Havanese Breeders in Massachusetts

Havanese Breeders in Massachusetts ​Below is a list of Havanese Breeders in Massachusets If you are getting a new Havanese …

Havanese Breeders in Massachusetts

​Below is a list of Havanese Breeders in Massachusets

If you are getting a new Havanese you are also going to need some additional information regarding proper grooming for your Havanese and Training your puppy with a bell.

We have resources on this site plus we commend this Havanese training, which is an online course…its brilliant.

Also there is this specific E-Book on House Training a Havanese Puppy.

Havanese Puppies For Sale MA

Below you will find a list of Havanese breeders located in Massachusetts. Feel free to connect with them to discover what havanese puppies are for sale in MA today!

The New England Havanese Club

If you live in the New England area there are a number of cross state options for you when it comes to getting a new puppy. Not all of the New England states have a variety of breeders, and therefor the puppy numbers are a little lower, and the cost is a little higher.

Having said that, because of the proximity of multiple states, this allows for some interstate travel that isn’t mitigating. The New England Havanese Club has a bunch of information about breeders and puppies in the area.

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/The-New-England-Havanese-Club-358607380912505/

Website – https://newenglandhavaneseclub.wordpress.com/

President – Joanne Bodzon – teraness@comcast.net

New England Havanese Rescue

Forever Home Rescue

This dog rescue is located in New England (Mass) and is more of a general rescue but does have Havanese on their site.

Site – https://www.foreverhomerescue.org/

Massachusetts Havanese Rescue


Massachusettes Havanese Breeders List

Goshens Corner Havanese

Kathleen Berrena
Goshen, Massachusetts
E-mail: Berrenak@msn.com
Phone: 413-320-1466

Meadowview Havanese

Moorea Havanese

Marie Cane
Mount Washington, MA
Phone: 518 822 7466

La Hacienda Havanese

Doreen Kenney
Weymouth, Massachusetts
Phone: 781-812-1266

Homegrown Havanese

Penny McMorrow
Upton, MA
Phone: 508-603-1320
E-Mail: penmc@charter.net

Havanese Breeders in New England

New England is a region in the northeastern part of the United States and typically refers to Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire Rhode Island and Vermont.

We have pages on this site that list breeders specifically to all of those states, on a state by state basis. Here are a couple examples…


Wayfarer Havanese

Owner – Kim Way
Owner – Wethersfield, Connecticut
E-Mail – kim@wayfarer-havanese.com
Website – http://www.wayfarer-havanese.com/

To see the rest of the breeders in Connecticut – CLICK HERE


Maine Havanese

Owner – John and Nancy Pratt
Location – Southern Maine – Maine Turnpike
Email – pratts@mainehavanese.com

Website – http://www.mainehavanese.com/

To see the rest of the breeders in Maine – CLICK HERE

New Hampshire

Jubo-Lee Havanese

Owner – Robert Hartzog
Location – Amherst, NH
Phone – 603-673-0641
E-Mail – jubolee@aol.com
Website – http://www.jubolee.com

To see the rest of the breeders in New Hampshire – CLICK HERE


Hardwick Havanese

Location – Hardwick, VT
Phone – 802-472-3626
Email – puppies@hardwickhavanese.com
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/hardwickhavanese/

To see the rest of the breeders in Vermont – CLICK HERE

Rhode Island

Royal Flush Havanese

Owner – Holly Anderson
Location – Charlestown, RI
Phone – 401-364-3371
E-Mail – havanese@cox.net
Website – http://www.royalflushhavanese.com

To see the rest of the breeders in Vermont – CLICK HERE

Additional Information

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If you are a Havanese breeder in the Connecticut area, or you have Havanese puppies for sale and would like to be added to our list please contact us and let us know. If you would like to advertise as a Connecticut breeder of Havanese on our page we also have packages available for direct links, banners and other advertising.

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