Winnipeg Dog Parks

Dog Parks in Winnipeg 

Do you have an energetic four-legged friend at home? If so, you surely know the value of a strenuous walk to keep your pet happy and healthy! There are many different areas where you could take your pet if you live in Winnipeg, including several fantastic off-leash dog parks! Read on to find some spots that you can bring your dog to for a fun outing, day or night.

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Bourkevale Park

Bourkevale Park is located along the riverbank, so most of the park is bordered by this beautiful river. There is a walking trail that you can take along the riverside for a great scenic view– and your pooch could even hop into the river for a dip if he or she is so inclined! Other paths take you walking through a lovely riverside neighbourhood. While your dog can be off-leash in certain areas of Bourkevale Park, you should ensure that you keep your dog on its leash when walking through this neighbourhood. 

Bourkevale Park also connects to Assiniboine Park on the other side of the river, via a pedestrian footbridge. To walk this way, you should follow Bourkevale’s walking past west. Assiniboine then has more trails and paved walking paths for you to enjoy– please keep your dog on a leash here.

King’s Park

King’s Park is located on the western side of the Red River. Along the perimeter of the park are bike paths and walking paths where you can take your dog, too. The entire area is not an off-leash park, but there are several acres set aside here where your dog can romp and explore to its heart’s content! There is also a duck pond here where your dog can play, and plenty of woodlands, gardens, and paved trails. 

This spot is a large scenic park, spanning 92 acres– it is both a recreational park and a residential subdivision. Because of the size and variety of uses of this park, there will be many users here when you come to visit. Others may be using the park for a stroll, for a bike ride, or a picnic– so you should act accordingly and be sure that your dog is able to respect other park-goers. If you are looking for a secluded, private park to take your pet to, King’s Park might not be the best choice for you. 

Maple Grove Dog Park

The Maple Grove Dog Park is another option located in Winnipeg. It is an off-leash dog park– as long as your pup is well-behaved and can handle this freedom! The park features a mix of meadow and woodland landscapes to explore. The park does have additional areas that are reserved for different sports and activities, such as the Maple Grove Rugby Park and Manitoba Organization of Disc Sports.

This park even has a fenced-in puppy run area, which is designated specifically for young or small breed dogs. When you have a puppy or a small dog, it can be difficult to go on outings together– especially if your pet is not comfortable around larger dogs. Having this space especially for smaller dogs makes Maple Grove a great park option. This fenced area can also be used for training a new puppy, as well as socializing it.

Charleswood Dog Park

The Charleswood Dog Park is a grassy area of about 20 acres, which is bordered by fencing and some trees. You can allow your dog off-leash here, so Fido is free to explore and interact with the other dogs as much as they’d like. However, the fencing only encloses three of the four sides of the park, so this is important to note if your dog does not have a good recall. Some listings refer to this area as mixed-use due to the location of a school nearby, but the park is mainly used by parts and their owners– so if you are looking for a dog park specifically, not to worry! 

This particular dog park also has a vibrant community. If you follow its Facebook page, you will see different events advertised, such as blood donation or fundraising photoshoots, all of which are dog friendly!

Mazenod Park

Mazenod Park is another dog park option in Winnipeg. It is not fenced in, so you should elect to keep your pet on its leash. While the park is a great open field, there is also a retention pond within its bounds. Your dog can take a dip in the water here or watch the ducks and geese that frequent the water in the warm weather. 

The park is located in an industrial park and there is easy parking. Due to the amount of traffic in this area, and the lack of a fence, this spot is not designated as an off-leash park. Pets that chase the wildlife may also have issues if they were to be let off-leash here. 

Kil-Cona Park

Kil-Cona Park is a multi-use park and former landfill site. It features different areas, such as shelters and soccer pitches, so you will see many other park visitors besides other owners with their pets. In fact, there is even an 18 hole disc golf course! All of this makes Kil-Cona Park a great option for a family outing with your furry friend. There are also lots of long, winding paths and a more open area where your dog can socialize with other dogs or park-goers. Within Kil-Cona park is also an off-leash dog park where you can let your dog frolic and roam, and can even play a rousing game of fetch!

While there are some ponds and bodies of water on the grounds, it is advised that you do not let your dog play in the water, and also that you keep your pet from drinking this water. There have been cases of unhealthy bacterias or substances found in the water that could be harmful to Fido, so this park is not water friendly like some of the other options.

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