Can Dogs Eat Fireflies

Can Dogs Eat Fireflies?

Many of our furry friends love to eat odd things– like bugs, for instance! Of course, that is not necessarily something that should be ingested by your dog, so it is only natural that you may find it to be a cause for concern if your dog is eating bugs, whether dead or alive. Most bugs will not harm your dog, so rest assured. However, there are some bugs that could have an effect on your dog. Fireflies are one such bug that could have an adverse effect on your pet, so beware and keep a close eye on them if they do happen to eat a firefly– or more than one. 

So can dogs eat fireflies?

The short answer is no, they shouldn’t. As you will read below they release toxins through reflex bleeding when they are bitten and this is a poisonous process. One or two fireflies won’t require significant intervention but you should still be watchful after the fact. If your dog eats a larger number you may need to visit the vet.

What Are Fireflies?

So, what exactly is a firefly, anyway? Interestingly enough, the firefly is not one single species. There are many different species of firefly! The firefly is a family of insects in the beetle order Coleoptera, known by its Latin of Lampyridae. In fact, there are over 2,000 described species of firefly. The firefly gets its name because its body emits light– usually during twilight– in order to attract a mate. Different species of fireflies may flash their light differently, or their physical characteristics may vary slightly from species to species. Depending on the area in which you live, you may also have heard the firefly referred to as a lightning bug. 

Fireflies are native to areas that have either temperate or tropical climates. For instance, many species of firefly thrive in either mardjes or wet and wooded areas, because their larvae have abundant food sources in these types of areas. Another difference between the different species of firefly is that all of the larvae emit light, but not all species of firefly are still able to emit light as adults! The location of the organ that produces light also varies between species and sexes of fireflies. 

Can Dogs Eat Fireflies?

Now, here comes the big question. Is it okay if your dog eats a firefly? Generally, eating one firefly would not harm your dog, but it can still be dangerous. Fireflies can be toxic to several different animals, such as lizards and many birds. This is because fireflies have a defence mechanism called reflex bleeding– when a firefly is bitten by a potential predator, it produces drops of blood that are filled with nasty chemicals, which can then be harmful or even toxic to the would-be predator. 

One of the toxins in fireflies is called lucibufagins, which affects the stomach and heart of the predator that was unwise enough to eat a firefly. For smaller animals, like lizards, the risk is greater, as the toxins can spread much more quickly through the system. In these cases, symptoms set on quickly after ingestion– about 15 to 20 minutes afterwards. Symptoms include head shaking and vomiting. These symptoms can ramp up and even lead to death if not treated quickly. 

For a larger animal, like your dog, for instance, their body weight might be able to offset the effects of one firefly. Of course, it is always best to err on the side of caution and make sure your dog does not eat fireflies, regardless– not even one. 

So for Havanese dogs that are smaller, you are going to want to be especially careful. Smaller dogs have less to fight off things that they ingest that are not good for them.

What to Do If My Dog Eats a Firefly

However, we can’t always be watching our pets! What should you do if your dog does end up managing to ingest a firefly? As mentioned above, one firefly is typically not much cause for concern in dogs. That being said, you should continue to be cautious and monitor your dog, especially for any signs of anything out of the ordinary. If you are concerned– whether or not your dog has begun to act strangely– you should call your vet or an emergency veterinary hotline. They will also be able to talk you through things and determine whether you should bring your pet in for a checkup. 

Be sure to keep an eye out specifically for symptoms like vomiting, head shaking, or opening and closing their mouth often. Bugs such as fireflies and other beetles can also end up getting stuck in your dog’s mouth and throat– especially because of their shells– so be mindful of this as well. 

Here is a list of foods that dogs can and can’t eat.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do animals eat fireflies?

Yes, some animals do eat bugs, and fireflies may be no exception! However, they are also distasteful to certain animals such as some lizards, birds, and mammals. Other birds, however, as well as many species of spiders, do feed on fireflies by choice.

Is it safe to eat fireflies?

It depends on the animal that is consuming the fireflies– fireflies can be poisonous to certain predators. They may also be harmful to humans. This is because fireflies begin to “reflex bleed” when attacked by predators, in which they produce drops of blood that are filled with chemicals that are poisonous to animals like birds and lizards.

Are fireflies poisonous?

Technically, fireflies are not poisonous in one sense of the word. They do not have poisonous bites like some insects do, so you do not need to be concerned if one lands on you. That being said, these bugs can be toxic to animals that try to eat them, as their bodies contain a toxin called lucibufagins.

Is it OK for dogs to eat bugs?

Generally, yes, it is okay for your dog to eat bugs. In fact, it is pretty normal! Bugs are like a small snack for your dog, and should not necessarily be a cause for concern. That being said, certain poisonous bugs– or insects like bees– may cause issues, so use your judgment and contact your vet if anything seems amiss. 

What bugs are safe for dogs to eat?

Dogs can eat bugs like grasshoppers, flies, June bugs, or crickets, as well as similar insects. All of these should not harm your dog and are not a big deal! Be careful of spiders and bees, which may poison your dog or cause inflammation due to stings or bites. 

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