Dog Parks in Regina

Dog Parks in Regina

Taking your pet for a walk around the neighbourhood or in the backyard can grow boring after a while, or too commonplace. It is important for dog owners to provide their pets with mental and physical stimulation in order to keep them both healthy and happy. A great option, then, is to break up the monotony by taking your furry friend on an outing to a dog park! There are several fantastic options in Regina for you to check out with your pet. Take a look at the following list– which park will you be exploring first?

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Mount Pleasant Dog Park

The Mount Pleasant Dog Park was the third year-round off-leash dog park in the city of Regina. It features different areas for different types of pets and their owners, such as a small breed-only area. This area is designated for pets that are under 25 pounds or 18 inches or less in height. There are also other areas designated for the larger breed dogs. 

This is a great option for letting your dog off-leash, as it is fenced in and there are fewer distractions that may come up at other parks, such as those that have bike trails or lots of wildlife. This allies for your dog to explore without straying too far or getting distracted and wandering off. 

Cathy Lauritsen Memorial Off Leash Dog Park

The Cathy Lauritsen Memorial Off-Leash Dog Park is another of the off-leash dog parks in Regina. It is located near the river, so your pet can swim or take a dip on the banks! Plus, this provides for a fantastic view as you walk through the park. The park is fenced in on the sides that do not border the river, so it is important to note that your dog could get out of the park if it were to swim to the other side of the river. 

Here, there are not any designated spaces for different-sized dogs, so you will see dogs of all breeds and sizes frolicking together. As at any park, be sure to pick up after your dog, especially if he or she is roaming off-leash! Bring doggy bags to be prepared in case you need to clean up after your dog or cannot find doggy bags that are provided by the park.

Ross Industrial Off Leash Dog Park

The Ross Industrial Off-Leash Dog Park is, as can be guessed from the name, an off-leash dog park located in one of Regina’s industrial parks. It is fenced on all sides, so is a great option for pets who have trouble with recall or any sort of distractions. It is an open space covered in grass, with patches of dirt interspersed as well– there are no trails or other landscaping here. 

Due to the dirty areas, you may come home with a muddy dog if you decide to visit this park during or after any sort of inclement weather. It has also been noted that there are some drainage issues since this area is a bowl-shaped space, but the standing water issues have since been addressed. This is still something you may want to keep in mind and be aware of. The Ross Industrial Off-Leash Dog Park does not have doggy bag dispensers, so you should plan ahead and bring your own!

Glencairn Park

Glencairn Park is, first and foremost, a recreational park. There are lots of parking options here and it is a great space to spend a day with family– park-goers can picnic, play soccer, and even skate in the outdoor rink! Because of this, Glencairn Park is a great place for a family to spend time outdoors with their four-legged friend. You can take your dog here for a walk, and there is plenty of space to explore.

During the summer months, the outdoor skating rink is also transformed. It is utilized as an off-leash dog park at this time, so the rink stays fully functional in some capacity year-round! However, if you are taking your dog here outside of summer, or are not taking it to the off-leash rink, you should be sure to keep your dog on its leash. 

Ready Park

This is another great park option for you to take your dog to explore! However, it is not strictly a dog park and is not one of the off-leash options. This park features some trails and walking paths, sports fields, and a playground. You will see many park visitors taking advantage of the space to jog, bike, or play on the monkey bars. Ready Park is a space where you can take your dog for a relaxing, controlled walk, and is also a good option for puppy socialization, due to the amount of traffic the park can receive.

It is important to note that your dog must also be on a leash near the playground and is not permitted to come too close to or enter the playground area. This is typical of other parks and areas in Canada as well.

1st Ave Park

1st Ave Park is an open park area, without a play structure or much landscaping. It is a simple, grassy plot of land with some trees. It can be a great spot to take your pet to so that you can play a game of fetch, or so that Fido can sniff around and explore new surroundings. It is located in the middle of a neighbourhood and bordered by streets, so beware of traffic.

The 1st Ave Park is also not fenced in, so you should avoid letting your dog off-leash here, especially if it does not usually behave well with this sort of freedom! You can still take a leisurely stroll around this space, or perhaps a brisk lap of the perimeter, to get your pet’s blood flowing and create a new experience for you both as well.

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