Calgary Dog Parks

Calgary Dog Parks

Having a pet is rewarding and ensures that you have a built-in companion. They also prompt you to get up off the couch and get outside more. After all, where better to enjoy some quality time with your dog than at a dog park, especially where Fido can interact and play with other dogs?

Off Leash Parks

Not all dogs can handle being off-leash, but it can be more rewarding for both pet and owner if your pet is allowed to walk freely and explore– all within your eyesight. There are several great off-leash Calgary dog parks for your pup to explore!

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Off Leash Dog Etiquette

Allowing your dog off its leash in areas where this is permitted can make an outing more enjoyable for you and your pet. However, not just every dog can behave off-leash, and there are certain rules that must be abided by. Before you let your dog off-leash, your pet should be well socialized and properly trained.

  • Always keep your dog in your line of sight.
  • Always clean up after your dog.
  • Do not allow your dog to jump up on people or other pets.
  • Do not allow your dog to chase people, other pets, or the local wildlife.

Nose Hill Park

Nose Hill Park comes in at number 6 of Canada’s largest urban parks, and as a Calgary dog park is it one of the biggest. There are about 11 square kilometres of land for you and your dog to explore, with beautiful views that make it feel as if you’re not even in the city! Nose Hill boasts many hiking trails and dedicated off-leash areas for pets. One thing to beware of at this park is the wildlife, especially if you are out in the evening– coyotes are sometimes sighted here.

Sue Higgins Park

The Sue Higgins Park is the largest fenced-off leash area in Calgary, so there is plenty of space for you to roam alongside your pet. It is located at the east end of Southland Drive and is dedicated to a city council member who served for more than 20 years. The park also boasts several access points to the river, where your pet can cool off or get a quick drink. Parking can be difficult since it is a busy park, so plan ahead!

River Park

This area is located close to Sandy Beach on the east side of the community of Altadore. The park offers a beautiful view of the Calgary skyline, as well as a dog-friendly water fountain in the center of the park. Unlike some of the other off-leash areas, such as the Sue Higgins Park, the park is not fenced in, so there is no barrier between the off-leash area and the street. Be aware of this, and, of course, keep an eye on your dog if you are ever near the street!

On Leash Dog Park Calgary

On-leash dog parks are the best and easiest option for a more timid dog or one who has not been fully trained. Dogs who may startle or are very scent-oriented, such as terriers or hounds, may not do well off-leash and would do better on a trip to a relaxed on-leash dog park.

Carburn Park

Carburn Park is located along the Bow River and also features three natural ponds and a regional pathway. It is adjacent to Sue Higgins Park. There are several hiking trails here where it is required that dogs be kept on their leashes. For example, the Carburn Pond Loop is a lightly trafficked loop trail located in Carburn Park. The walk features the river. It is an easy trail, so a good choice for dogs who are older or not as active. 

South Glenmore Park

The South Glenmore Park is located on the waterfront and features an aquatic playground, biking paths, and walking paths. It even has a sailing school! While it is a great spot for families, South Glenmore Park is also great for pets. Your dog will enjoy walking the different hiking trails, including one along the reservoir with views of the lake. The Glenmore Reservoir trail is an easy hike but is decently long, so take this into consideration when planning your day’s outing with your pup!

Prince’s Island Park

The Prince’s Island Park is a pedestrian park with a flower garden, biking and walking trails, and picnic areas. It is very popular and located in the downtown area of Calgary. The Canada Day Celebration and Calgary Folk Festival are hosted here. Dogs must be on leash when in the park, and on certain holidays, are not permitted inside the park due to crowds and events.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are dogs allowed off-leash in Calgary?

Calgary is an on-leash city. This means that dogs must be on leash unless the area is their own property or is designated as an off-leash area. That is why Calgary has a number of off-leash dog areas, to provide owners with the option.

Are dogs allowed in parks in Calgary? 

Dogs are allowed in parks, but as with any public spaces, must be on leash unless otherwise indicated. There are dog-specific parks in the city as well where your pet can interact with other dogs, and some are even off-leash.

Are dog parks a good idea?

Dog parks are great places for your pet to get exercise while also practicing its social skills. New locations also provide new stimulations, such as scents and other things for your pet to investigate and interact with.

What should you not do at a dog park?

If your dog is aggressive or reactive, the dog park might not be the best spot for it. Do not bring your dog’s favourite things– such as a cherished chew toy– to the park, as your pup may exhibit guarding tendencies.

Should I keep my dog on leash at the dog park?

Yes, keep your dog on a leash until it is in the designated off-leash area. This is both good manners and important for safety, especially in busy parking lots, for example. As long as the park is noted as allowing dogs off-leash, you can let your dog off its leash.

What are good Snacks To Bring to the Dog Park?

If you are training your dog, or just want to have something for them, bringing some treats along is a great idea. Sometimes it is just easiest to bring dry treats, like cookies or biscuits. Other times you may want to bring additional energy-type treats as well.

Fruit is also a good idea as it will have natural sugar for energy, but also water which is good for the dog too. Something like Jackfruit, apple or blueberries or cantaloupe. These are great snacks.

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