Dog Parks in Abbotsford

Dog Parks Abbotsford

Last updated on February 4th, 2022 at 07:14 pm

If you have a pet, you likely want to take it for outdoor adventures and to new places– this can be a great bonding experience for you two, especially if you have a new dog. After all, there is nothing better than a brisk walk or hike outside with man’s best friend! There are plenty of outdoor options for you and your dog in Abbotsford, encompassing both on and off-leash park areas. Read on for a list of some of the top dog-friendly locations.

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Clearbrook Park Off Leash Area

This is a great off-leash option because it is fully enclosed and fenced in, and therefore safe for all sorts of dogs– including those who have issues with recall. This area is a pretty large fenced-in spot as well, so there is plenty of room to play chase or fetch or to simply interact with other pets. The Clearbrook Park Off-Leash Area is located inside Clearbrook Park. Clearbrook Park also offers amenities for families, such as picnic areas, washrooms, and sports fields– including a soccer field and baseball diamond. This can be a great field trip option for a family who does not want to exclude their dog from all of the fun!

Discovery Trail Dog Park

Another great dog park option is Discovery Trail! When walking on the trails and paths, it is best to keep your dog on a leash for its safety and in consideration of others enjoying the trails. There are also some designated play areas for different size dog breeds, which are both gated and enclosed. People come to this area with and without their dogs, for many different activities including yoga, sunbathing, and picnicking. It’s important that you check to ensure that the gate is closed here before letting your dog off-leash, as other park-goers or inclement weather could cause it to stay open. There are no playground or sports field options here like some of the other park options on this list. 

Stoney Creek Dog Off Leash Park

The Stoney Creek Dog Off-Leash Park is another of the off-leash options that you can take your dog to in Abbotsford. It is located in Bateman Park. Bateman Park itself is a soccer stadium and home to a few different soccer teams. However, it also boasts beautiful views, open fields, water elements for your dogs to play in, and trails! There is also a playground here, so it is important to keep your dog on its leash and a significant distance away from the playground. However, the park itself can be a playground for your dog, too! The Stoney Creek Dog Off-Leash area features a beautiful creek where your dog can take a dip or splash around, too. 

Gladwin Park

At Gladwin Park, there are special off-leash areas that help to keep small and large dog breeds separately. This makes it a great option for a dog who is social with others of similar sizes, but afraid of larger dogs or not considerate of smaller breeds! Since Gladwin Park is a grassy area, it can become muddy in or after inclement weather, so not always the best option to go to if it has been stormy or rainy. Power lines and the street are visible from this park, so it does not have the same removed feeling as some of the more wooded options included in this list.  

Clearbrook Park

Another fantastic option for you and your four-legged friend is Clearbrook Park. It is a recreational green space and is not necessarily for dogs only. However, there are also specific areas at this location regulated for dogs in particular, which are fenced-in off-leash options so that your dog can play and explore. Clearbrook Park also has some great trails, some of which are paved, and others which are just dirt. Some people come here to ride these trails on horseback as well! Trails here may go through the hills or through the wetlands, where you may find interesting waterfowl and songbirds. 

Mill Lake Park

Mill Lake Park is one of the on-leash-only parks on this list. It features a trail around Mill Lake with views of Mt. Baker. You can take your pet here for a relaxing, scenic stroll. There are also picnic tables here, so you and your pet can rest up and have a snack, or pack a nutritious lunch to prolong your time out in nature. The area has a playground where you can let your children enjoy themselves, too. Just remember to keep your dog on its leash especially here, and do not allow it too close to the playground itself.

McKee Peak Trail

This is another great scenic option for you and your dog! It is classified as intermediate, so is not a good choice for the inexperienced or faint of heart, but it has lovely views that overlook the Fraser Valley. Your dog should always be kept on a leash on the trails here, so keep this in mind. Additionally, you should be aware that this is a steep trail, and you will also need to be sure to pack essential hiking items for both you and your pet, such as a water bowl and healthy snacks. 

Fishtrap Creek Park

Fishtrap Creek Park offers both on-leash and off-leash areas for your furry friend. It is known for being quiet and relaxing and is a great spot if you want to get out in nature and enjoy the beauty that the earth provides. There are paved trails, where you may see other park-goers rollerblading, biking, or jogging, and it features picnic tables and picnic areas as well. Unlike many of the park options on this list, Fishtrap Creek Park also has covered gazebos that you can sit and unwind in. As can be gleaned from its name, this park has a burbling little creek along its trails and lookout points, too. 

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