Can Dogs Eat Tzatziki

Can Dogs Eat Tzatziki

When it comes to food that you are cooking or ordering out, you should always check to be sure ingredients are pet safe before feeding it to your dog. It may be tempting to just hand over a bite or two, but you may be setting your pet up for an upset stomach later– or worse. 

When it comes to tzatziki dip, you should be wary of feeding it to your pet. Generally, it can be okay to feed to your pet in small doses, as none of it is toxic to dogs, but too much tzatziki can still be harmful to your pet. After all, there is such a thing as too much of a good thing! 

What Is Tzatziki?

Tzatziki is a dip that is made with Greek yogurt, or salted strained yogurt, along with cucumbers and other herbs. It can also come in a soup or sauce form. Typically, tzatziki is found in the cuisines of areas in Southeast Europe and the Middle East. It pairs well with vegetables or pita bread and pita chips. 

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Can Dogs Eat Tzatziki?

Tzatziki is something that can be safe for your dog if fed in small amounts. However, it may be safer to avoid giving your dog tzatziki entirely, because there are also risks involved in feeding it to your dog. For instance, tzatziki may sometimes contain garlic, which is toxic to dogs. Too much dairy can be unhealthy for your pet, too, as its body is not able to process it properly. This is a decision that can be made based on your dog’s size and any other pre existing health conditions. 

Benefits of Feeding Your Dog Tzatziki

Tzatziki, if fed to your dog in small amounts, can have certain health benefits. However, it is important that you do not give your dog an excess of tzatziki, either.


Tzatziki is a high protein dip, so many people eat it as a protein source and healthy snack– or even a light, high protein meal when paired with grilled meats! This is also true for your dog. If your dog eats tzatziki, it can be a treat or snack that adds some additional protein to its diet, rather than empty calories. That being said, you should not feed your dog too much tzatziki dip, because it can become harmful in larger amounts. 

Vitamin A

This food source also contains vitamins and minerals that can be a good addition to your dog’s diet. One of them is vitamin A. Vitamin A can be beneficial for strong bones and healthy eyes and eyesight, both of which are important for your dog. 

Risks of Feeding Your Dog Tzatziki

There are certainly some risks involved in feeding your dog tzatziki, too. Take a look below to learn more. 

Garlic Poisoning

There are also cases where tzatziki contains garlic as one of the herbs, which is toxic to dogs. This should deter you from feeding it to your pet, as it can even be deadly to your pet if too much is consumed. Garlic poisoning can lead to extreme discomfort in your pet, and as mentioned, even death. 

Digestive Issues

You may also run into digestive issues if your dog has eaten tzatziki. As it does contain a large amount of yogurt, this could cause issues like loose stool, diarrhea, or vomiting. This is because the dairy in the yogurt is not something that your dog is accustomed to digesting, so it can easily make him or her sick. Some tzatziki dips are dairy free, though, so if you give your dog one of these, it will be safer for them and for their stomachs. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of sauces can dogs eat?

Generally speaking, sauces are not safe for your dog to eat. Many of them contain high amounts of salt and other ingredients that can be unhealthy for dogs– some of these ingredients can even be toxic. That being said, certain sauces, like broths and gravies, can be great and nutritious additions to your dog’s dry food. Just be sure that it does not include any flavorings that could be toxic, like onion or garlic. 

What if my dog eats garlic sauce?

Garlic itself is an ingredient that can be toxic to dogs. If your dog does eat garlic sauce, this can be very dangerous to your pet, because the sauce could contain large amounts of garlic. If this does happen, you should take preventative measures. Contact your vet to let them know what has happened, and also make them aware if you notice any symptoms of toxicity in your pet. Garlic poisoning can be fatal in some cases, and your pet will very likely need vet assistance and treatment to reverse any effects of the garlic it has consumed. 

Can dogs eat garlic mayo?

Neither garlic nor mayo is safe for your dog to eat– garlic is actually toxic to dogs, and mayo contains ingredients that can easily make your dog sick, as it is not used to consuming or processing them. Some of these ingredients include eggs and oil, which can lead to digestive issues such as loose stool, diarrhea, and even vomiting. The symptoms do also depend on the amount of garlic mayo that your dog eats, and the size of your dog. A taste of garlic mayo, for instance, will likely not be enough to have any adverse effects. 

Can dogs eat aioli?

Aioli is a sauce or dressing that contains garlic and onion, which are both toxic to dogs. Garlic and onion can cause harm to the red blood cells in your pet. Aioli is also very high in salt content, and large amounts of salt are bad for dogs, too. It can lead to issues like dehydration, sodium poisoning, and kidney problems. All of these reasons make it a bad idea to feed your dog aioli. A taste of aioli is probably fine for your dog, but too much can make your pet very sick. 

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