Which Is Better Male or Female Havanese

Which Is Better Male or Female Havanese If you are shopping for a dog and have chosen the Havanese as …

Which Is Better Male or Female Havanese

If you are shopping for a dog and have chosen the Havanese as a breed, you will likely now want to decide whether you want to bring home a male or a female puppy. Which is better?, you may wonder. Of course, your preferences are going to be what largely decides this, because what traits are considered better can vary from person to person, based on personal opinion or their own living situation.

The temperament of a Havanese is largely the same, regardless of the dog’s gender, though sometimes there are some slight differences. Take a look below to learn more.

Male vs Female Havanese Traits

Some of the traits of male and female Havanese can differ, so if you are looking for a calmer dog, for instance, you may want to look at some of these traits to ensure you are choosing a dog that will be a good fit for you. Of course, every dog has their own unique personality, just as humans do, regardless of their gender.

The traits that we discuss below are a generalization, and should not be considered a one size fits all description for every male or female Havanese. 


Patience and trainability are something that you will want to take a look at because you will have to train your puppy at least to some degree. If you plan to train your dog to do all sorts of tricks, you will probably want to choose the gender that is easier to train.

Also, if you live with small children, you may want a dog that is more patient. When it comes to patience and trainability, the female Havanese is less patient than the male. The female Havanese is also easier to train than the male and picks up on things quicker. 

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Of course, the Havanese breed as a whole is fairly dependent upon their owners and family. After all, they are companion dogs. They do not do well on their own. If you want a dog that is slightly less clingy and more independent, then, you should opt for a female Havanese.

The male of this breed is going to be less independent and will typically be clingier than the female would be. Of course, if you want a dog that is much more independent, this breed may not be the wisest choice for you in the first place.

Energy Level

The Havanese is a breed that is known to be very playful and energetic. However, there is a slight difference in energy level that can be seen between the two genders of this breed of dog. When it comes to the male Havanese, he is more playful and energetic.

The female Havanese, by comparison, is not as playful and energetic and can be a calmer choice if that is what you are looking for. It is important to remember, though, that this is only in comparison to the male. A female Havanese will still be more energetic and playful than dogs of other breeds. 


Another trait that we are looking at is the maturity of the Havanese, and how quickly they mature. This can be important if you are adopting a Havanese as a puppy and wonder what you can expect as they grow up.

The male Havanese typically matures slower, while the female of the breed matures more quickly out of the two. This is similar to the maturity rate of many other species– including humans! This can apply to both mental and physical maturity rates for the breed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are females Havanese smaller than males?

Many dog breeds have a difference in size between the male and female– just as other species have differences in size, coloration, and more between the male and female.

However, the Havanese breed is actually not one of these aforementioned breeds of dog! No, the Havanese does not have a noticeable size difference between the two. Both the male and female from this breed are typically around the same size and weight. 

Is it better to have two Havanese?

There are some species of animal that do better in pairs. You may be wondering if the Havanese is one of them. After all, many people like to get a companion for their dog to play with and have company when they are away. Havanese dogs do well together, and better together than with other dogs, typically, because they have the same– or at least similar– temperaments.

With two Havanese dogs, the issue of dominance is usually a non-issue, and they are not aggressive dogs. They enjoy being together. 

Can a Havanese be left alone during the day?

If you are getting a dog, you will want to be sure that it will be able to fit in with your lifestyle. Some dogs do well with travel, for example, and some do not. When it comes to being left alone while you are at work, for example, some breeds are not going to do well with that.

The Havanese is one such breed.

They can be left alone for short amounts of time, but they do not like to be left alone, so they are not a good choice of breed if you expect to be away often or for long amounts of time. A Havanese can easily develop separation anxiety. 

Are Havanese loyal to one person?

A Havanese can be a great dog if you are looking for a pet who will show you lots of affection. They are a toy breed, and many toy breeds are known for being playful, affectionate, and even lapdogs! Havanese are companion dogs, and they are very loyal.

They do typically become attached to one person over others in the household or in their family, and they will follow this person around the home. They do, however, love to be by all of their owners or family members as well– they have a lot of love to give! 

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