New Dog Owners Before They Adopt

12 Things New Dog Owners Must Know Before They Adopt a Pet Jim Butcher, an American author once quoted, “You …

12 Things New Dog Owners Must Know Before They Adopt a Pet

Jim Butcher, an American author once quoted, “You can never go wrong about adding a dog to the story”. No debates there. For there’s no one’s loyalty as a dog possesses for its people. But before making them your family, you must know whether you both are right for each other or not. Pretty much like any other human relationship. Any sort of hurry and ignorance will sooner or later fill you up with a sense of burden and suffocation.

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  1. Reasons behind your desire

Start your introspection journey by answering these questions. Why do you need a pet? What are the reasons behind this desire? What moments make you want them most? What are your expectations from your pet? These are some fundamental and core aspects that require your clarity before taking an actual step.

Pets are not supposed to be merely adopted for chasing happiness or pinning down loneliness.

You become responsible for nurturing life.

  1. They need time and energy

Your pet needs you, they always do. They are not a one-time thing. Once they enter your family, they become family. Like any other member of your family, they demand time, attention, love, care, and other expressions of assurance. Even to be fair, they need you more. 


Because they cannot analyze their goods and bads. You have to reset your priorities and make it work with them. Do think about it.

  1. Uncover your family’s compatibility

Knowing your family history and affinity becomes essential while adopting a pet. Sometimes your family members are allergic to certain pets and this possibility could create a challenge later. It’s always better to undertake an allergy test before making any sturdy decision. 

Your family’s likeness towards the pet is also supposed to be gauged before ‘the step’ as no one likes to be in a cramped vicinity. Discussion and conversation with unmitigated revelation will paint a clear picture for you.

  1. Decide specifics about your pet 

You want to adopt a dog but tell us more. Wondering what more could be?

Dogs have a variety, they are categorized into different breeds. It is said that “Dogs are the most variable mammal on earth” Some dogs are athletic, some are sloth, some have strength while the other some have the speed or even both. They all look different and hold distinct physical and mental disparities. Once you know your requirements, you’ll have an easy process of selection.

  1. Never go wrong with the money mathematics 

If you think, the initial pricing of the dog is where your mathematics is only needed, you are blatantly wrong. Your dog is a living being and like any other human, its survival demands expenses. From as usual as food expenses to other uncertain medical conditions, all need money. Other leisures such as toys, equipment, collars and so on are also included in their essentials. And once you decide to bring a pet home, their training becomes your necessity. That is also costly. You must know it all.

  1. Reset your house 

Remember the time when you planned your house, you did it exactly according to your and your family’s needs. That is what your pet will be asking. It’s fair for sure. Your pets are different from you all, they have their own needs. Before welcoming them you must know each detail about them.

If there is anything which they are allergic to or if there is any stuff in your home that could become a potential physical danger for your pet, you have to get it removed. 

Here your safety analysis can have another dimension as well. Some of your expensive and vulnerable objects might need security from your little bundle of spark and spirit. So, save them too.

  1. Readjust your habits

Unless and until the dog masters your allocated training, you need to set your rhythm according to their moods. Sometimes they will give you a hard time eating food or medicine or sometimes even your sleeping cycle won’t match with theirs but still, there is nothing to panic about. Your understanding and relationship will evolve with time and then dedicating some extra effort to your pet won’t bother you. After all, you’ll both start loving each other.

  1. Learn them

Perceiving them initially will not be as effortless as they do not know words, vocabulary, or any human language. All they got is a similar repetitive sound which is only familiar to people with dogs. But how can this indistinguishable sound become familiar? Because behind that similar sounding voice, tone and emotions are to be grasped. And all the assistance from communication learning programs offered in the market added with your togetherness will make your communication a simple ride.

  1. Never ignore the external factors

External factors such as climatic conditions and home residence must be included in your revision list. It plays a massive role in deciding your pets’ approach to their lifestyle. Although dogs adopt a massive scale of adaptability. For example, high temperate areas lead to over-exhaustion in dogs, and in such conditions, dogs are supposed to not be left outside for a prolonged period. 

The home locality also affects a dog’s way of living. If your pet gets stuck in an unfriendly surrounding, it will affect their growth in some way or the other. Rational and holistic consideration is vital prior to any verdict. 

  1. Know their healthcare and skincare 

Being a new dog adopter could be challenging at the initial stage as everything seems new and considering an expert opinion in both aspects is advised. But once you are properly instructed and guided about the health and skin of your pet, you must take care of it regularly. Itchiness and dryness are common skin problems for dogs, hence routinely visiting a bathing parlor also becomes vital for your pet. The hygiene of your pet has to be your unwavering resolution.

No one can tell you accurately about your pet’s health other than a vet. Consulting him once in a while is a necessary part even if your dog is showing no weak signs. Very similar to how we humans undergo complete health checkups once in a while. These visits will only reveal amendments that are essential in your pet’s lifestyle.

  1. Get them jabbed

Your pets are vulnerable to certain viruses and so vaccinations are prescribed by the vet. Depending on your pet’s immune system and lifestyle, some vaccines are supposed to be their core vaccines and some are non-core vaccines. Now, to know which pet vaccinations are essential, you’ve got to know that the difference between core and non-core vaccines is strictly to be decided only by the vet.

Distemper, Hepatitis, Parainfluenza, Parvovirus (DHPP), Rabies, Leptospirosis vaccinations are usually considered as must-haves but sometimes, your pet’s immune system might be at certain high risks which will demand other additional vaccinations.

  1. Invest in their training

Like how a small child entails proper guidance and supervision, so is the case with your novice addition. Your pet needs your instructions and then practices for learning general regular rituals. Training minimizes the over-dependency of pets on their owners and builds mental stimulation and confidence to perform their usual activities. 

There are numerous training courses available for serving different purposes. It’s your decision whether you want to train your dog for just socializing motives or you are looking for assimilating some high skills in your pet. 


Adopting a pet is a great decision. Adding someone as pure as your pet will only uplift your experience of life. All that is required is knowing extensively about them and about yourselves too before making them your family. Because no good person abandons the family. Start from a place where you know completely about what it takes to be a pet parent.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we give home food to our dog?

 Of course, dogs do eat home food. However, you must undergo a test before treating them with any sort of food. That will give you a clear picture of what to add and avoid.

How frequently should you bathe your dog?

Although different breeds have different requirements. Once in a month will go well and you do it earlier also if your dog starts smelling or itching.

Is home resetting for pets an expensive activity?

No, it is not expensive at all. A little consideration of vulnerable things will work for resetting. And also your dog allergies will help you to eradicate all its trigger points. 

Can we use our skincare products on our pets?

That is a strict no. Pet products designed especially for them are only safe. Dogs tend to lick their body hence applying any human lotion will only infiltrate chemicals into their body. 

Is protection training important for your dog?

Protection training is only recommended when you want your dogs to be proficient guards. But all breeds are not capable of this training. Gentle socializing training is essential for any dog until and unless your primary motive is extraction your security from your dog,

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