Havanese Sleeping Habits

Havanese Sleeping Habits

Havanese dogs are not considered a lazy dog breed. They do have an average level of energy and are semi-active, though they don’t require much in the way of exercise. When it comes to Havanese sleeping habits, they tend to sleep for between 12 and 14 hours a day. 

Your Havanese will sleep just like any ordinary dog, taking naps periodically through the day and then sleeping through most of the night. However, there is a slight difference between the sleeping habits of a Havanese puppy and a Havanese dog.

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Havanese Puppy Sleeping Habits

The sleeping habits of a Havanese puppy can be tough for a new owner. Newborn Havanese pups are used to sleeping with a small pack of siblings. When you adopt your Havanese puppy and take it home, it’s natural for the pup to feel lonely. Because of this, the first week of your puppy’s sleep schedule could be hectic. 

It is completely normal for a Havanese puppy to cry or whine for the first week when in a new home. It’s critical that you comfort your Havanese puppy so that it can get through the night with sufficient rest. 

The best thing is to put your Havanese puppy inside of a small crate just large enough for it crawl into and get comfortable. The enclosed space will make your Havanese puppy feel more secure. Make sure it has a blanket and a comfy bed to sleep on. 

You also want to make sure your puppy can see you all through the night. It’s recommended that you use a chair or a table near to your bed so that your new puppy can see you throughout the night while you’re asleep. The puppy might feel insecure and will likely cry, but if you roll over and wiggle your fingers through the door of the crate, the puppy should settle down. 

During this first week, don’t expect your puppy to get more than a couple hours of sleep every night. They will likely rest more during the day. And don’t let your Havanese trick you into letting it out of its crate at night. After a few weeks with your puppy sleeping in the crate beside your bed, feel free to place the crate on the floor, as your puppy should be more comfortable.

Havanese Dog Sleeping Habits

Havanese dogs have similar sleeping habits to other dogs. When it comes to napping during the day, Havanese will typically nap anywhere between two and four hours. Your Havanese dog will nap usually when nothing interesting is going on. If nobody is doing anything and your dog’s bored, it will curl up and take a nap. 

All of this napping allows your Havanese dog to have an endless supply of energy for when the excitement comes. Havanese dogs sleep through the most boring times of the day and then are energetic and playful when there’s something to do. 

That said, it’s an almost universal rule that all Havanese dogs – and indeed all dogs, will try to take a nap in the late afternoon. In total, you can expect your Havanese dog to sleep or at least rest with their eyes closed for about four hours a day. 

If it’s rainy outside and there’s nothing interesting happening, you might find that your Havanese dog is curled up and resting for the entire day. But this doesn’t necessarily mean your dog is sleeping. Your dog could just be bored and glum because of the weather. You might also notice your Havanese dog sleeping with one eye open, spying on whatever it is your doing that doesn’t involve them. 

Havanese Sleeping Habits: FAQ

How Many Hours Does Your Havanese Typically Sleep During the Day?

Your Havanese dog will typically sleep up to four hours a day. You can also expect your Havanese dog to sleep for at least 12 hours a night if not more. It’s absolutely not uncommon for a Havanese dog to sleep more than its owner. 

It’s also normal for Havanese dogs to sleep periodically throughout the day when things get boring, like when everyone is busy working or not paying the poor dog any attention!

How Much Sleep Do Dogs Need?

Almost all dogs need the same amount of sleep every night. The general rule of thumb is about 12 hours at night. But dogs sleep differently than humans. They also rest a lot during the day and only spend about 10% of their sleeping time in REM sleep. In comparison, humans spend about 25% of their sleeping time in REM. 

All dogs are also different and may require different sleeping schedules. Puppies usually need between 18 and 20 hours of sleep to be physically rested and energized. Chihuahuas will sleep basically forever and throughout most of the day, as they require very little exercise. Then bigger breeds need more sleep because they expend more energy.

How Long Can a Havanese Hold Their Bladder? 

Healthy adult dogs can generally hold their bladder through the entire night for between 8 and 12 hours. This allows them ample time to sleep without needing to get up and potty. However, Havanese puppies have a much more difficult time holding their bladders. This means there’s going to be some waking up during the night to use the toilet.

To know exactly how long your Havanese puppy can hold their bladder, you need to take their age in months and add one. This means that a puppy three months old can only hold their bladder for about four hours. You will likely wake up in the night with your Havanese puppy whining, letting you know it’s time for them to use the potty. 

If your Havanese puppy is in a crate, it’s good for you to stay alert and let your puppy out to pee. Don’t force your Havanese puppy to pee in its crate just because you’re too lazy. By the time your Havanese is about a year old, it should be going through the whole night without needing to potty. 

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