What Are Havanese Bred For?

What Are Havanese Bred For? If you are unfamiliar with the Havanese dog, you may be in the minority! This …

What Are Havanese Bred For?

If you are unfamiliar with the Havanese dog, you may be in the minority! This breed is very popular these days and is ushering in many hybrid breeds of dogs as well.

So, what was the Havanese bred for? It is true that many family pets are no longer used for their purpose–for example, many families adopt Australian Shepherds but do not have livestock for them to herd. The Havanese, though, is still sticking to its original purpose even today.

Take a look below to learn more about the Havanese breed and what this dog in particular was originally bred for. 

What Is a Havanese Dog?

The Havanese dog is a toy breed that grows to be about 7 to 13 pounds in weight.

For height, the little dog usually averages between 8 to 12 inches tall at the shoulder.

Once the breed reaches 1 year old, they are usually at full size, though they can be fully grown at just 6 to 8 months, too–it depends in part on the individual dog!

Unlike some other breeds of dogs or species of animal, the Havanese does not have any size difference between males and females. Their body is longer than it is tall, and they have drop ears and tail curves over their back. 

For personality and temperament, the Havanese is highly intelligent and can be a quick learner. They are calm, but sweet, affectionate, and playful, too.

They are companion dogs, though, so are not a breed that is well suited to being left alone for long periods of time. The Havanese can get anxious and develop separation anxiety if they are left alone for too long. 

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Havanese Breed History 

Havanese dogs are the national dog of Cuba, but they spread across the globe later on–these days, you can find Havanese owners in countries all over the world! The ancestors of the present-day Havanese first came to Cuba in the 1500s with Spanish settlers.

The dogs were then bred with very little outside influence into Havanese dogs. It was the Blanquito, or Havana Silk Dog, which was bred with dogs from the Bichon family, such as the poodle, to get to the Havanese dogs we are familiar with today.

The Havanese became beloved pets of the wealthy in Cuba, and it was not until the Cuban Revolution that the popularity of this breed surged in other countries.

This is because some Cuban families escaped to America with their pets, and the interest of American breeders was piqued.

The Havanese that was brought to America were bred together and the Havanese began to see a resurgence and their popularity spread. Eventually, in 1996, the breed was officially recognized by the American Kennel Club or AKC. 

What Are Havanese Dogs Bred For?

The Havanese breed was partially bred for its appearance–for its long, silky fur and different coat colorations. All dogs are bred for appearance to some degree, but they also have a purpose, such as being a working dog or a hunting dog.

As the Havanese is part of the toy category of dog, it can be guessed that it does not have such a purpose–though some toy dogs still do! Due to its cuddly size and sweet nature, the Havanese was bred to be a companion dog. 

Havanese dogs can be found worldwide these days, but originally, the breed was developed specifically in Cuba for the wealthy or the aristocracy there. They were lap dogs and constant companions.

To his day, the Havanese is still used as a companion dog and loves nothing more than being with its owner. Sometimes, the dog is even referred to as a Velcro dog!

Frequently Asked Questions

What were Havanese bred to do?

Havanese dogs are a small toy breed. The breed was bred to be a companion dog for the wealthy and aristocratic families of Cuba. It is not a working dog that was bred for hunting, for instance. However, the Havanese are very intelligent dogs and are well suited for learning tricks or agility training. 

What are Havanese dogs known for?

Havanese dogs are known for being companion dogs to the wealthy–this was what they were originally bred for. Due to this, the Havanese is known for being very cuddly and affectionate, as well as being a Velcro dog that does not want to let its owner out of its sight! They are also known for their appearance. Havanese are a toy breed, so they are small and can sometimes look like a stuffed animals. They have long, silky fur and bright eyes that can be very expressive. Their coat does need frequent grooming because of its length and its texture! 

What 2 dogs make a Havanese?

The Havanese is recognized as a purebred dog. However, in order to get to the breed standard of Havanese that we know today, the Havanese was the result of cross-breeding two other breeds of dog.

The first parent breed of the Havanese is the Blanquito. The Blanquito is no longer recognized as a breed but was once known as the Havana Silk Dog as well.

This breed of dog was bred with various dogs from the Bichon family, such as the poodle, and that is how the Havanese was born. The offspring of these two dogs were the beginnings of the Havanese. 

Is Havanese a good house dog?

The Havanese dog is a good fit for the home or even for an apartment, due in part to its small size.

Havanese dogs do not bark very much–unless left alone for long periods of time, as they can get separation anxiety–so they will not disturb your neighbors if you live close to each other.

They are friendly and gentle, which also makes them well-suited for all different types of homes. They are typically not destructive dogs–unless, again, left alone for too long–so you won’t have to worry about your security deposit in an apartment, either!

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