Havanese Breeders in Colorado

Havanese Breeders in Colorado

Are you looking for Havanese breeders in Colorado, or Colorado Springs, Denver, Fort Collins or Grand Junction? Gateway Havanese has compiled a list of available Havanese puppies in Colorado, Havanese breeders in Denver and other areas in the state.

We also have other states close by incase you need to go interstate to get your new pup. You can check out Oklahoma, Indiana and Texas.

​Below is a list of Havanese Breeders in Colorado

Havanese Puppies For Sale CO

Below you will find a list of Havanese breeders located in Colorado. Feel free to connect with them to discover what havanese puppies are for sale in CO today!

Denver havanese puppy

DeSagres Darlings – Havanese & Bolonkas

Breeder – Jeanne Rylatt
Location – Lakewood, CO
Phone – 720-301-6051
E-Mail – desagreshavanese@live.com

Website – http://desagreshaveneseandbolonkas.blogspot.com/

Aspen Meadows Havanese

Owner – Lisa Treat
Location – Georgetown, CO
Phone – 720 – 256 – 7382
Email – Lisa_Treat@hotmail.com

Cottonwood Puppies – Havanese

Owner – Beckie Korthuis
Location – Delta ,Colorado
Phone – 970-874-9672
E-Mail – cottonwoodfarm@aol.com
Website – https://cottonwoodpuppies.com

Janizona Havanese

It’s likely that these breeders have shut down, but potentially may still have puppies.

Owner – Scott Hicks
Location – Dolores, CO
Phone – 970-424-1640
E-Mail – janizona@gmail.com

Way Out West Havanese

Owner – Sydney Morgan
Location – Canon City, CO
Phone – 505-814-9460
E-Mail – yessitsmeagain@gmail.com
Website – http://www.wowhavanese.com/


Owner – Kathy Bialke-Fitzpatrick
Location – Peyton, CO
Phone – 303-648-3553
E-Mail – bialkefitz@hughes.net

Wildflower Havanese

Breeder – Laura Burgess
Location – Kittredge, Colorado
Phone – 303-670-2221
E-Mail – wildflowerhavanese@hotmail.com
Website – https://www.wildflowerhavanese.com

Happy Tails Havanese

Owner – Sue Narad
Location – Colorado Springs, CO
Phone – 719-499-5839
E-Mail – sue@happytailshavanese.com
Website – http://happytailshavanese.com/

Fuzzy Pups Havanese

Breeders – Pam or Janae Knight
Location – Parker, CO
Phone – 720-851-1671
E-Mail – fuzzypups2@aol.com
Website: https://www.fuzzypups.com/


How Much Should a Havanese Puppy Cost

A Havanese puppy should cost somewhere 1200 and 2200. Likely you will pay a little more or a little less based on location and availability. You will also have a different price depending on the quality of the dog. We discuss the average price of a Havanese on this website and give lots of examples and price ranges.

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