Havaco The Cocker Spaniel Havanese Mix

Cocker Spaniel Havanese Mix the Havaco These days, there is a lot of innovation in all aspects of our life, …

Cocker Spaniel Havanese Mix the Havaco

These days, there is a lot of innovation in all aspects of our life, including in regard to our pets. Breeders have started to cross-breed many more breeds of dog to create designer dogs, or hybrids, with the most desirable traits from each of the parent breeds.

An example of this is the cocker spaniel Havanese mix, which is, of course, a mix between a purebred cocker spaniel and a purebred Havanese dog.

Read on to learn more about cocker spaniel Havanese mixes, including their history and some of the characteristics that define the breed! 

Cocker Spaniel Havanese Mix

What Is a Cocker Spaniel Havanese Mix Called?

A cocker spaniel Havanese mix is a breed of dog that has one parent who is a cocker spaniel and one parent who is a Havanese dog. As the breed has two different parents coming from two different breeds, it cannot be considered a purebred dog. Instead, it is classified as a hybrid.

However, whether the mother is a cocker spaniel or Havanese– and the same for the father– does not affect the identity of the dog. As long as one parent is a cocker spaniel and one is Havanese, it falls within these breed guidelines. You may have heard of a Havaco dog.

This is the name that was given to cocker spaniel Havanese mixes– many hybrid dogs have a name that combines the name of both of their parent breeds. 

Havaco Breed History

The Havaco does not have a long history, as it is a hybrid breed, but its parent breeds– the Havanese and cocker spaniel– do have a more involved history! The Havanese, for instance, is a Cuban dog.

It was bred from the Blanquito and the Bichon family– such as the poodle– in order to get to the breed of dog that we know as the Havanese today. Its ancestors were first brought to Cuba by the Spanish settlers, and then the crossbreeding of these dogs into the Havanese began. The Havanese later travelled to America after the Cuban Revolution, which helped the breed gain traction outside of Cuba. 

Cocker spaniels, on the other hand, hail from Spain originally. They were bred to be hunters, specifically hunting the woodcock– hence the name cocker spaniel.

There are many different breeds of spaniel that were bred for different hunting needs, and then there is the English cocker spaniel, which was bred for show. Once the dog was brought to the states, it not only continued hunting but became popular in the show ring. The American Kennel Club recognized the cocker spaniel as a part of the sporting group all the way back in 1878.  

Havaco Breed Appearance

When it comes to a hybrid breed, it is important to understand that they may differ in appearance, based on what traits are passed down by each of the two parent breeds. Below, we will go over some of the possibilities and traits that you may see in your cocker spaniel Havanese mix pet. 


The Havaco has one parent– the Havanese– that is a toy breed. Cocker spaniels do not get to be very large, either!

Their offspring, the Havaco, therefore do not get very large either when fully grown.

The male Havaco grows to be about 12 to 15 inches tall and can generally weigh between 15 to 20 pounds.

The female Havaco is a bit smaller than the male when fully grown. The female is, on average, between 11 to 14 inches tall and 14 to 19 pounds in weight. 


A cocker spaniel Havanese mix has a longer body that is more closely resembling its cocker spaniel parent. When it comes to its coat, the Havaco has medium to long fur– both parent breeds have long hair that can get easily matted or tangled. If taken care of, though, it can look very elegant! For texture, the Havaco usually has a fairly straight coat, or one that has a slight wave to it like that of its parent breeds. The coat of a Havaco is also very dense, much more so than that of many other breeds of dog. 


Just as the Havanese and the cocker spaniel do, the Havaco can come in many different color variations. They can be one color, two colors, or even tri colored. Some of the colors that you may see a Havaco in are blue– which is more of a blue gray–, cream, white, black, and sable. As mentioned before, combinations of these colors in the coat of a Havaco are also possible. The face of a Havaco is close to that of a Havanese and has the almond shaped, brown eyes that are common in the breed. Havacos will also have a cute little black nose! 

Havaco Breed Personality

The Havaco has some personality traits that come from each parent breed, so it is important to be familiar with both the Havanese and cocker spaniel breeds before you decide that the Havaco is the dog for you. Otherwise, you may find yourself surprised by their temperament or other traits! This particular hybrid is extra sensitive to human emotions when compared to other breeds of dog.

They are very affectionate and have sweet, loving personalities. Havacos can be easy to train, as they are intelligent and eager to please, but you will need to be gentle with them because they are sensitive. They are also active and energetic. This can make them a good fit for a home with older children. Another important trait to be aware of is that the Havaco can be jumpy and be fearful of noises or loud people and children. 

Havaco Breed Maintenance

Depending upon what physical traits are inherited, the maintenance for the Havaco can differ. They do shed moderately and for this reason– as well as due to the long coat of the Havanese parent– a Havaco needs to be brushed and groomed very frequently.

They are also prone to ear infections, just like their cocker spaniel parent, so it will be important to clean their ears and pay attention to make sure they are not collecting dirt or debris. Bathing should be avoided unless you are bringing your Havaco to the groomer– instead, focus on the frequent brushing at home with your Havaco. 

When it comes to the physical maintenance of your dog, you need to remember that the Havaco is a very energetic dog! It is important to get them enough exercise every day. Your Havaco can walk about 6 miles weekly, and needs to be exercised for about 45 minutes every day. This could include playing fetch, agility training, or going on walks. 

Other Havanese Mixed Breeds

The Havanese is such a wonderful dog, and makes for a great paring when it comes to mixed because of its health, size and hypoallergenic genetics.

Here is a list of other Havanese Mixes and links to our articles on each one.

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Havaco Frequently Asked Questions

What 2 dogs make a Havanese?

The Havanese is a breed that comes from the Blanquito, which is now an extinct breed. It was cross bred with dogs from the BIchon family, such as the Poodle, in order to create the Havanese.

Though the Havanese comes from two different breeds of dog, it is no longer bred from them, so it can be considered a purebred dog, rather than a hybrid. 

What is the best mix for Havanese?

A Havanese can be mixed with many different breeds of dog to create new hybrids. As the Havanese is a very popular breed of dog these days, breeders have begun to breed it with other dogs in order to create popular new hybrids that mix the best traits of both parent breeds.

However, the best mix or hybrid of a Havanese will depend upon the things that a person is looking for– the answer to this question can be different for everyone. Some popular hybrids include the Havajack, which is a mix between a Havanese and a Jack Russell terrier, and the Puganese, which is a mix between the Havanese and a pug. 

What is the best breed to mix with a cocker spaniel?

As we mentioned above, the best mix of a breed of dog, or the best breed to mix with a breed of dog will always depend upon the individual traits that a person is looking for or values in a pet! When you are looking at cocker spaniel hybrids, though, there is a hybrid that does stand out head and shoulders above the rest. This is the cockapoo– a combination of a cocker spaniel and a poodle. This particular hybrid is easily the most popular cocker spaniel mix these days. 

What 2 breeds make a cocker spaniel?

The cocker spaniel traces back to a specific dog– Obo II, who is believed to be the ancestor of the modern American cocker spaniel. He was the offspring of a Sussex spaniel and a field spaniel.

These two breeds can be considered to be the ancestors of the cocker spaniel that we know today. There are actually two kinds of cocker spaniel as well, and not everyone is aware of this.

The two breeds of cocker spaniel are the American cocker spaniel, coming from Obo II as aforementioned, and then the English cocker spaniel. 

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