Edmonton Dog Parks

Edmonton Dog Parks

For those living in Edmonton– or visiting with their pooch!– here is a list of some of the best dog parks in the city. What follows includes both fenced-in off-leash options and unfenced-on leash options. Taking your pet to a dog park is a fun outing because it is an opportunity to socialize your pet, but also is a new experience that you can go through together. 

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Southeast Edmonton Options

Jackie Parker Park

The Jackie Parker Park is located in Southeast Edmonton. Besides all of the green space where your dog can explore and frolic, there is also a playground here, and a summertime splash pad, too. It should be noted, however, that dogs are not allowed on city playgrounds, so be sure that you and your pooch steer clear!

Mill Creek Ravine South

Mill Creek Ravine South is a spot in Southeast Edmonton. The ravine has many trails that you can walk along with your dog, and there are plenty of things for your dog to sniff and investigate, too! The area also features some lovely footbridges. It is an off-leash park, but it is not fenced in, so be cautious and keep your dog on its leash if you are still working on its recall. You should also beware of high and fast-moving waters during the spring melt.

Northeast Edmonton Options

Hermitage Park

Hermitage Park is an option for your pet in Northeast Edmonton. It features a paved walking trail where you can walk your dog on a leash, and it is right by the river. In fact, your dog could even take a dip in the water here if it wanted! There is plenty of grassy space here where you and your dog can play a rousing game of fetch, or simply lounge about in the sun. This park in particular is very family-friendly, so can be a great option if you want to take a family outing with your pet.

Manning Village Off Leash Dog Park

The Manning Village Dog Park is fenced in and grassy, though it can become a bit messy and muddy after inclement weather. You can let your dog off-leash here, as it is fenced in. This area is spacious and dry, without water access like some of the other options on this list. There is plenty of space here for dogs to roam and play without feeling too crowded. 

St Albert Options

Ted Hole Park

The Ted Hole Park is a spot in St Albert. It has a great many features, such as paved trails for biking or walking, a playground, and tons of open space for your dog to roam to its heart’s content. Of course, just as at the Jackie Parker Park, dogs are not allowed on the playground. The Ted Hole Park is one of the off-leash parks on this list, so you can give your dog more leeway and room to explore here, as long as it has proven that it can behave itself off-leash.

Lacombe Lake Dog Park

The Lacombe Lake Dog Park is another great option in St Albert. It is one of the lists’ fenced-in options. It even has a small lake with a beach, so your pet can swim in the water and play or dig on the beach! However, this is not only a beachside spot. There are many paved trails at this park as well. You are allowed to take your dog on these trails, though they are on leash-only areas, so bear that in mind. 

Other Edmonton Options

Gold Bar Hiking Trail

Gold Bar Hiking Trail is located in East Edmonton. It is situated on the south bank of the river and named for the Gold Bar gravel bar communities it is located near. These gravel bars are where prospectors used to pan for gold. This particular park has an off-leash area, picnic grounds, and many trails, which are also used as cross country trails in the winter. Since this area is by the river, your dog can make its way to the water for a drink or to cool down if it is so inclined!

Marlboro Off Leash Dog Park

The Marlboro Off-Leash Dog Park is in Spruce Grove. This area can be accessed by the system of trails in Heritage Grove Park. This trail system is paved, so you will see other park-goers biking or walking these trails, too– maybe with pets of their own! There is even a splash pad nearby in the summertime where you can cool off. The Marlboro Off-Leash Dog Park is one of the fenced-in off-leash options, so it is a great choice for pets who are still working on their recall. 

Umbach Off Leash Dog Park

The Umbach Off-Leash Dog Park is, of course, one of the off-leash options on this list, as the name suggests. It is located in the town of Stony Plain. Here, there is also an agility course for your dog, which is a bit of a more unusual feature– none of the other parks on this list have this feature! In fact, it is the first of its kind in Western Canada. The agility course is based on a course that was used in the 2015 IFCS World Agility Championship and can be used by both beginner-level dogs and those of higher experience levels.  

Buena Vista Park

Buena Vista Park is an option in Southwest Edmonton, close to the Edmonton Zoo. This park boasts a series of multi-use trails and a large off-leash area. Once your pet has run out of most of its pent-up energy, you can then continue on to explore the natural playground at the nearby Sir Wilfrid Laurier Park. If you do go to check out this area, you will want to be sure that your dog is back on its leash, as it is not an off-leash area like Buena Vista Park. 

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