Dog Proof Litter Box

Looking for a Solution for Dogs and Cat Litter Boxes? Dogs are absolutely disgusting. There is no denying it. And …

Looking for a Solution for Dogs and Cat Litter Boxes?

Dogs are absolutely disgusting. There is no denying it. And while dogs are well-known for eating their own poop, they will definitely have no problem sniffing around your cat’s poop as well. This might be OK if your cat were an outdoor animal and pooped in the forest somewhere, but if you have an indoor cat and a litter box, and you also have a poop-hungry dog, you may have a problem. 

Does your Havanese Dog live with a Cat Like Mine?

havanese living with a cat

To avoid the nastiness of your dog getting inside the box and sniffing around, there are dog-proof litter boxes designed just for this reason. These litter boxes come with lots of perks, such as giving your cat a private space to do its business without the dogs sniffing around. 

Also, dog-proof litter boxes are generally pretty good at keeping odors in while keeping dogs at bay. Your house will smell better, your cat will be happier, your floors will be cleaner, and everything will be just swell. Even if you don’t own a dog, you may want to consider getting a dog-proof box just for the quality alone.

Other Products That May Help

Keeping the dog out of the room that the cat’s litter box is in or even the cat food, can be a great solution for an issue with a dog. Here is something that could help with that.

Door Buddy Cat Door Latch & Cat Door Stopper. Adjustable Door Strap for Cats to Dog Proof & Keep Dog Out of Litter Box & Cat Feeder. Simpler Pet & Cat Gate Alternative. No Cut Cat Door Interior Door
  • ✅ THE ORIGINAL NO CUT CAT DOOR – Door Buddy’s adjustable pet door latch for cats is the original interior cat door alternative that gives cats back their space! No need to cut out a kitty door for interior door or fight a bulky pet gate with cat door. While cheap pet door holder knock-offs are tempting, there’s no one as customizable, durable, and effective as Door Buddy‘s made in the USA cat door strap for pets
  • ✅ KEEP DOGS OUT & TAILS SAFE – Door Buddy’s dog proof door latch is the easiest way to keep door cracked open for cat while also allowing you to dog proof litter box. Thanks to our extra strong 3M adhesive and door stopper for cats, Door Buddy’s pet door strap combo can stop dogs up to 120lb from getting into no-go rooms while keeping doors propped open. Finally, a cat door for interior door without any hassles or a dog proof cat feeding station solution that your cat will love.

The Best Dog-Proof Litter Boxes

Today we will look at the best dog-proof boxes available right now. All these boxes are high quality, they will all keep dogs away from your cat’s private toilet, and they even work to keep smells out of your house and out of your nose.

While there are definitely measures you can take to avoid having your dog in the litter box without buying a new device, like keeping your cat’s box out of reach of the dog, training your dog not to go near the box, and keeping the box clean every day so there is no poop – a dog-proof litter box works just the same.

Petmate Top Entry Litter Cat Litter Box With Filter Lid To Clean Paws, Made in USA

Petmate Top Entry Litter Cat Litter Box With Filter Lid To Clean Paws, Made in USA
  • TOP ENTRY LITTER BOX: This enclosed kitty litter box features high walls for cats’ privacy. The wide, top entry design easily accommodates larger cats and has a grated surface to collect litter from cats’ paws each time they exit. Non-slip textured lid with openings
  • LITTER-FREE FLOOR: The tall litter box allows cats to dig and cover waste without spilling litter onto the floor. The grated top collects litter from paws as cats exit the pan, allowing litter to fall into the pan below. Includes a hook to hang your cat litter scoop, Scoop Not Included

Review for Petmate Top Entry Litter Cat Litter Box with Filter Lid

The Petmate Top Entry Litter Box is a game-changer for cat owners. The top entry design is innovative and effective in preventing litter from being kicked out, ensuring a cleaner area around the box. The filter lid is a notable feature, helping to clean my cat’s paws as they exit, which considerably reduces litter tracking around the house.

Made in the USA, the quality of this product is evident in its durable construction. I appreciate the attention to detail, from the non-slip lid to the spacious interior that accommodates cats of various sizes.

However, it’s essential to note that while many cats easily adapt to the top entry design, some might require a bit of encouragement or training. It’s a minor trade-off considering the cleanliness it brings to the litter area.

In conclusion, the Petmate Top Entry Litter Cat Litter Box with Filter Lid is a highly recommended product for those seeking a solution to litter scatter and tracking. Its design and functionality truly stand out, making it a worthwhile addition to any cat household.

This is a pretty cool invention. Rather than your cat walking through the front door of the box, it has to go through a hole in the top. This makes it extremely difficult for any dog to get near the litter area with the poop. The lid easily snaps on, and your cat will have no problems getting in and out of the box. It is also quite spacious, so your cat won’t have any claustrophobia issues.

Another great bonus is that because of the slots on the top cover, litter will fall back into the pan when your cat exits, rather than the litter being carried all over the floor. It is also extremely easy to remove the waste.

However, while this unit does work great for most dogs, any larger dog will still be able to fit its head into the top opening. This is something to consider, though it is not a big design flaw.

Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat Litter Pan

Catit Airsift Jumbo Hooded Cat Litter Pan, Warm Gray/White – Privacy and Easy Access for Cleaning – Ideal for Larger Cat Breeds or Multiple Cat Households
  • Easy Access: Large opening with a paw-safe front door that’s easy for cats to open and helps prevent cat litter from spilling over. The hood is sufficiently spacious to provide privacy while giving them enough room to go as they please.
  • Designed for Efficient Cleaning: The large hood lifts for easy access for cleaning, with a built-in bag anchor helps keep the bag open and frees hands for scooping.

This is the same as an ordinary box, except that it has a door for your cat to crawl into. This keeps dogs outside of the litter box while giving your cat the privacy it deserves while doing its business. The foldable door also prevents odors from leaking out into your home, and it can even be folded when you don’t want to use it. 

Because of its large size, the space is extremely accommodating for any breed of cat. The carbon filter helps to prevent nasty smells and disgusting odors, and the hood actually fits nicely. This is a big problem with other boxes, when the lid is wobbly and loose, but not so with this litter box. It even comes with a hook on the side where you can keep a bag ready for a cleanup without mess.

ScoopFree Self Cleaning Litter Box

PetSafe ScoopFree Original Purple Uncovered Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box System – No More Scooping – includes Automatic Cat Litter Box, Disposable Litter Tray, 4.5 lb Premium Blue Crystal Cat Litter
  • AUTOMATICALLY REMOVES WASTE: No scooping, cleaning or refilling your cat’s litter box for weeks
  • UNBEATABLE ODOR CONTROL: Crystal litter removes smell by absorbing urine and dehydrating solid waste

Last on the list is something of a revolution in litter boxes. This is an automatic self-cleaning litter box that is not only dog-proof but also clean and free of odours. You don’t even need to clean this litter box. It works using an advanced system that detects when your cat uses the toilet, then scoops the poop into a wastebasket beneath the actual litter box. It keeps the box clean, you don’t have to empty it using a scooper anymore, and the dog can’t get to it. 

The only disadvantage is you need to use special disposable trays that you have to purchase from the manufacturer. While not overly expensive, they aren’t that cheap either. You get about 7 to 10 days before you need to change the litter box, but at least when you change it, all you need to do is dump the bottom container with all the waste in it.

The bottom trays are leak-proof, they offer a hygienic cleanup, and you never have to look at another piece of cat poop again. This is really an ideal litter box, and it does work most of the time. In any case, it is absolutely impossible for your dog to get its nose in the waste since it is sealed beneath the actual litter box. 

Dog Proof Litter Box FAQ

How Do I Dog Proof My Litter Box

Dog-proofing your cat litter box is essential if you have both cats and dogs in your household. Dogs are often attracted to cat litter due to the scent of the cat’s waste, which can be unsanitary and undesirable behavior. Here are some steps and strategies to dog-proof your cat litter box:

  1. Location Matters:
  • Elevated Surfaces: Dogs are typically less agile than cats. Consider placing the box on an elevated surface that’s accessible to your cat but not your dog.
  • Restricted Access Rooms: Use baby gates or pet gates to restrict your dog’s access to the room where the box is located. Cats can usually jump over or squeeze through places dogs can’t.
  • Hidden Spots: Cats prefer privacy when they do their business. Places like closets, basements, or utility rooms can be ideal. Just make sure your cat has constant access.
  1. Top Entry Litter Boxes: These are designed so that the cat enters from the top rather than the side. This can deter many dogs, especially larger ones, from accessing the contents.
  2. Litter Box Furniture: There are cabinets designed specifically to hold a cat litter box, which look like regular furniture. They have an entrance for the cat but keep the litter box hidden from dogs (and humans).
  3. Litter Box with a Lid: A covered cat litter box might deter some dogs, especially if combined with a location that restricts easy access.
  4. Motion-activated Deterrents: Devices that emit a harmless spray or noise when activated can be placed near the litter box to deter your dog.
  5. Use Deterrent Mats: These are mats that you can place in front of the litter box entry. They are uncomfortable for dogs to walk on but don’t bother cats.
  6. Keep It Clean: Dogs are often attracted to the litter box because of the waste and the want to be eating cat poop. Cleaning the litter box and litter pan regularly (at least once a day) can reduce its allure.
  7. Training: Reinforce commands like “leave it” or “off” to discourage your dog from approaching the litter box. Reward them for obeying and keeping their distance.
  8. Consult a Veterinarian: If your dog consumes cat feces regularly, it’s a good idea to consult with a veterinarian. They might have insights into the behavior and can ensure it’s not indicative of a dietary deficiency or other health issue.

Remember, every dog is different, so a combination of the above methods might be most effective. Observing your dog’s behavior and habits can help you tailor the perfect solution for your household.

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