Do Havanese Dogs Shed?

Should You Worry About Your Havanese Shedding?

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Havanese dogs are adorable. But do Havanese shed?

No Havanese dogs do NOT shed. They have hair rather than fur, and due to the long growth cycle of the hair in a Havanese dog they don’t shed. They are also hypoallergenic and as a breed, these desirable characteristics all come down to breeding and the DNA.

What does this mean for you?

Great question. It means as a family or person looking for a new pet this breed should be at the top of the list. They are very very loving, love to play and cuddle, and they don’t make a big mess. Shedding can be a serious issue when it comes to cleanliness in the home, and if you have anyone that suffers from allergies you know that they need a clean home.

Havanese on a couch not shedding
havanese wearing a Christmas outfit and not getting hair all over it.
Havanese cuddling a girl, not shedding on her

They have silky coats of fur that range anywhere in colour from black to white and red to gold. They are fun, excitable, and the perfect fuzzy companions for just about anyone. However, you may be worried that with all that silky hair comes shedding. Maybe you are allergic to dog hair, or maybe you just don’t want an animal that will leave its hair all over your clothes and furniture.

Do keep in mind that Havanese have a long coat. Because of this, they will shed a little bit. Another long-haired dog breed will shed a lot, but not the Havanese.

The good news is that the shedding of Havanese dogs can be controlled fairly well. As we said, they don’t lose much of their hair – no more than any ordinary, long-haired dog. But they do need to be groomed frequently and taken care of to ensure their coat remains healthy, untangled, and unknotted.

One look at any Havanese that isn’t constantly groomed and you can tell straight away the kind of mess that happens. Their beautiful hair gets unkempt and they look, quite honestly, a little homeless. Give your dog appropriate baths, keep up with grooming, and you won’t have much to worry about in the shedding department.

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When Do Havanese Shed?

So you are wondering as a dog breed when do Havanese shed?

For such scrappy, long-haired pups, Havanese will not shed much, and not as much as people think. It looks like they would because of all that hair, but they don’t.

This is because their hair lives a long and healthy life. This may seem like a silly thing to say, but that’s the science behind it. The Havanese’s hair does not die and fall off their bodies as quickly as other dogs’ hair does. Of course, every animal that grows hair sheds a little, even us humans, but Havanese are exceptional at keeping their hair for longer.

The times you can expect your Havanese dog to shed the most are going to be earlier in the spring and later in the fall, just like another dog breed. This is the shedding season for your Havanese. You can keep your house nearly 100% free of dog hair even in these two seasons by brushing your dog’s hair with a quality dog brush every day in the morning. It’s a good routine to get into anyway.

Doing this will give you some more quality time with you and your dog, your dog will enjoy it, and you will be happy when no hairs turn up on your black pants.

Havanese dogs are particularly popular in big cities because of this lack of shedding, and because of the Havanese temperament. Even when they can’t get outside, it is easy to keep your dog groomed at home in an apartment. Make sure you keep their undercarriage clean too.

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Havanese Shedding and Allergies

Havanese dogs are classified as hypoallergenic. This is because of what we already stated: the dog’s hair will stay on their body for longer. This means less of sneeze-worthy dandruff and hair particles that cause allergies will be floating around your home. The havanese breed is perfect for people with dog allergies (so long as the allergies aren’t life-threatening), and many who are allergic to dogs love them because of their long hair. Normally if someone is allergic to dogs they are restricted to short-haired breeds.

We have an entire article on hypoallergenic Havanese dogs. Please visit it for more details on how Havanese dogs can work for you and your allergies.

nessie dog in a suitcase not getting hair on the clothes.
nessie the havanese at the lake
nessie the havanese laying in her bed super clean because she doesn't shed on it.

How Can I Reduce Shedding for Havanese Dogs?

Even though Havanese dogs don’t shed very much, especially outside of spring and fall when they shed the most, there are still actions you can take to prevent any shedding whatsoever. You are going to want to brush their long, lustrous hair a lot.

This will get rid of all the nasty dead hairs still clinging to their skin or caught among the living hairs. This activity can be done once a day or once a week. If you keep up with it, there will hardly be a single hair falling off your dog. Also, because the Havanese coat is so silky, you don’t need to fight with the brush. You can gently groom your dog without digging deep in their coat and causing discomfort. 

Washing and Shampoo

The shampoo is important. Not just to reduce shedding, but also to keep your dog smelling fresh and looking good. Because Havanese dogs are so friendly and cuddly, we bet you are going to be spending a lot of time with your face (or at least your hands) buried in its soft fur.

If you have young children, they will likely be playing and cuddling the dog even more than you.

By washing your dog with an anti-itch shampoo, you will stop them from scratching and kicking off their otherwise good hairs all over the house. If you bathe your dog just two or three times a year, we suggest doing it in the fall and spring.

Double-Layered Coat

Because this breed has a double-layered coat, it grows more hair to keep itself warm for the winter. In the spring and fall, it sheds that hair. These are the perfect times to give your dog a bath and stop it from shedding.

Do Havanese Puppies Shed?

They do. However, this is normal. Every puppy from every breed needs to shed their baby fur coat. It’s true for German Shepherds and it is true for Havanese. But this should not worry you. Havanese puppies are even smaller than the adults (obviously), and the amount of hair they shed is negligible. You won’t have a hard time cleaning up after them or even brushing out the dead baby hairs. If you do decide to brush your Havanese puppy, please be careful. Their skin is fragile. You must carefully brush their fur without damaging their skin. 

Havanese puppies will begin shedding at around 6 to 8 months. The whole process will take around two weeks. After that, the “puberty” shedding of your dog is over. You never have to worry about it again. At least, not until your pup has puppies of their own.

The American Kennel Club suggest that you should groom your Havanese everyday to stay clean of mats and tangles. This would be especially true for owners who keep their dogs hair long.

havanese puppy not shedding


Do Havanese Dogs Shed Hair?

Havanese dogs don’t shed at all. That is one of the great things about this breed is that they do not shed. I live with a Havanese Dog and I can attest to this. These little dogs have a double coat like some other dogs and cats. They do have some soft and light hairs that will come out when brushing them.

If anything does come off of the Havanese dog it is hair and not fur. It may sound like a small differentiation, but it is literally the reason that the Havanese don’t shed. Their hair also has a really long growth cycle that means they don’t lose any of it as it is growing. If anything does come off of them it is hair and not fur so it is easy to clean.

Do Havanese Dogs Bark A Lot?

These breed of dogs are not really known as barkers. Typically they are not yappy. however like with all dogs it has a lot to do with training and the attention that you give your dog. We have written a whole article about the barking behaviour.

Sometimes when Havanese are left alone they will bark at strangers or cats.

Do Havanese Dogs Smell?

Not really, Havanese Dogs are known for not being smelly dogs. The thing with all dogs is that your grooming and cleaning practices are key. You need to spend the time making sure your dog is clean. These dogs are not generally a high maintenance dog and doesn’t require a lot of grooming. It does, however, require some. Our little Nessie gets a bath every 3-4 weeks. We also make sure her eyes and face are clean all the time. She also gets her feet washed if she goes outside in the rain, mud or snow.

It is also important to note that grooming is a great way to connect with your dog.

Are Havanese Dogs High Maintenance?

It really depends on what you consider to be high maintenance. I would suggest that these little dogs do require a medium level of input from their owners, especially in the social interaction part. They are not like a Great Dane that just lays around the house all day. Havanese like to play and regularly want attention. I wouldn’t say that they are needy or always in your face but they do like social interaction, and to be where you are.

Our Havanese sleeps a lot during the day, and when we are home on the weekends still sleep during the day. She usually gets a walk every day and we like to play fetch with her as well.

These little dogs are best suited for families that want a pet that is part of the family.

Also because there are a number of hair cuts you can get for the dog you can keep them low maintenance. The puppy cut is a great example it won’t be the silk dog look, but it will be easy to maintain.

Do Havanese Like to Cuddle?

Yes, they love to cuddle. When we get home for the day we always cuddle our little Nessie and she loves it. In fact if she doesn’t get it she will run to the couch and bark at you.

Another great thing about them is they are a silk dog, so soft to cuddle with.

They also love to join you for movie night. Our little dog loves to cuddle on the couch and make a nest for itself.

NOTE – The Havanese is typically known as a cuddler. They definitely will lie on their own while you are watching TV or reading a book or whatever, but they are not aloof. They love to be where the people are, and usually love to be in your lap or right next to you.

Are Havanese Easy to Potty Train?

Havanese are actually known for being very intelligent. These dogs are smart, and will learn things very quickly. They will also learn bad habits so it is important that you maintain consistency and structure for them.

As puppies we found it easy to train our dog, we taught her to go to the side door and bark when she is ready to go outside. This lets her vocalize to us, and to be honest allows us to not to have to watch her, but rather just listen for her. She’s never peed on the floor or had any accidents.

What’s Bad About Havanese?

I own a Havanese Dog, so I am a little biased. However, there are a few things to consider when weighing out the pros and cons. Obviously, there are a lot of pros so here are some of the cons.

  • The are small. If you are looking for a big dog this isn’t it
  • They lose their black colour after your cut their hair as a puppy. They still look adorable, but the sable is georgeous.
  • They do require grooming, and usually a hair cut every six – eight weeks.
  • They can mat a little, so you need to pay attention to their tail and under carriage for mats.
  • Hip Displaysia is an issue with this breed like many others. It is something to keep an eye out for. Its a low percentage but still something to be mindful of.

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