Can Dogs Eat Jackfruit?

Can Dogs Eat Jackfruit?

For humans, jackfruit is a versatile fruit that offers a heap of health benefits. This is why it’s so tempting for people to want to give their dogs some jackfruit as well. But can dogs eat jackfruit? Should dogs eat jackfruit?

Can dogs eat jackfruit? Should you give your dog jackfruit?

Yes, dogs can eat jackfruit, but you want to be careful like with any fruit you want to be careful and start with small amounts. you also only want to give your dog the flesh part of the fruit, not the seeds or exterior of the fruit.

Things to Consider about dogs and Jackruit

The other part of this is that nobody is really sure. Jackfruit is very new on the scene and there haven’t been any studies done to see if jackfruit is legitimately safe for dogs.

This is why it’s always recommended that you exercise extreme caution and speak with your veterinarian before offering your dog jackfruit. Or for that matter letting your dog eat anything that you are not sure of.  

One thing that’s for sure is that dogs could have an allergic reaction to jackfruit, just like some humans do.

This is why if your dog already has allergies to other fruits, you should not let your dog eat jackfruit. Jackfruit also shouldn’t be given to a dog if it suffers from diabetes, as it could affect glucose tolerance levels in your pet. 

If you do decide to feed jackfruit to your dog, definitely remove the rind of the jackfruit first. The rind is thick and spiky and difficult for animals to digest. It can also be a choking hazard. 

If your dog accidentally ingested a jackfruit rind, it could block the animal’s intestines. This is very serious and should be handled immediately by a trusted veterinarian. Common symptoms of a stuck rind inside of your dog’s intestines include vomiting and trouble passing a bowel movement.

If left untreated, the blockage could be fatal.

What is Jackfruit?

Jackfruit comes from a jackfruit tree and is the world’s largest fruit often weighing from 10 kg to 20 kg. Some of these fruits can even get up to 50kg. The jackfruit has firmer flesh and is larger than most fruits.

massive jackfruit

The trees themselves have shiny, deep green leaves and are slightly leather in appearance. The exterior of the fruit is a pale green, and the inner flesh is white and the seeds are brown. The seeds themselves are also contained in a golden yellow pulp that is sweet, firm and chewy and has a flavour profile somewhere between a pineapple and a melon.

This fruit primarily grows in the African and American tropics.

Is Jackfruit Poisonous to Dogs?

The jackfruit is not exactly poisonous to dogs. Jackfruit flesh, meaning the pulp or the fruit, is safe to be eaten by humans raw and uncooked, ripe or unripe. It’s one of the meatier fruits that a person can eat. Some claim the meaty texture is similar to pulled pork.

A small serving of jackfruit flash will not make your dog sick, though there have been reports then it could upset your dogs stomach. To understand more about the hazards of jackfruit, you need to understand the jackfruit comes from the same plant family as figs and mulberries.

Figs are perfectly fine to feed dogs in small servings and mulberries are considered non-toxic for dogs. This means that jackfruit probably has similar properties. 

So, is jackfruit poisonous to dogs? The answer is a none insuring probably not.

What Animals Eat Jackfruit?

But what animals eat jackfruit? Considering dogs are carnivores, they’re obviously not going to be munching on jackfruit in the wild. Instead, animals like monkeys and Indian giant squirrels are the main eaters of Jackfruit where it grows naturally in Asia. Deer, rats, and rabbits have also been spotted eating jackfruit. 

Dogs and cats do not really eat any fruit in the wilderness, and to be quite honest, your dog may not even want to try it.

Are Jackfruit Seeds Safe for Dogs?

The seeds of jackfruit are about the size of a Brazil nut. This means they’re pretty big. Even if you have a very large dog, the seeds of jackfruit are a choking hazard. They should under no circumstance be eaten by your dog.

If your dog accidentally eats jackfruit seeds, it could require emergency surgery when they get stuck inside of its digestive system. 

dogs cant eat jackfruit seeds

Plus, raw seeds from a jackfruit are poisonous. This is the case with almost every kind of seed. Even for humans, raw jackfruit seeds can cause sickness unless boiled or roasted. But even if you boil or roast jackfruit seeds, you still shouldn’t be feeding them to your dog.

“My dog ate jackfruit seed!! What should I do?”

Well not only could they become stuck, but they could also make them sick to the point where they are vomiting and lethargic. If this is the case, obviously seek your veterinarian right away.

As a side note, it’s also important that you never feed your dog the skin of jackfruit. Inside jackfruit, the meaty flesh is coated by a white gooey substance known as latex.

This substance can be very dangerous if consumed by a person with a latex allergy. It can also be deadly for dogs that have skin allergies like eczema.

Always remove the latex part of the jackfruit before feeding the fleshy bit to your pet canine. In fact, the flesh should be the only part of the jackfruit you ever feed to your dog.

But to be quite honest, considering all the missing information, feeding jackfruit to your dog seems like more of a risk than it’s worth and you probably shouldn’t do it.  

Jackfruit seeds still in the pulp

What Fruits Are Not Good for Dogs?

Jackfruit sits in a kind of gray area when it comes to food that dogs shouldn’t eat. But there are some fruits that are absolutely off-limits in a dog’s diet

These fruits include grapes and raisins, avocados, mushrooms, any kind of nut, tomatoes that aren’t ripe, nutmeg, broccoli, rhubarb, potatoes, and of course onions and garlic. In fact, onions and garlic are unquestionably dangerous for dogs and should absolutely never be fed to one, even as a snack. 

Garlic and onion are both so bad and are so common that if any food contains one or both of these ingredients, such as pizza or bread, you should not let your dog anywhere near it. 

What Fruits Are Good for Dogs?

There are quite a few healthy fruits that are great for dogs without any danger of being toxic. Apples are healthy for dogs. So are bananas and plums, clementines, blueberries and broccoli. Cantaloupe is a delicious snack and is high in natural sugar. Carrots can be eaten by dogs and so can celery. 

dogs and fruit

Then we have cucumbers, green beans, mango, and even oranges. Just keep in mind to always peel the oranges first. And lastly, peaches and pears can also be fed to dogs and offer great health benefits. 

But to tell you the truth, most dogs aren’t interested in fruits at all and would rather eat a big bowl of meat! 

If you are not able to give them meat, there are other meat substitutes that you can give your dog that will be good for them.


Can I feed Jackfruit to Dogs?

Jackfruit for dogs

Can Dogs Eat Jackfruit fruit flesh? It’s mostly safe to let your dog eat the jackfruit meat. … If your dog has a skin allergy like eczema, then you need to remove it before giving your dog the jackfruit meat. The flesh or meat should be the only part of the jackfruit you give your dog, you should not give them the seeds or the exterior part of the fruit.

Can Dogs Eat Jackfruit Pulp?

Yes, dogs can eat the jackfruit pulp. Just like when it comes to the flesh it is best to use moderation and give small amounts. The pulp is a little different than the flesh in that it surrounds the seeds. You want to make sure that NO seeds are in the pulp when you give it to your dog. The pulp is high in carbs and sugar so moderation is key anyway.

dog with fruit

Can Dogs Eat Jackfruit Seeds?

dogs and jackfruit seeds

As mentioned above it is best if you don’t give the seeds or raw jackfruit seeds to your dog. There are still some unknowns about jackfruit in general and the seeds are definitely in this category.

The main problem is that the seeds themselves will not be digested by the dog’s stomach and then they could possibly create blockages or digestion issues. The seeds of jackfruit are actually quite big, almost like almonds or chestnuts and can cause significant blockages.

The other problem is that there can be toxins in seeds, and you don’t want that getting into your dog.

What if a Dog Eats A Jackfruit Seed?

They are very hazardous for your dog. They contain a cyanide-like substance that is toxic to dogs. Even though there aren’t very many studies about the toxicity to dogs, it is always safest to assume the worst. Keep your dog safe by keeping them away from jackfruit seeds.

the other issue as mentioned above is that they could also cause blockages. If your dog does eat a jackfruit seed you want to watch to make sure they are ok. you may also want to watch their stool to make sure that the seed passes.

Can Dogs Eat Cooked Jackfruit or Can Dogs Eat Jackfruit parts that are Cooked?

Dogs can eat cooked jackfruit if it is the flesh or the pulp. Again you really want to exercise caution and moderation when it comes to feeding fruits to your dog anyway, so this si a good time to practise that. The cooking of the fruit will not change it enough to change the recommendation.

This goes for the seeds as well. Jackfruit seeds are very much like chestnuts when they are cooked, but are still the size of marbles. and you do not want your dog to eat any of them.

What is Unripe Jackfruit?

As with most fruits, unripe jackfruit is jackfruit flesh that is prepared or eaten before its highest sugar concentration. Fruit is designed to be a carrier for the seeds inside, to drop to the ground and provide for the seeds to grow new plants or trees.

They are the storage of sugar and nutrients for the seeds. Jackfruit is a tropical fruit, and so this is true, as with most tropical fruit.

When we eat fruit that is not ripe usually it is sour and not as pleasant to taste. The fruit is also designed to be eaten because the seeds will pass through the system of the eater and then fall to the ground and sprout. If the fruit is no good this process won’t happen.

As far as your dog is concerned the ripening process of jackfruit doesn’t really change the recommendation when it comes to giving jackfruit to your dog. So can dogs eat jackfruit, yes they can.

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