Do Havanese Need Another Dog?

Do Havanese Need Another Dog? In the last several years, the Havanese breed of dog has skyrocketed in popularity. They …

Do Havanese Need Another Dog?

In the last several years, the Havanese breed of dog has skyrocketed in popularity. They owe their popularity, in a large part, to their sweet and cuddly disposition as well as their long silky coats of hair.

This is a breed that is very attached to its humans, which many of us love! However, you may be wondering how Havanese do with other dogs in the home, or if they are a breed that needs another canine companion.

Take a look below for more information on the Havanese breed, as well as whether or not they need to have another dog as a companion in the household. 

Do Havanese Need Another Dog?

As Havanese are friendly and docile dogs, they are fairly adaptable. They do well with children and other pets in the home. That being said, they do not need to have another dog in the home as a companion, as some breeds might. This is because they still prefer to be with their owners above all else.

A Havanese dog can do with or without having a second dog in the home, and should be able to thrive either way!

Do Havanese Need Another Dog

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What Is a Havanese?

First things first, what is the Havanese breed? This is a breed of dog that is beloved for their silky coat of hair and cuddly, stuffed animal like appearance. They are also well known for being sweet, gentle, and affectionate. This is due to their selective breeding to be companion dogs.

They are a toy breed, so do not grow to be very large, either— they are perfectly lap sized! The average Havanese will grow to weigh between 7 and 13 pounds in weight. They average between 8 ½ to 11 ½ inches high at the shoulder for height.

Havanese Breed History

The Havanese originated in Cuba. Spanish settlers first brought the ancestors of the Havanese over to Cuba— a now extinct breed of dog known as the Blanquito dog. Once they were settled, they began to selectively breed the Blanquito with other dogs from the Bichon family, like the poodle.

The resulting offspring were the first Havanese! The Havanese are still the national dog of Cuba to this day as well. 

The Havanese quickly became favorites of wealthy and aristocratic families in Cuba, especially as the breed was meant to be companion dogs. Wealthy families had less use for working dogs and could get pets to just be companion animals instead.

When the Cuban Revolution came, many of these wealthy families fled to America. Those who could brought their pets along, too. The Havanese gained interest and popularity in America after their arrival. This popularity prompted American breeders to start a breeding program with the Havanese that had come over from Cuba. 

Havanese Breed Temperament

The Havanese is a breed that is beloved for its sweet and docile temperament. They are loving and caring dogs, which is what makes them so well suited to being companion dogs. They are easy going, but also intelligent and eager to please. This also makes them easy to train, as they want to make their owners happy.

They will do well with reward based training that involves lots of praise. Havanese do not do well with being left alone for too long, due to their attachment to their owners, so this is also something to be aware of if you are considering adding a Havanese to your family unit. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do Havanese dogs need a companion?

There are many breeds of dog that do very well with another dog, and can even thrive better this way. On the other hand, there are also breeds of dog that prefer to be the only dog or only pet in the household. When it comes to the Havanese, they have a temperament that makes them good with other animals, but they do not need a companion in the house, either, as they, above all, want to be with their humans instead!

Do Havanese do well alone?

The Havanese breed of dog is one that is known for its relaxed, docile, and playful temperament. They were also bred as companion dogs, so they want to be with their owners as much as possible. The term velcro dog can be a perfect descriptor for the Havanese.

A Havanese does not need another pet in the household and can be just fine as the only pet, as long as it is able to stay near to its humans. However, this is not a breed that can be left alone at home for too long, due to its role as a companion dog. They are not well suited to being alone for long stretches of time. 

How long can a Havanese be alone?

A Havanese is not one of the breeds of dog that can be alone for too long. If you have a job that involves a long commute or keeps you away from home for long stretches of the day, then a Havanese is not the best fit for your lifestyle.

Typically, a Havanese dog should only be left alone for a couple hours, 3 hours at the most. Each Havanese may be slightly different, and some may struggle with being left alone for much shorter amounts of time than 3 hours. If a Havanese is left alone too long, they can easily develop separation anxiety and start acting out. 

Are Havanese loyal to one person?

Havanese dogs are companion dogs, and they are very attached to their owners. The term velcro dog is not far off when it comes to this breed! While they do love all of their people, it is not uncommon for a Havanese to take a particular liking to one of their humans, or favor one of their people over the others in the household. They will still be loyal to all of those in their household, but they may bond more strongly to one person and follow this person around more than others in the household.

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