Dog Parks Oakville Ontario

Dog Parks Oakville Ontario

There are some fantastic options for an outdoor outing with your dog in Oakville, from specifically designated dog parks to more family-friendly local parks that you can bring your pet to as well. Taking your dog to new places can be a fun alternative to taking them out in your backyard or for a walk around your neighbourhood, and breaking with your normal routine can add some additional mental stimulation to your dog’s day. Take a look at the options below for some of the best spots to visit!

Shell Dog Park

The Shell Dog Park is considered by some to be one of the better dog parks in Southern Ontario. It is a large, open grassy area with trees and shrubs that help to provide shade for you and your pup when the weather is warm. It’s the perfect space for your dog to roam or for you to play a rousing game of fetch! Better yet, the space is enclosed, so you can allow your dog off-leash here. You will find plenty of other pets with their owners here– your dog will have plenty of potential playmates. Of course, be sure to keep an eye on your dog when it is playing with others and ensure that it is interacting safely.

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Sixteen Mile Off-Leash Dog Park

This is another area where you can let your dog roam off-leash. There are grassy areas for your dog to play in, which are fenced in so that your dog will be safely enclosed and cannot escape. There are trees here as well, and the grass can grow tall at points, so be sure to check your dog for ticks after you leave! Of course, if your dog does not do well off-leash, this dog park might not be the best option on the list for you to check out. 

Memorial Park Off-Leash Area

This dog park is actually located within another park– Oak Park. The dog park portion is off-leash and fenced in. There are separate sections for small and large dogs, so this is a great spot to check out if your dog does well off-leash but has trouble interacting with dogs smaller or larger than it! If you prefer a quieter excursion, you can also take your pet on a walk through Oak Park, rather than staying at the off-leash dog park. Keep your dog on its leash out of respect for other park-goers if this is what you decide to do, however. Both the Memorial Park Off-Leash Area and Oak Park itself have beautiful views of the water.

Palermo Park

Palermo Park is another fenced-in dog park option. The landscape is a mix of grass and dirt, so it can get muddy after any rain or snow. After any inclement weather, this park may not be the best place to visit, unless you plan to give Fido a bath when you get home! There is not a lot of shade here, so be aware and be sure to bring plenty of water for your dog to sip, especially in warmer weather. For this reason, it may not be the best spot to visit on especially hot days, either. However, this is a great spot if you want to let your dog socialize, or even if you want to try to implement some training in a new location, rather than at home,

Glenashton Park

Glenashton Park is a community space in Oakville that has many family-friendly features, such as a playground, a splash pad, and fields for sports like baseball and soccer. If you bring your dog to this particular spot, you should be sure to keep your dog away from the playground as is required by local regulations.

Also, if you are walking with your dog throughout the park, you should keep your pet on its leash. However, if you want to let your dog off-leash, you can still do that here! There is a specialized dog park section that is enclosed and has separate spaces for small dogs and large dogs. This is the perfect spot to bring your dog and spend the day outdoors with your family since the park offers more than just dog-friendly attractions. 

Fleetwood Park

Fleetwood Park is a great park option if you are looking for somewhere with more of a view, rather than an enclosed field. There is a lot more for you and your dog to explore here together! It is a spot that you should keep your dog leashed at because it is not enclosed. Here, there are many winding trails through the trees that the two of you can walk on.

There is also plenty of varied plant and animal life that you may find if you are taking your time on the walk and looking carefully! Fleetwood Park does also have some recreational areas, such as baseball fields, so you may find families here, as well as other dog owners. 

Kingswood Gardens

Kingswood Gardens is another option that has more of a recreational park feel. It is not strictly for dogs and their owners. It offers features such as soccer fields and even community garden lots, which can be a fun family activity in the warmer months. The park is on the heights, so it offers a great view, too, and there are plenty of different flowers growing here when it is warm.

There are paved paths throughout the park where you can walk with your dog to enjoy all that the park offers, and there are plenty of well-manicured grassy stretches where you can stop to relax or rest.

Alternatively, there is a dog park area within Kingswood Gardens if you would prefer to let your dog off-leash and let them play with other pups! The dog park area is fenced in and enclosed, but be sure to keep an eye on your dog while you are there. 

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