Food and Diet

Woman and Girl giving a pea to a yellow lab dog

Can Dogs Eat Peas

Can Dogs Eat Peas? Peas are a great side dish for humans and can also be mixed into many other dishes for some added flavour and …
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can dogs eat poppy seeds

Can Dogs Eat Poppy Seeds

Can Dogs Eat Poppy Seeds? No dogs can not eat poppy seeds. Poppy seeds are fit for human consumption and are not something we would …
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can dogs eat sauerkraut

Can Dogs Eat Sauerkraut

Can Dogs Eat Sauerkraut? Sauerkraut can be found on sandwiches, hotdogs, and lots of other delicious foods – and it can be eaten raw with nothing …
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can dogs eat papaya

Can Dogs Eat Papaya

Wondering About Your Dog and Papaya? Can dogs eat papaya? Yes, dogs can eat Papaya! Papaya is extremely rich in fibre, calcium, potassium, and folate. It’s …
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high fiber foods for dogs

High Fiber Dog Food

The 11 Best High Fibre Foods for Your Dog Today we’re looking at the 10 best high fibre foods for your dog. It’s no secret that …
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Can dogs eat marshmallows

Can Dogs Have Marshmallows

Can Dogs Have Marshmallows? If you’ve ever gone camping with your dog, chances are you’ve wondered if your dog can eat marshmallows. Marshmallows are fluffy and …
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can dogs eat hot dogs

Can Dogs Eat Hot Dogs

Can Dogs Eat Hot Dogs? A hot dog seems like the perfect food to feed a hungry canine. After all, it even has the word dog …
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can dogs eat ranch

Can Dogs Eat Ranch

Can Dogs Eat Ranch? Ranch is not the best thing to feed your dog. In fact, dogs should not eat ranch. Believe it or not, most …
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Can dogs eat egg shells

Can Dogs Eat Egg Shells

Can Dogs Eat Egg Shells? Dogs can technically eat eggshells. Egg shells are packed with calcium, something needed in a dog’s diet. But to be quite …
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Can dogs eat basil

Can Dogs Eat Basil

Can Dogs Eat Basil? It’s true that some herbs can be dangerous for dogs. But what about basil? Basil has a whole lot of health benefits …
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Can Havanese eat Pepper

Can Dogs Eat Pepper

Can Dogs Eat Pepper? Have you ever wondered, can dogs eat pepper? Even though a small amount of black pepper is generally considered safe for dogs, too much black pepper …
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Plums and dogs and eating (1)

Can Dogs Eat Plums

Can Dogs Eat Plums? Plums are tasty. But are they tasty for your dog? An even better question: can dogs eat plums? In a world where …
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can dogs eat seaweed

Can Dogs Eat Seaweed

Can Dogs Eat Seaweed?  Seaweed has great nutritional benefits for people. Seaweed is rich in many important minerals and vitamins, such as iron and magnesium. Seaweed …
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Can dogs eat jackfruit

Can Dogs Eat Jackfruit?

Can Dogs Eat Jackfruit? For humans, jackfruit is a versatile fruit that offers a heap of health benefits. This is why it’s so tempting for people …
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Can dogs eat jalapenos

Can Dogs Eat Jalapeños?

Can Dogs Eat Jalapeños? If you’ve ever wondered, “can dogs eat jalapenos?” the answer is no. It doesn’t matter that jalapenos are low in calories and …
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