Dog Parks in Scarborough

Dog Parks In Scarborough

Scarborough has some great green spaces and parks to explore, whether on your own, with family, or in the company of man’s best friend. Especially if you have an outdoorsy pup, going to experience new places can be a great way for you and your pet to bond together. It can also help your dog get out lots of pent-up energy and provide important mental stimulation! Read on for some fantastic spots in Scarborough to check out with your furry friend.

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Thomson Memorial Park Dogs Off Leash Area

 This spot is great because it is an off-leash area, so your dog has more freedom to play and explore. However, if your dog does not do well off-leash or does not have good recall, you should still keep it on its leash until in a fenced area– you can still have plenty of fun with your pet on a leash, though! It is one of the larger dog park options on this list and offers five different fenced sections for dogs. These include one for active dogs, one for dogs of all sizes, one for small dogs, one for older dogs, and one for training or dogs who need more of their own space. In addition, the park is outfitted with some watering stations, as your pet will certainly get thirsty after all that playtime!

Hand of God Dog Park

The Hand of God Dog Park is a particularly pretty spot. It offers fully paved paths that you can walk your pet along, as well as seating options such as benches and picnic tables. There are also plenty of trees that offer visual appeal and shade for you and your pet, as well as some interesting sculptural elements. It is located close to a street, so be watchful of your dog if you allow it off-leash, and as always, if your pet does not have good recall, you should opt to keep it leashed. In addition to all of this, there is a designated dog park area here, which is fenced in for play!

Scarborough Heights Park Off Leash Dog Park

The Scarborough Heights Dog Park is another off-leash dog park option. It is located within Scarborough Heights Park itself. This off-leash park is a fenced option, so you can feel safe letting your pet off-leash here and not worry about it escaping. The landscape of the dog park is a mix of grass and mulch, so can become wet and muddy after inclement weather. There are plenty of benches, too, so you can sit and watch your dog playing with its friends, or you could get up and play a rousing game of fetch together! There are lovely water views from the park, as well as water fountains for your dog to drink from after playtime is over. 

Botany Hill Park

The Botany Hill Park is a good spot to check out if you have a shy dog who is working on building its confidence. It is one of the quieter dog park options, so it can be less overwhelming for your pet than a larger or busier dog park. While it is a fenced-in area, the fence is low, so be careful if your furry friend is an escape artist! You’ll have to keep an extra eye on him or her. As well as the fenced-in dog park, there are family-friendly aspects to Botany Hill Park such as a playground and paved paths. You can also walk your dog along these paths, as long as you keep it on a leash, but be sure to keep your pet away from the playground area, as this is a common rule.

Bellamy Dog Zone

The Bellamy Dog Zone was originally built for the Toronto Animal Services and is one of the few options on the list that is not open around the clock. However, it can be a great spot to check out because it is a very expansive and fenced-in space. Since it is fenced in, it is another park option where you can allow your dog off-leash and give it the freedom to explore. The terrain is grassy and there are even some trees and bushes planted inside. There is no excuse for not cleaning up after yourself and your pet, as there are trash and recycling cans right by the entrance to the area.

L’Amoreaux Off Leash Dog Park

The L’Amoreaux Off-Leash Dog Park is another fenced-in location that you can take your dog to in order to interact and play with other pets. Currently, it is one big space with no separate areas for dogs of different sizes or dispositions, like some of the other off-leash parks may have. However, a self-contained small dog area is in the process of being built now. Parking here is great, as there is a full lot beside the park, and there are also washrooms for park-goers. It’s also important to note that the park is a mix of dirt and grass, so you may come home with a muddy pet if you visit this park after a rainy day!

Warden Woods Off Leash Dog Park

This is a dog park that is located in Warden Woods, which is a beautiful natural park. Before taking your dog to the off-leash dog park, you could explore Warden Woods itself– there are many things to see, from colourful foliage to a picturesque stream. Maybe your dog would even want to jump in and take a dip or chase the ducks! Once you get to the designated dog park, you can allow your dog to roam and play off-leash. This is a fenced-in area, but is covered in wood chips and gravel rather than grass. This off-leash area can also be great for training your four-legged friend, in addition to socializing it and allowing it to play with other dogs.

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