Can Dogs Eat Yucca Fries?

No, dogs should refrain from yucca fries. Yucca fries, are a snack that you should keep to yourself. One is probably not going to do much for your dog, but the ingredient of yucca itself is not healthy for dogs– in fact, it is toxic. We go into more detail on the dangers of yucca below. 

Can Dogs Eat Yucca Fries?

Yucca fries can be a tasty side dish or snack and might be a treat that you want to share with your furry friend. After all, we love our pets and want them to get the same enjoyment out of things that we do– sharing treats or experiences is another form of bonding.

So can dogs eat Yucca fries?

No, dogs should refrain from Yucca fries. Yucca fries, are a snack that you should keep to yourself. One is probably not going to do much for your dog, but the ingredient of yucca itself is not healthy for dogs– in fact, it is toxic. We go into more detail on the dangers of yucca below. 

What Are Yucca Fries?

Yucca fries are a Latin American and Caribbean-inspired dish made from yucca, rather than from potatoes like traditional french fries. They can be fried or baked, to make them healthier, and are often served with mayonnaise and cilantro. You may have also heard them referred to as cassava fries. 

What Is Yucca?

Yucca is a root that is also referred to as cassava. It comes from a woody shrub that is found in South America. It is a starch tuber and can be used as a carbohydrate in your diet, similar to other root vegetables like rutabaga, taro or potatoes. It has a sweet, nutty flavor. 

Can Dogs Eat yucca fries

Can Dogs Eat Yucca Fries?

According to the ASPCA, yucca is toxic to dogs and should not be consumed by them, even in small doses. That being said, there are some who do still feed their dogs yucca, and even some dog food companies that include it in their ingredient list. Yucca can cause many issues, like vomiting and diarrhea, so it is wise to avoid it. Any health benefits you may see people suggesting yucca for can be achieved by other, safer methods. If you are thinking about implementing yucca into your dog’s diet, you should discuss this with your vet and they will be able to suggest alternative options.

Risks of Feeding Your Dog Yucca Fries

As mentioned above, there are some risks to feeding your dog yucca fries or other yucca products, as it is considered to be a toxic ingredient. While one yucca fry might be fine, especially if your dog is a larger breed, it is better to be safe, rather than sorry! Alternatively, if your dog is a smaller breed or has a sensitive stomach, the yucca might be even more dangerous for them. 


Raw yucca root contains cyanide, which is an ingredient that can be dangerous to both humans and their pets! If your dog ingests cyanide, even a small amount can be dangerous for them. Small doses of cyanide can be seen in symptoms such as excess salivation, difficulty breathing, and even, in some instances, seizures or paralysis. It is also very important to realize that cyanide toxicity can be deadly in even a matter of minutes, especially if your pet consumes a lot of it. 


Vomiting is a fairly common reaction to foreign objects or something that is unsafe for your pet’s body. After all, we do it, too, if we have eaten something that our body reacts poorly to! Nausea and vomiting are common occurrences if your dog has eaten yucca root or any sort of yucca products that contain enough of the yucca root for your dog to have a reaction. You may also notice that your dog is acting weak and confused after eating yucca, which could either precede or come after the vomiting spells your pet experiences.


Diarrhea is another sign that the toxic yucca root is affecting your dog. Typically, when the body has a reaction to something that has been eaten, the instinct is to expel it by either vomiting or passing it. This is actually one of the milder symptoms that your pet might experience, but that does not mean it is any more enjoyable for your dog! Diarrhea can also cause dehydration in your pet. 

What to Do If Your Dog Eats Yucca Fries

If your dog does eat yucca fries– or any other yucca product– you should monitor it and record any symptoms you are seeing in order to let your vet know. Of course, as this is a toxin for dogs, you should also contact your vet immediately and bring your four-legged friend in to be examined. The vet will be able to determine how your dog needs to be treated to avoid any worsening symptoms, and the faster you get your pet into the clinic, the better off it will be in the long run! If this happens after hours, you should contact the closest after-hours vet or emergency clinic, rather than waiting for morning and hoping that your pet feels better overnight. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Yucca fries toxic to dogs?

Yucca is considered toxic to dogs, in accordance with the ASPCA, so your dog should not eat yucca on its own– or in any other cooked capacity, such as yucca fries. It can induce vomiting and diarrhea or could cause larger issues, too.

What if my dog eats yucca?

If your dog has eaten yucca, or even if you think your pet might have ingested it, you should contact your veterinarian right away. They will likely want you to come for an in-person visit or go to see an emergency vet for preventative measures.

How much Yucca can I give to my dog?

You should not be giving your dog yucca at all, as it has the potential to make your pet seriously sick. Any health benefits that you have heard about are not worth the risk, since yucca is toxic to dogs!

Is it OK for my dog to eat yucca?

Your dog should not eat yucca, because it is toxic and it can cause issues such as vomiting and diarrhea. If your dog does eat any part of the yucca or any yucca product, you should visit your vet as soon as possible. 

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