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The 11 Best High Fibre Foods for Your Dog

Today we’re looking at the 10 best high fibre foods for your dog. It’s no secret that adding fibre to a dog’s diet can lead to lots of health benefits. The difficult part is figuring out which foods are high in fibre and still healthy to feed a dog. Even more difficult is finding the foods that your dog enjoys eating.

There are specific dog foods that come high in fibre, and there are great treats and supplements to add fibre to your dog’s diet. Regardless of how they get the fibre, it still has great health benefits.

But how can fibre benefit a dog? An appropriate amount of fibre could help them manage their weight, fibre is important for regulating bowel movements, and fibre even helps build up a strong doggie immune system. All these things equal a healthy and happy dog that lives a long life.

Do Dogs Need More Fibre?

Dogs generally don’t need extra fibre in their diet. Most dogs already get the recommended amount of fibre from their ordinary dog food. However, some breeds require more fibre than others. There are also health issues to consider. Sometimes, a veterinarian will recommend that your dog has a boost in fibre to be healthier.

Can A Dog Have Too Much Fibre?

Dogs can also have too much fibre. If your dog doesn’t need extra fibre in their diet but you give them food loaded with fibre, along with fibre supplements, they could experience diarrhea. They could also get gassy and stinky. There is a delicate balance in every dog’s body, and this is why you always need to talk to a vet before increasing fibre.

How Much Fibre Does a Dog Need?

in general, every dog requires between 2% and 4% of its diet to be comprised of fibre. However, it’s impossible to give an exact amount because every dog is different. Dogs have different weights, and some breeds have different requirements. There is no perfect fibre amount that we can recommend. 

The Best High-Fibre Dog Foods

As we already said, all dog food has sufficient fibre to keep your dog healthy. But if you want extra fibre, simply check for increased fibre content. Always ensure the new dog food meets the nutritional requirements of your pet and has a solid balance of animal protein and healthy fats.

1:  Nutro Natural Choice Chicken Brown Rice & Sweet Potato 

For great-tasting dog food, try Nuturo Natural Choice. This is made using real chicken, all ingredients are non-GMO, it’s packed with nutrients that your dog needs, and it’s a great source of high-quality protein and fibre. There are plenty of different flavors and recipes to make every dog happy. Nutro makes great food for small dogs and big dogs, for puppies and adults, and they have wet food or dry food. This is great luxury dog food that comes high in fibre.

2: Blue Buffalo Life Protection Chicken & Rice

Every bag of Blue Buffalo dog food is natural and healthy. It’s made with the best natural ingredients and enhanced with the most important vitamins and nutrients. Real meat is featured as the first ingredient, meaning high-quality protein from real chickens. Eating Blue Buffalo will help your dog to maintain healthy muscles while fibre, whole grains, and garden veggies add much-needed vitamins. This is one of the greatest foods for weight management.

3: Purina Pro Plan Dry Dog Food Complete Essentials Lamb & Rice

Purina is one of the most recommended dog foods for a reason. They make amazing food fortified with the best probiotics to support a strong digestive system and to increase immune health. The lamb & rice formula is particularly healthy for dogs who need a bit of extra fibre in their diet, made with the primary ingredient being real lamb. And of course, each bowl of food contains real rice, which works as an amazing source of carbohydrates. If you want your dog to be full of energy and healthy, Purina Pro Plan is an excellent choice.

4: Earthborn Holistic Weight Control Dog Food

Earthborn Holistic Weight Control does exactly what it advertises. This is a great dog food that’s high in fibre and that can help control the weight of your pet. It’s low in fat, it’s made with whole grains, it has pumpkin and other superfoods in it, and it promotes a healthy heart. If you’re interested in holistic food for adult dogs, you need to see what Earthborn has to offer.

5: Wellness Core High Protein Adult Dog Food 

Wellness Core is another amazing dog food high in fibre, low in calories, and extremely rich in protein. The recipe includes turkey and chicken, as well as broccoli, carrots, and other superfoods. There are no by-products or fillers, no artificial preservatives, and no artificial flavours. This food also helps to support the health of hips and joints while keeping your dog lean and muscled. For a healthy dog, you can trust Wellness Core dog food.

6: Fruitables Healthy Dog Treats Pumpkin & Banana 

Pumpkin is one of the best foods for extra fibre, for both humans and dogs. If you don’t have an ordinary pumpkin lying around, try a pumpkin dog treat like the one from Fruitables. These treats contain real pumpkins, are low in calories, free of all artificial flavours and colours, and are irresistible to your pet. Plus, they are an excellent source of fibre. There are also tons of flavours to choose from, leaving every dog a happy customer.

Also – you can feed your dog actual fruit, and it can help as a healthy treat and also increase the amount of fibre they are getting. Things like banana, plum, jackfruit, plantains and apples.

7: Dr Tim’s Weight Management Dog Food

Dr. Tim’s is another food that promotes weight loss while providing a large boost in healthy fibre. The food contains high levels of protein, healthy omega-3 fatty acids, and it’s formulated to better help your dog lose weight by optimizing their metabolism. This means they’ll be naturally burning calories thanks to eating the dog food. It also keeps them feeling fuller for longer, that way they’re not begging for food throughout the day.

8: Hill’s Science Diet Dog Food

Hill’s Science Diet Dog Food is one of the most recommended among veterinarians. This dog food uses prebiotic fibre to not only improve the digestive health of your dog, but also to nourish their skin and promote a healthy and lustrous coat. This dog food is extremely digestible and jammed full of all the most important vitamins and omegas. Your dog’s heart will get stronger while their gut is improved and their coat gets even shinier.

9: Stewart Dog Biscuits

Stewart Dog Biscuits are a healthy treat and a great source of fibre. They’re perfect for any dog, containing only six ingredients, all of them healthy. The biscuits have no salt added, they are made with real lamb meat, and it’s a great way to show your dog how good they are while still keeping them healthy. There are also quite a few different flavors. Just remember to choose the biscuits that are highest in fibre. 

10: The Green Dog Super Vegan Dog Food 

The Green Dog Super Vegan Dog Food is cholesterol-free and gluten-free. All the ingredients are plant-based. While this may seem counterintuitive for a dog, it’s really not. All the ingredients are wholesome, there is no meat and no meat by-products, and each bowl is a balanced meal of vegetable proteins, vitamins, fibre, and minerals. Plus, the food is easily digestible and great for dogs who have sensitive stomachs.

If you’re interested in a healthier and happier dog without feeding them animals or any kind of preservative, The Green Dog is the best. This is still premium dog food and provides maximum health benefits. This means better stamina, a longer life, easier digestion, an improved appetite, allergy relief, healthy teeth and gums, and of course, a healthy immune system too.

11: Glandex Anal Gland Soft Chew Treats

Number 11 is more of a supplement or a treat that you can give your dog in addition to their food. Sometimes changing a dog’s food regiment or food type can be difficult. lt on the dogs stomache, and should be done carefully and slowly. You would benefit from consulting your vet as well, before any major changes.

Glandex treats can be given to your dog while you transition. to a new food with more fiber in i. This will allow you to increase the amount of fiber your dog is getting while you make the transition.

Glandex® is made in the U.S.A. with no artificial ingredients or preservatives. Contains all-natural premium ingredients including a unique fiber blend, natural anti-inflammatories, and probiotics.

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