Havanese Pug Mix

Havanese Pug Mix These days, innovation is something we see and value, too, in all aspects of life. One of …

Havanese Pug Mix

These days, innovation is something we see and value, too, in all aspects of life. One of the places where we even end up seeing such innovation is when it comes to our family pets!

Breeders have introduced many different breeds in order to create new hybrid breeds of dogs. One of these aforementioned hybrids is the Havanese pug mix, a mix between– you guessed it!– the Havanese and pug breeds of dog.

Take a look below to learn more about the Havanese pug mix, from its physical attributes to its colourful personality traits! 

What Is a Havanese Pug Mix Called?

A Havanese pug mix is a hybrid dog breed that, as you may have guessed, has one parent that is a pug and another that is a Havanese. Either the mother or the father can be the pug, and vice versa with the Havanese. This will still result in the same breed. Another name that you may have heard for a Havanese pug mix is a Puganese.

As it is a cross between these two breeds, a Puganese cannot be considered a purebred dog. Instead, they are a hybrid or may also be referred to as a designer dog breed.

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Puganese Breed History 

As mentioned above, the Puganese breed is a hybrid. Due to this, the breed does not have its own long history– it is still fairly new, but the pug parent breed of the Puganese does! The pug first dates back to China in the time of the Han dynasty.

This short-nosed breed was meant for Emperors, and they were revered as a part of the royal family. Then, from there, the Dutch traders brought pugs to Europe in the 1500 and 1600s, where they became popular with European royalty, too. After the Civil War, the pug was found in the United States. In 1885, it earned its recognition by the American Kennel Club. As the pug passed through all of these great nations, it was often given a new name at every port of call! 

In more recent years, the Havanese hybrid breed was born and then began to be bred with pugs to create the Puganese. 

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Puganese Breed Appearance

The Puganese can look more like its Havanese or pug parent, depending upon what traits are passed down. Read on for some of the possible physical characteristics that you may see in a Puganese dog. 


This breed is, like its parents, a small dog. The Puganese can be considered to be a toy breed, and it only grows to weigh about 10 pounds. In some cases, the dog can be even smaller. Estimates for both male and females range between 9 and 11 pounds of weight. When it comes to the dog’s height, most Havanese pug mixes average between 7 and 11 inches tall. As these numbers suggest, the males and females of this breed do not typically differ in size– unlike some breeds, where one sex is typically larger than the other. 


This breed can inherit a shorter coat from its pug parent– which is easier to take care of– or the longer coat of its Havanese parent. Both of these breeds have a double coat, which means that your Havanese pug mix is sure to have one of these as well. Most dogs of this breed will have a medium length coat, and the texture may vary. Pugs usually have a straight coat, while the Havanese coat has a wavy texture. Most Puganese will have a wavy coat as well, and while the coat is not as dense as some breeds, it is not sparse, either– density falls somewhere in the middle here!


There are more than one color that you may encounter a Havanese pug mix in. The most common coat colors of a Puganese are black, cream, brown, or silver. This does not necessarily mean that this breed only comes in one color. You may see the breed in more than one color. For example, a Puganese may be black and cream in coloration, which is also common coloring for a pug. They typically have brown eyes– sometimes round or bulging like its pug parent’s– and a black nose as well. 

Puganese Bred Personality 

The personality, or the temperament, of a Puganese are a blend of traits that are inherited from the two parent breeds– the pug and the Havanese. In general, the Puganese is a happy and friendly dog, one that loves to get attention from his family and others that it encounters. The pug parent passes on its curiosity, while the Havanese can be stubborn and independent, with a mind of its own. This can be passed on to the puppies from the Havanese parent, too. The personality traits that are inherited by each puppy will also depend upon the puppy itself. Just as people have different personalities, so do our pets!

With the Puganese, something to watch out for is if your dog thinks they are the dominant one in your home. This is something that can be commonly found with this hybrid breed in particular. It can manifest in aggression or frequent barking. If you notice this starting to happen, you will need to be firm with your dog and establish boundaries. Your Puganese should be able to understand that the humans are the dominant ones in the household, and this can then help your pup to relax and become more comfortable. 

Puganese Breed Maintenance 

The Puganese has the chance to inherit a coat more like its Havanese parent or one closer to that of its pug parent. For that reason, the coat care and maintenance that is required for this breed is going to depend on which parent its coat resembles. The short coat of a pug makes things much easier for maintenance. Typically, this kind of coat will only require weekly brushing and, of course, regular baths!

On the other hand, if the Puganese has the longer coat that is synonymous with the Havanese breed, maintenance is more involved. A Havanese esque coat will require much more frequent brushing sessions in order to prevent the hair from becoming tangled. More frequent bathing than a Puganese with a short coat is also necessary. Another thing that you will need to do, regardless of your dog’s coat, is brush their teeth. This is very important for dental health, so you will want to make sure you brush their teeth a few times a week to avoid dental issues later on. Of course, you will also want to regularly trim your Puganese dog’s nails!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Havanese Mixes Hypoallergenic?

It should be noted that there is, technically, no such thing as a hypoallergenic dog, because all dogs can cause an allergic reaction. Some simply cause fewer reactions! Havanese dogs and Havanese mixes, though, are still considered to be hypoallergenic. They have low shedding coats, which can help by triggering fewer allergies or allergic attacks. This breed also has low dander, and dander is one of the things that typically triggers allergies in people who are sensitive to animals like cats and dogs. 

What is a Puganese?

These days, there are many different breeds of dog that can be considered “designer dogs”– a mix between two breeds to create a new breed of dog. One of these is the Puganese. If you are unfamiliar with the Puganese, this is a mix between the Havanese breed and a Pug. This hybrid breed is a small dog that does not usually get much bigger than 10 pounds. When it comes to the personality of a Puganese, this dog is happy go lucky and loves attention– they are also curious and usually strong willed. 

What 2 dogs make a Pug?

Pugs are a breed that can be used to create some other breeds, such as the Puggle or Chug– which are a cross between a Pug and a Beagle and a Pug and Chihuahua, respectively. The Chinese originally bred the Pug, along with some other breeds known as the Lion dog and the Pekingese. The Pug was the third of the short nosed dogs that the Chinese bred. However, at this time, the Pug was known as something else– the ancient pug was the Lo-sze. Originally, the Pug was bred to be a companion dog for wealthy individuals.

Do Ewokian dogs shed?

An Ewolian dog is a breed of dog that takes its name from the Ewoks, a fluffy animal like character from Star Wars. They resemble a puppy or perhaps a teddy bear. They are a mix between the Havanese and the Pomeranian breeds. Ewokian dogs can be shedders, though it does partially depend upon the individual dog itself. For instance, if the dog looks like its Pomeranian parent, it will require more brushing and will shed more. Havanese dogs do not shed as much– they are considered moderate shedders. So, if the dog more closely resembles its Havanese parent, it will not shed as much. 

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