Can Dogs Eat Pepper?

Even though a small amount of black pepper is generally considered safe for dogs, too much black pepper can cause stomach upset in dogs. Large quantities or significant amounts of pepper is not good for your dog. Thankfully black pepper is spicy—a flavor most dogs do not enjoy.

Can Dogs Eat Pepper?

Have you ever wondered, can dogs eat pepper?

Even though a small amount of black pepper is generally considered safe for dogs, too much black pepper can cause stomach upset in dogs. Large quantities or significant amounts of pepper is not good for your dog. Thankfully black pepper is spicy—a flavor most dogs do not enjoy.

This is a legitimate question because pepper can be found in plenty of foods that we eat every day. And as a dog owner, you’re probably tempted to give your dog a sneaky treat of whatever you’re eating. But if your dog wants a bite of your sandwich and you’ve loaded it up with pepper, should they be eating it?

Can a Dog Eat Black Pepper?

To understand whether a dog can eat black pepper or not, we first need to talk about salt. This is because salt is almost always used with black pepper. All-purpose seasonings always use both salt and pepper.

Salt is not good for your dog. A little salt is not detrimental, but too much salt can give your dog salt poisoning. You should never feed your dog salty things on purpose. And whatever you do, never feed your pet anything that contains excess amounts of salt on a regular basis.

The same goes for black pepper. Moderation is key. Small amounts of black pepper aren’t considered dangerous for dogs. It’s the large quantities of black pepper that can cause an upset stomach and other health issues.

What is black pepper

But that’s not to say a small amount of black pepper is healthy for a dog either. And besides, dogs don’t really like black pepper. Pepper is spicy, a taste that’s foreign to dogs. They can’t even tell what spicy tastes like. Instead of enjoying the flavour, the spicy black pepper will probably just irritate their digestive system, give them an itchy sensation when they accidentally breathe it up their nose, and probably make them sneeze uncontrollably.

For all these reasons, don’t add black pepper to your dog’s diet. Don’t intentionally sprinkle your dog’s food with black pepper, and especially not with salt. If you feel it absolutely necessary to share a bite of your food with a dog, use common sense and discretion.

A bite of your sandwich won’t kill your puppy, but definitely don’t feed them the whole thing. A little bit of grilled chicken with some seasoning is totally OK, just don’t feed them the whole bird.

My Dog Ate Black Pepper, What Do I Do?

If your dog eats black pepper, don’t panic. A small amount of black pepper isn’t going to cause any health problems. However, if they ingest a large quantity of black pepper, be sure to watch them closely. Your dog may vomit or experience diarrhea, though it’s fairly rare. If either of these symptoms persist, seek your veterinarian immediately. 

Do Dogs Like Pepper?

Dogs don’t really like black pepper. In fact, the fresher the black pepper, the less a dog is going to want it. This is because freshly ground pepper often contains volatile essential oils that bother your dog’s nose. It doesn’t like the way pepper smells.

Dogs usually avoid black pepper. The primary reason is because it has such a strong scent. Most dogs won’t even sit next to something if it stinks like pepper. Black pepper can be used as a chewing deterrent. If you don’t want your dog to chew on something, sprinkle a bit of black pepper on it and they’ll stay away.

Can Dogs Eat Peppercorns?

Peppercorns are actually the same thing as black pepper. If your dog accidentally hoovers up a bunch of peppercorns, it’s just like they ate a lot of raw pepper. This isn’t that dangerous. Your dog won’t get sick. That said, it’s still not recommended.  

Can Dogs Eat Salt?

Salt is arguably one of the worst things you can feed your dog too much of. A few sprinkles of salt on a piece of pepperoni aren’t going to send your dog to the vet, but it’s still very bad for your pet. Salt makes your dog way too thirsty and can lead to sodium ion poisoning, also known as salt poisoning.

How much salt is too much salt for a dog? Adult dogs only need about 13 mg/kg body weight of salt every day. This means whatever salt is in your dog’s food is sufficient. Anything else your dog eats that contains salt is extra and too much.

Salt is also worse than pepper. Even just a few salt packets can have damaging effects on your dog. If your dog accidentally gets into a whole heap of salt, be sure that you give them plenty of water immediately. Too much salt will cause your dog to vomit. A fatal amount of salt can poison your dog to death.

Are Peppers Poisonous to Dogs?

We know that black pepper isn’t that dangerous for dogs but that they probably shouldn’t eat it anyway. What about actual bell peppers? Can dogs eat peppers? Are peppers poisonous to dogs?

Dogs can eat peppers. They can even eat any colour of bell pepper they want, from green to red. Dogs can eat bell peppers cooked or raw. Just remember to get rid of the stem and the seeds before feeding any peppers to your dog.

Regular peppers are definitely not poisonous for puppies or adult dogs. However, keep in mind that dogs are carnivores, and their digestive system may have a difficult time processing cooked peppers. This is why it’s generally agreed that smaller servings are better.

As another note, try not to feed your dog seasoned peppers, including ones seasoned with salt and pepper. And absolutely never give your dog peppers that have been cooked using onion or garlic. Onion and garlic are volatile to dogs and should be avoided at all costs.

Can Dogs Eat Red Peppers?

Dogs can eat red peppers just like they would eat any other bell pepper. Peppers are only coloured differently to show how long they’ve been ripening on the vine. Red peppers aren’t actually different from green peppers. It’s just that red peppers are riper and have more nutrients.

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