a huggable teddy bear. Some people think this hairstyle gives each Havanese dog something of a personal expression. It also appears to be extremely comfortable for the dog.

Nessies teddy bear cut

6. The Havanese Show Cut

Havanese Show Cut

Our final hairstyle on the list is something that you wouldn’t even think is Havanese. The long silky maltese-looking hairstyle is something out of a movie or a book. Having said that however, this particular style is one of the most recognized show styles for the Havanese breed.

The long silky locks take quite a bit of grooming and maintenance, but when done right can really sparkle. This may not be the haircut most families choose because of its upkeep, but if you are the type of owner that likes regular brushing, grooming and blow drying this could be for you. For more on the official regulations check this article out.

Official Show Requirements for the AKC


How To Groom a Havanese Face

Regardless of which Havanese haircut style you choose for your dog, you will still need to groom its face. The best way to do that is to start with the eyes and make sure they are clean and clear of any sleep or dirt.

  • Start with the eyes and clean out any dried sleep or dirt and grime
  • Them move to the hair around the dog’s muzzle where food and other dirt and dust will collect. These dogs have a bit of a medium-length beard and things can get trapped in it. You may need to trim it.
  • Using a comb with thicker wider teeth, to begin with brush out the hair and get rid of any knots or dirt left in the hair around the face – this will also keep it tangle-free.
  • Next use a thin teeth brush to create a smooth silky look to finish off the grooming.
Top Havanese Haircut Styles

How To Find an Experienced Groomer for Your Havanese Dogs Grooming?

The Havanese coat requires knowledge of the breed and the coat itself. It doesn’t matter if you are going for a kennel cut, or a silky coat you need someone who knows what they are doing.

The best way to find someone is to speak with a local breeder, or vet and see what they recommend. Definitely look at reviews and social media to find out what kind of person they are. You can also join local Havanese Facebook groups and ask people who they use.

What is the Havanese Dog Kennel Cut?

The kennel cut is a short cut, usually 1/2″ of hair or shorter. The ears are typically left long and trimmed to give them a puppy face. They are typically shorter than the teddy bear cut. These cuts are great for travelling and for longer periods of time in the kennel. They reduce mats and help the dog stay cool. We would recommend however that you also cut the ears short. They just look better than the standard kennel cut with longer ears.

Havanese Haircuts Summary

Now that you have the 6 best Havanese haircut styles for Havanese dogs, you can experiment throughout the years with different hairstyles and different expressions of your dog’s character. I often find that different dogs look more natural with different types of hair.

Have fun and enjoy your adorable Havanese dog!

2 thoughts on “Top 6 Havanese Haircuts – Styles For 2023”

  1. We Have recently inherited 2 Havanese dogs, 1 Female and 1 Male due to my Mother In Law passing away. She and her two fur babies had been living with us since November 2021 but we unexpectedly lost her this past September but have Bogey (male) and Pippa (Female) still here with us and our 10 yr old Chocolate Lab / Pil Bull mix, Khloe. My question is they both NEED to be groomed since they haven’t gone since August. The groomers actually shaved both of them and I love how they look but is a buzzcut safe for them during the winter months in New Hampshire? We usually have a sweater or jACKET OR VEST ON THEM? Also, the male is fixed but continues to pee in the house and then the female follows, I don’t know what else to do. They are both crate trained and I put him near mess, put him outside, tell him them no and put them in crates for a 20 minute time out. The female has a barking issue. She’ll be good for a hile but then just barks at absolutely everything. What can you tell us to help us? I am here 24/7 with all 3 dogs and 4 outside ducks while my husband is gone at work 12 – 16 hrs a day, I need help or advice!
    Thank You

    • Hey Tracey, that’s quite a bit. We have also lost family recently too, hope you guys are ok.

      1 – Havanese will mat so that’s the only thing you need to watch out for. you don’t have to get them shaved or trimmed again if you don’t want to but as their hair gets longer you will need to brush it out more often. It’s a catch-22. The easiest thing to do is to get them buzzed. We live in Calgary Canada and it’s significantly colder here than where you are. We have jackets and sweaters for the dog when we go outside. But we trim her hair usually 6-8 weeks…sometimes 3 months. The look cute Han Solo scruffy, but again the mats.

      The Havanese Puppy cut, and the Havanese Teddy Bear Cut are good for easy grooming, and can still keep them with some warmth. As opposed to the buzz cut. Definitely trim the ears though. I do not recommend leaving the ears long.

      2 – Our little Nessie definitely barks when people come to the house, or the mailman or the Amazon delivery guy. We have been working on her recently to try not to bark with the loud high pitched bark and rather with her quieter bark. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t. As will all training consistency is the key…has to be the same every time.

      3 – Peeing in the house is a tough one. Especially because he could be acting out based on a changed situation, trauma from losing a loved one, new dogs, and instinct. The list is actually pretty long. Catching him in the act and discipline is the best for training…afterwards never really works I have found. You may need to set a timer and take them out every so often to alleviate some of his behaviour. However if it is a response to everything else and not actually having to go that may not work.

      Time may be the best solution which doesn’t really help you now. Obviously cleaning the spot he is using and potentially moving furniture around could also help.

      I don’t get many comments on this blog that are legit. SO MUCH SPAM. But I am posting your to see if there is anyone else in our community that has some thoughts as well.



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