Best Dog Food for Havanese Dogs

Best Dog Food for Havanese Dogs Keeping your Havanese Dog Healthy and Happy Havanese dogs are little bundles of joy …

Best Dog Food for Havanese Dogs

Keeping your Havanese Dog Healthy and Happy

Havanese dogs are little bundles of joy and happiness, not to mention furry balls of energy. To keep your Havanese fun and energetic, and to keep their gorgeous hair lustrous and silky, their diet is absolutely critical.

Best Raw food for Havanese – Dr. Martys Pets – Nature’s Blend Essential Wellness

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It is important that whatever you are feeding to your beloved Havanese dog is high quality, rich in proteins, and filled with loads of fat to support a clean coat and provide the boundless energy needed for your Havanese dog’s daily activities.

It is also beneficial to make sure your Havanese is getting nutrients that will support its joints, as they have been known to suffer musculoskeletal problems.

What Should I Feed My Havanese Dog?

Just like all the other dog breeds out there, Havanese canines need a properly balanced diet. This means fat, protein, and carbohydrates. Protein is key in keeping your dog’s muscles healthy and lean and is often best received through animal sources such as fish and poultry. Both of these contain the 10 amino acids that are essential to your dog’s health. 

In addition to the amino acids and proteins, it is important to feed your Havanese dog food that is loaded with healthy fats. Fat will work to give lots of energy to your dog. The highest quality of fats generally, like proteins, come from animal sources. Chicken fat and salmon oil are great for this. So are plant oils, since they come packed with omega-3 and omega-6. Carbohydrates can be gained through ingredients such as legumes, beans, whole grains, and vegetables.

How Much Should I Feed My Havanese Dog?

This is a pretty common question, and the answer varies depending on which stage of life your Havanese dog is currently in. Feeding methods change from puppy to adult to senior. In general, you want your fully grown Havanese dog to eat anywhere from 30 to 40 calories per each pound of their full body weight. For puppies, you want to feed them 40 calories per pound, while the senior dogs are closer to 30 calories per pound.

Take a look at the three stages of your Havanese dog’s life and what foods to give them during each phase of their life. Keep in mind that you will need to change the formula of your dog food for each life stage. 

Havanese Puppy Diet: This is the most critical stage of life for the Havanese. Because they grow from puppy to adulthood so fast, Havanese puppies need an even better-quality diet than many other breeds. This includes a bare minimum of 8% crude fats and 22% crude proteins. This will promote the healthiest development possible. Havanese are a tiny breed of dog with a ton of energy. They have an ultra-quick metabolism. This means they need astounding levels of energy for the first year of their growth. You want to pick up a puppy food that is designed for small dog breeds, preferably one that promises to meet all the strict energy requirements of your puppy.

Havanese Adult Diet: After your puppy becomes an adult, a whopping 12 months after they are born, you can change from their puppy food to stable adult food. This means a recipe that is super rich in fats and proteins, just like we have already discussed. These foods often contain fewer calories than previous puppy food. You also need to start thinking about your dog’s joints, and so it is important to find a food that comes with chondroitin and glucosamine. Remember to never cheap out on food – it is the most critical thing your Havanese dog needs to remain healthy!

Havanese Senior Diet: Dogs get older just like we do, and as your Havanese dog grows to be a senior their metabolism is going to gradually slow down. There is no stopping this natural process. You want to consider your Havanese dog a fresh senior after about seven or eight years. This is the point in which you will need to reduce the dog’s intake. Check the instructions on the dog food for the correct amount to feed them. Do this for a year or so, then try switching to a senior formula specially made for senior citizen doggos.

The Best Havanese Puppy Food

We highly recommend feeding your puppy the Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula for Small Puppy Chicken & Oatmeal Recipe. This is the number one food for any Havanese puppy. The entire function of this food is to give your small growing friend heaps of health and vitality, helping them grow into a strong adult dog. The food comes made with garden vegetables, fruit, real meat, whole grains, and is packed with omega-3, omega-6, antioxidants, fatty acids, and a lot of other healthy supplements.

This kibble is the exact right size for the tiny puppy mouth of a Havanese. The formula from Blue Buffalo enforces healthy development of the eyes and the brain while building a strong immune system, a shiny coat of hair, and tough sharp teeth. 

The Best Havanese Dog Food

We highly recommend Wellness CORE RawRev Grain-Free Small Breed Freeze-Dried Turkey Recipe for your Havanese dog. This food is going to make sure your beloved Havanese is getting all the important nutrients in their daily diet. Inside each bag is a mixture of kibble and freeze-dried pieces of turkey. The kibble ensures your dog is keeping their teeth sharp and clean, while the turkey gives them their daily filling of raw food. In fact, this food is made using chicken and turkey that is 100% real. The recipe has an amazing daily content of 15% fat and 38% protein. There are even fresh vegetables and fruit supplemented inside of the food, boosting your dog’s intake of minerals.

This food is quite expensive, but can you really put a price tag on the health of your dog? This feed even gives your Havanese a source of probiotics for the health of their guts!

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