Can Dogs Eat Wowbutter

Yes, dogs can eat wowbutter and other soy spreads, generally speaking. You just want to make sure you investigate the brand that you are using and see about any bad or other ingredients like xylitol which is a sugar to see about how much you should be giving.

Can Dogs Eat Wowbutter

Yes, dogs can eat wow butter and other soy spreads, generally speaking. You just want to make sure you investigate the brand that you are using and see about any bad or other ingredients like xylitol which is a sugar to see about how much you should be giving.

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It seems that our four-legged friends have memorized the sound of the peanut butter jar lid, and can recognize it in an instant. There are more spreads out there, however, besides peanut butter– there are other nut butters, as well as options that are entirely nut free. If you have a nut allergy and already have one of these nut-free options in your kitchen cabinets– a spread like Wowbutter– you may wonder if you can substitute it for peanut butter when treating your dog, too.

The general consensus is that soy butter is okay for dogs, but this hinges on certain ingredients. Some brands may contain xylitol, which is toxic to dogs and may also contain lots of oil or sugar which could make your pet sick. 

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What Is Wowbutter?

Wowbutter is a brand of soy spread. It can be a replacement for peanut butter, or other nut butters, and is a nut-free alternative. It is even manufactured in a 100% nut-free factory to avoid any sort of contamination for those who have allergies. It contains whole toasted soy, pressed soy oil, cane sugar, sustainable palm oil, and sea salt. The spread was designed to mimic the texture, smell, and flavor of traditional peanut butter, and is even more nutritious to boot!

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Can Dogs Eat Wowbutter?

As mentioned above, dogs can eat Wowbutter or other soy spreads, generally speaking. That does depend on the brand, as some brands will use toxic ingredients such as xylitol, which is a sugar substitute. Many spreads do also have high levels of sugar, oil, or fats in them, all of which can cause digestive issues and gastrointestinal distress in your pet. Be sure that the soy spread that you choose does not contain xylitol, and be sure that you are only feeding your dog Wowbutter or any other soy spread in moderation to avoid digestive issues.

Risks of Feeding Your Dog Wowbutter

While Wowbutter– or other soy spreads– are largely safe for dogs, there are some risks to them, too, which we touched upon above. Read on to learn more about the potential issues that you could run into.


We touched upon this above, but xylitol is an ingredient that can be found in many different spreads these days. Unfortunately, it is toxic to dogs, so it is something that needs to be watched out for. Xylitol can cause many different issues, some of the most severe being liver failure or low blood sugar and diabetes. If you choose a soy butter that contains this ingredient, you can do a lot of harm to your pet. 


Many spreads contain a lot of oils or fats, which many people do not realize. These can make your dog very sick– oils, for instance, can cause major and minor issues. Some of these issues include digestive issues, where the oil causes an upset stomach, loose stools, or diarrhea. Oils cause a lot of the same issues in dogs that excess oils can cause in people, too. Both oils and excess fat can also lead to weight gain in your pet if you continue to feed them this product, or other foods that are also high in fats. In turn, this can lead to obesity and diabetes. 


Sugars are another ingredient that can commonly be found in nut butters or soy butter spreads such as Wowbutter. If your dog is diabetic, additional sugars can exacerbate the issue. Additionally, sugars can contribute to issues like weight gain, which is linked to diabetes and obesity– neither of which are good for your dog. This occurs because your pet is not able to break down sugars in the same way that a human can.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can dogs eat soy nut butter?

Soy is something that your dog can eat and digest successfully, and it is even a protein that is sometimes used in the pet food industry because it is cheaper. However, that does not necessarily mean that all soy products are pet safe, because they may contain other ingredients which are not safe for your pup. For instance, soy nut butter does contain other ingredients like sugar or oil that can be unhealthy for your dog, so soy nut butter is a treat that should be for humans only in your household. 

What can my dog have instead of peanut butter?

A little bit of peanut butter is typically okay for dogs, but you should be careful to choose brands that do not contain ingredients such as xylitol, which is a sugar substitute and can be toxic to dogs. It can even lead to liver failure and low blood sugar or diabetes. Some of the other options that are out there for your pet are sunflower butter or almond butter. These can be healthier and safer options if they do not contain xylitol!

Is peanut butter spread safe for dogs?

In moderation, peanut butter spread is safe for dogs. That is why it is a common flavor of dog treats and is often used in interactive dog toys or dog puzzles. That being said, many brands now use xylitol in place of sugar– those brands should be avoided, as xylitol is very harmful to dogs. Peanut butter may also contain lots of oil or sugar, so it should only be given to your pet in small doses to avoid causing sickness or gastrointestinal distress. 

What kind of nut butters can dogs have?

There are many different kinds of nut butters out on the market these days– peanut butter is not the only one! Dogs can have most nut butters, as long as it is in moderation and they do not contain xylitol. Some of the nut butters that your dog is safe to eat include peanut butter, of course, but also almond and cashew butters, too. However, you should avoid walnut butter, macadamia nut butter, and pecan butter. 

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