Havanese Golden Retriever Mix

Havanese Golden Retriever Mix: Do You Like Pure Breed or Hybrid? Mixing dog breeds have been around for a long …

Havanese Golden Retriever Mix: Do You Like Pure Breed or Hybrid?

Mixing dog breeds have been around for a long time, they are called designer breeds, or in some cases a mutt.

Looking for information on the Havanese Golden Retriever mix?

The Havanese Golden Retriever mix is very uncommon, and finding one will be difficult. Usually, they are only available in rescues or unintentional litter. The result would be a very good dog though. You would have the smarts and gentle nature of the Golden Retriever and the spunky, family-friendly joy of the Havanese. Not to mention that you would also get a hypoallergenic dog that didn’t shed (probably).

The reason you won’t find many is that breeders like pure lines and designer breeds take a long time to become more mainstream. The labradoodle for example was seriously frowned upon in the early days but now is almost seen as its own breed.

The other issue is size. Usually, when you breed dogs together you try to match size so the female dog can handle the mix. In this case, the best thing to do would be to have the retriever as the female…but that would mean artificial insemination because how would a male Havanese ever get up there.

If the female is Havanese you would need to make sure you work with a vet because the birth canal may be too small depending on the size of the pups.

Havanese Golden Retriever Mix is Super Rare

As mentioned above this mix is very very rare, and scouring the internet will likely not bring up much. You will need to keep your eye open for opportunities. A Golden Havanese or a Hava-gold or a Havatriever will not be something that you will find readily available.

The Golden Retriever Mixes are Very Popular

As you can imagine mixing the Golden Retriever with other dog breeds is a very popular option. Primarily this is because the Golden Retriever is such a great dog. Their personality and their disposition and size make them great family dogs, especially if you have teenage kids.

Of course, when it comes to mixing them with a Havanese you really think about the best of both worlds. Number one you get a golden Havanese which would look great, a blonde Havanese.

On the other hand, you get a retriever that doesn’t shed. This is one of the reasons that poodles are such a great mixing pair is because of their hypoallergenic nature and the that they don’t shed. Havanese are the same. They are very clean and don’t get hair all over the house. This would be one of the main complaints when it comes to the Golden Retriever, or a retriever of any kind is that the shedding is extremely high. I had a Golden Lab as a kid and the shedding was non-stop.

With the mix of the two, you would get no shedding and a hypoallergenic dog, as long as the Havanese genes were passed on. Each pup will be a little different.

Other Havanese Mix Breeds


There are a number of other Havanese mixes that are a little more common and should be easier to find.

Talking about the Poodle, the Havapoo is a breed mix that we have covered on this website. You can access the article here.


The Havamalt is a mix between a Havanese dog and a Maltese Dog. These breeds are not very far apart in look, so you may not even be able to separate a purebred Havanese from a Havamalt. We also have a full article all about these little guys.


There are many others. Because of the Havanese’s hypoallergenic and non-shedding genes, they get mixed a lot. You can have a Havachon, which is a Havanese mixed with a Bichon. You can have a Havapeke which is a mix with a Pekingese. Or you can have a Havaking which is a mix with a King Charles Spaniel.

Popular Golden Retriever Mix Breeds

Golden Doodle

Yup, these have been around for a while. They are a great option, especially for kids or people with busy lifestyles as they are a pretty easy dog. You will still need to walk them regularly and train them but they have a great temperament and are low shedders.

Golden Mountain Dog

This is when you mix a Golden Retriever with a Burmese Mountain Dog. This dog would be the opposite of low shedding, but if you are a good vacuumer then you won’t care. They will be very smart, and a bigger-sized dog. Get hearts.

Can Every Breed Mix?

Yes and no. Technically as we explained above they can, but biologically and medically it may not be safe for the female dog.

Choosing Between a Pure Bred and a Mixed Dog

This really comes down to personal preference. When it comes to intentional breeding we recommend purebred dogs because typically breeders work to rid their breeding lines of health issues, bad genes and problem illnesses. Due to this when you get a dog from a reputable purebred breeder usually you are getting a quality dog that will last a long time and not have significant issues.

That is not to say that intentionally mixed breeding is bad, it is just not always as safe because many breeders won’t let their best dogs mate with other breeds.

If you are considering rescuing a dog or adopting a dog then mixed dogs and purebred dogs don’t really matter. It is your love and input into the dog’s life that will make the most difference. We recommend that if you are looking for a breed that is mixed you should let local dog rescues and pounds know about it so when that kind of dog comes in they can call you. They are always looking to place dogs as quickly as they can.

Remember that the Havanese Golden Retriever mix is going to be difficult to source, so you are going to have to look hard. But if you work at it you will be successful.

How Big Do Havanese Mixes Get?

Usually, Havanese mixes range between 9 inches tall and 13 inches tall. They weigh 8-14 pounds depending on the size of the mix and will live in the 12-15 years range, again depending on the genetics of the mix.

You can expect different parts of the different dog breeds to shine through. As you get to know your dog you will get a sense of what you have on your hands.

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