Havanese Yorkie Mix

Havanese Yorkie Mix

The Havanese Yorkie mix is one of the newer designer dog breeds we are hearing about, where breeders are combining the traits of two other purebred dog breeds. Doing so allows breeders a greater level of control and also allows us to blend the favourable characteristics of two breeds into one.

What is a Havanese Yorkie mix?

A Havanese Yorkie mix is a mix of the Havanese dog breed and the Yorkie dog breed. The Havanese Yorkie is a small dog, which typically grows to be bigger than the Yorkie but still smaller than the Havanese. Coat colour varies, depending upon the colouring of the dog’s parents, but typical colourings include white, black, red, tan, and chestnut. The breed does require maintenance in the form of frequent grooming– if they have a full coat, daily brushing and weekly baths are a must. The expected lifespan for the Havanese Yorkie mix is on par with many small breeds, at around 13-15 years.

Benefits of a Havanese Yorkie Mix

Besides being cute, lovable dogs, the Havanese Yorkie mix has its own specific set of benefits. Those who are looking to get their own Havanese Yorkie mix should be sure to look at the benefits of the breed in order to understand more about it. This is the best way to ensure that this is the right dog for you, and to ensure that the dog will thrive in the environment you are able to provide!


For some, the dream of owning a dog is not an option. They, or someone in their household, may be allergic to canines. This is where hypoallergenic dogs come in. These are dogs that do not shed or shed very little. Because of the reduced shedding, the dander that causes allergies is not released into the allergy-sufferers environment. As the Yorkie and Havanese are both hypoallergenic, the mix is as well.

Good for First Time Dog Owners

The Havanese Yorkie mix has a big personality. They are attention-loving and playful and can get along with other pets and with children. They also love being around people, so their social disposition will certainly shine through. For families that are unused to having pets in the house, the Havanese Yorkie mix is a great first-time dog because they are affable, good family dogs, and typically get along well with strangers and other animals. Like any dog, they will need some training, but will not be a dog that requires extensive training that will be overwhelming for a new dog owner.


All dogs are loyal to some degree– it’s what the species is known for. However, both breeds in this mix’s parentage are known for their loyalty. It is certainly a trait that has passed onto their offspring. The Havanese Yorkie mix will be happy to follow you wherever you go. It will also seek your affection constantly, so if you are looking for a loyal, loving dog, the Havanese Yorkie is a great pick!

Highly Intelligent

Since this breed comes from two purebred dogs with high intelligence, it also boasts a high intelligence level. Havanese Yorkie mixes do well with positive reinforcement training, utilizing copious amounts of treats and praise. To set your dog up for future success and good behaviour, it is advisable that you start training with them as soon as possible. Due to the Yorkshire influence, this breed does come with a stubborn streak.


You likely know that Yorkshire terriers are very vocal dogs. However, Havanese dogs are quieter and bark less. The Havanese Yorkie mixes typically take after their Havanese parentage in this respect. Of course, every dog varies, so it is still possible that a puppy could inherit the vocalization tendencies of its Yorkshire parentage. 

Cost of a Havanese Yorkie Mix

Deciding on a breed and weighing its pros and cons as they pertain to your lifestyle is an important step on your path to dog ownership. However, the deliberations do not stop there. It is also crucial that you consider the costs associated with your selected breed, and if these costs are attainable and realistic for you. 

Grooming Costs

In addition to the cost of purchasing a puppy, you must think of recurring costs, and be sure that you will be able to cover these with your monthly budget. The Havanese Yorkie mix is admired for its soft, fluffy coat. When the breed has a full coat, weekly bathing is required for upkeep. This may be something you will want to do yourself or something you will want to leave in the hands of a groomer. You will also need to brush the dog’s coat daily to get rid of dirt and debris and to schedule grooming appointments for hair and nails. 

Health Costs

It is important to be aware of possible health issues that could affect your pet. This will translate into medical and veterinary costs. For mixed breeds, it is best to look at the characteristics of both breeds, due to the mixed genetics. This will help you to anticipate issues that may crop up in the future. The Havanese Yorkie mix could suffer from issues such as skin allergies and hypoglycemia; health issues are treatable and sometimes common, but it is still important to be aware of them so they do not become a financial burden. Our commitment to our pets is to take care of them, so it is wise to have some money put away in case of any complications as they age. 

Purchasing a Havanese Yorkie Mix

Designer dog mixes are typically on par with the high prices commanded by purebred dog breeds. It should be expected that you can spend in the range of several hundred to a couple of thousand dollars for a purebred Havanese Yorkie mix. The exact price is dependent upon factors such as health, bloodlines, and physical characteristics. Havanese Yorkie mixes who are first-generation– coming from a Yorkshire parent and Havanese parent– will also command a higher price tag. 

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