Dog Parks London Ontario

Dog Parks London Ontario

If you are a resident of London, Ontario– or simply visiting the area with your four-legged friend!– you may want to know more about some of the great outdoor spaces that you are able to explore with your dog. Bringing your dog to play and wander around new places can be physically and mentally stimulating for them, and for you, too.

There are plenty of options in the area for both off-leash and on-leash parks. Take a look at the options we’ve rounded up below.

Stoney Creek Off-Leash Dog Park

This park is one of the off-leash options on this list, it has double-gated entrances and is good for both large and small dogs. Of course, if your dog does not do well off-leash, it is still perfectly fine for you to bring them here and keep them on a leash or use the opportunity for training– especially in the case of a younger pup. Some of it is fenced in, and there is even a separate enclosed area for small dogs under 22 pounds. This is perfect if your dog is on the smaller side and may get defensive around larger dogs. The area is grassy and partially wooded, so there are plenty of stimulants for your dog to sniff and explore! It also features a trail and has some benches for owners to sit on and watch their dogs interact if they are so inclined. 

Greenway Off-Leash Dog Park

This park is a large area where you can bring your dog to roam off-leash. It is comparable in size to a football field and is fairly grassy. It’s also bordered by trees that provide some shade on warmer days. The Greenway Off-Leash Dog Park is located close to the Thames River so there are some lovely views, too! The park is fenced in, so no need to worry if your dog does not do well off-leash in unenclosed areas. Additionally, if your dog does not do well with a lot of action, there is also a small wooded trail that you can take them on to get away from it all, but still, enjoy yourselves.

Campbell Memorial Park

The Campbell Memorial Park also has an off-leash dog park option. It is fenced in, so you can let your dog off-leash safely. Of course, even if you are letting your dog wander off-leash, you should be sure that you do not take your eyes off of it and keep it within your gaze!

This is a bit of a smaller park option, with some bushes and light landscaping. There are wood chips on the ground, so if you are looking for a grassier area, this park may not be the one for you. However, it’s a great option for you if you live downtown! 

This park is great for smaller dogs, has great site amenities for dog owners and has a completely fenced section. You are at your own risk, and need to have good verbal control of your dog but it is one of the great parks in London.

The off-leash area in this park is a little smaller, but campbell memorial park dog people are pretty great, and it’s one of the great parks in London.

Pottersburg Off-Leash Park

This is another enclosed off-leash dog park option, and one of the great parks in London. It actually has double gate entries that help to prevent your pet from escaping or wandering off– which is great if your furry friend is a little Houdini! It also has a separate fenced-in area for small dogs.

There are walking trails in the park as well, where you can take your dog for a leisurely stroll and enjoy exploring the sights that you come across. The off-leash area is grassy and there is plenty of trees and nature around in this park.

This is close to the largest off-leash park, great for female dogs and male dogs. Has a separate entrance and garbage containers.

The off-leash area has a nice spot for off-leash area users. Don’t let your dog chase wildlife in the park, especially in the off-leash area.

Euston Park

Euston Park is actually a conservation area, too, so you know there are plenty of great views here! It’s a great option if you are looking to take a more scenic outing, rather than simply taking your dog to an enclosed field. It’s the perfect place to take your pet for some peaceful, one on one bonding time.

There are plenty of established trails and a few places where you are allowed to walk off of the trails as well. In addition, you will find some small trails of water and a creek on your wanderings.

If you’re going to Euston Park in the summer, you may want to let your dog in to take a dip! This park is not an off-leash park, so be sure to respect other visitors and keep your dog on his or her leash. 

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Reminder this park is not an off-leash area.

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Riverside Park

As the name might suggest, Riverside Park is located by the river and has great views of the city. This is primarily a walking trail along the water, and you may see other parkgoers such as runners or bikers along the trail.

For this reason, Riverside Park is not an off-leash option and you are expected to keep your dog leashed while here. You may decide that you want to take your dog off of the walking path to play in some of the grassy areas throughout the park or stop at one of these spots for a drink of water.

There are picnic tables where you can stop to rest or sit and relax, too! 

This park has a rule sign, fenced-off area, parking lot, open year-round, picnic area, boundary signs and other site amenities. Good for female dogs and male dogs.

A reminder that this park is not an off-leash area.

Westmount Lions Park

The Westmount Lions Park is a large open space with many different family-friendly amenities, such as a playground, baseball diamond, and a soccer pitch. Be sure to keep your dog away from and off of the playground as is required by local regulations. The grass and the park itself are well landscaped and there are several walking paths throughout the park that you can take Fido on. This is another park where you should keep your pet leashed out of respect for others.

Caesars Dog Park

Caesars Dog Park is a grassy area where you can take your furry friend to frolic and play with other dogs. It has a few trees dotted around, but it is mostly open and clear. It’s important to note that this area can get muddy after inclement weather, so it is not the best choice of a park if it has recently rained or snowed, for example! That being said, there is also wood mulch in some areas which helps to prevent too much mud or sogginess. 


What is the proper etiquette in off-leash dog parks?

Off-leash dog parks are often difficult to navigate. People have all kinds of different views on what you can and can’t do.

If you have a smaller dog, like a Havanese my best advice is to go to the dog parks during quieter times. This may not always be something you can do but it is worth trying so you have more space and not a whole bunch of big dogs to deal with in the off-leash parks.

The rules are basically don’t just let your dog run around like an idiot, but while you can enjoy off-leash parks, you need to be a little careful.

Be respectful of others, watch out for aggressive dogs. If your dog is aggressive be courteous of others.

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