Havanese Dog Names

Havanese Dog Names Before you start picking names for your Havanese dog out of a baby book, it’s important to …

Havanese Dog Names

Before you start picking names for your Havanese dog out of a baby book, it’s important to know where exactly this breed comes from to give you some more appropriate ideas for great Havanese dog names. 

Havanese dogs were likely introduced by Italian or Spanish travelers to the island of Cuba. This is why today, the Havanese is actually the national dog of Cuba and has been popular in the country for hundreds of years. 

The reason Havanese dogs migrated to the United States was because of the communist takeover back in 1959, when people fleeing Cuba brought their Havanese dogs to the United States and other places in North America. 

Havanese dogs are social, lovable, very intelligent, and a whole lot of fun. They’re also technically Cuban! Taking all these aspects into consideration, we have come up with the best Havanese male dog names and the best Havanese female dog names, as well as some great ideas if you want to give your Havanese dog a traditional Cuban name.

What Are the Best Havanese Dog Names?

We would argue that trying to name your Havanese dog is just as difficult as trying to name your human baby. If you’re trying to find a unique name to fit with your cute little Havanese dog, try something with a Latin flair. It doesn’t necessarily need to be Cuban, but it can definitely be something spicy and fun for a Havanese!

Keep in mind that you can of course name your Havanese dog whatever you want. You can name your Havanese male dog George and you can name your Havanese female dog Svetlana if you really feel like it. But giving your Havanese dog an exciting Latin name is definitely a little more fun, considering where these dogs come from.

Havanese Male Dog Names

Some fun names for male dogs with Spanish origins include:

Blanco, Castro, Chico, Dante, Dino, Migo, Milo, Mojo, Oso, Pancho, Tio, Taco, Toro, Zorro!

Havanese Female Dog Names

Some fun and spicy female Havanese dog names include:

Alma, Bella, Blanca, Chacha, Chica, Dolce, Coco, Elena, Frida, Inca, Juanita, Luna, Santa, Rosa, Tia!

Cuban Dog Names

Havanese dogs have been natives of Havana for over 500 years. If you’re interested in giving your Havanese dog a cool Cuban name, think about naming them after a point of interest, a city, or even a geological feature in Cuba. That might sound silly, but just take a look at some of the cities, towns, and provinces you could name your dog after.

Bayamo, Clara, Pinar, Tunas, Havi. Marti, Melli, Minas, Palma, Sancti.

You might even consider naming your Havanese dog after a Cuban mountain, such as: Cristal, Maestro, Pico, or Cristal. 

Then we have some of the coolest Cuban Male Dog Names: Chumo, Cisco, Jorge, Juan, Martin, Miguel, Alex, Anton, Ramon, Tomas, Rafi, Arlo, Cedro, Elon, or Fidel. Fidel Castro is always a great name for a male Havanese as well!

The best Cuban Female Dog Names are: Aymee, Benita, Carmen, Charo, Coro, Estell, Lola, Norma, Marisol, Judi, or Angel.

What Are Overused Havanese Dog Names?

Unsurprisingly, names like Chewy, Chewbacca, Ziggy, Mocha, Oreo, Cookie, Cuba, Oliver, Milo, Max, Charlie, Leo, Teddy, and Bentley are all wildly overused Havanese dog names for boy dogs.

Then you have Bella, Daisy, Molly, Lola, Chloe, Zoe, Luna, Coco, Bella, Ginger, Lucy, Sophie, Ellie as extremely overused Havanese dog names for girls.

If you don’t want your Havanese dog to be named the same as all the others, try going for a more original name. If you’re having difficulty deciding on a name and don’t want to use something from a list you found online, try getting inspiration from music, TV, or even literature. 

A good idea is to name your Havanese dog after a favorite character from a favorite novel, maybe from an old Cuban pop singer, or maybe even the color of your dog in another language!

How Do I Name My Dog?

Believe it or not, naming your dog is actually a little more complicated than simply picking a name out of a hat. There are a few do’s and don’ts when it comes to naming dogs that every new owner should be aware of. 

For example, do not name your puppy something that sounds like a training command. If you’re training your dog in English and give them a name that sounds like a basic command, such as ‘Mick’ which sounds a whole lot like ‘sit,’ you’re going to have some issues. Your dog will confuse the command with its own name!

You should always choose a name for your dog that has only one or two syllables. This is because your dog may not understand too many syllables when learning its name. Something like Coco, with two very distinct syllables is the best name for a dog. Even Migo is ideal, again with two hard syllables. 

Stay away from long and silly names, such as Mr. Wigglesworth. It might be fun for you, but your dog will have more trouble differentiating its very long name from all the other human words coming out of your mouth. You also don’t want to give your dog a silly name that other people laugh at. Your dog’s name should command respect! 

What is the Backdoor Test?

When choosing a name for your Havanese dog, try the backdoor test. This is when you pick a name you like and say it out loud while standing near the back door and calling out the potential name of your new dog. 

For example, say something like, “Molly, go pee!” Or, “Milo, it’s time to eat!” 

This quick test will immediately get rid of any names that don’t easily roll off your tongue. If you don’t like the sound of the name as you say it aloud, you definitely don’t want to give it to your dog! Repeat the test until you find a name that sounds and feels just perfect.

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