can dogs eat ranch

Can Dogs Eat Ranch

Can Dogs Eat Ranch?

Ranch is not the best thing to feed your dog. In fact, dogs should not eat ranch. Believe it or not, most ranch dressing is not even that healthy for people. The reason is that ranch is filled with all kinds of ingredients, including a whole lot of calories, fat, and sodium. At its core, ranch is basically a sloppy mixture of fat and calories.

Not only is ranch not that great health wise, it also doesn’t offer any health benefits. There is absolutely no nutritional value in ranch dressing. There’s nothing in ranch that can benefit a dog. 

So, can dogs eat ranch? They can, but it’ll be about as healthy as a dog eating a shoe. Dogs should only have a few hundred calories a day, and a small bowl of ranch already pushes them over the edge of what’s acceptable. Lots of empty calories, no health benefits.

What Happens if a Dog Eats Ranch?

If a dog eats a little ranch dressing, it’s not the end of the world. Ranch isn’t fatally poisonous to dog. Your dog won’t fall over dead if it eats some ranch. However, if for some crazy reason your dog has been eating ranch on a regular basis, they could begin to develop obesity and diseases related to obesity.

Too much ranch can help your dog develop diabetes, heart disease, liver issues, kidney problems, and even arthritis. Too much ranch can cause plenty of nasty problems that work to reduce your pet’s lifespan.

A word on pancreatitis. If your dog has ever suffered pancreatitis, they should not have any ranch dressing.

The worst two ingredients in ranch dressing are onion and garlic. As a general rule, a dog should never eat anything that contains either onion or garlic. Both ingredients are highly toxic to dogs. Having a few licks of ranch dressing isn’t going to overload them with onion and garlic, but they still shouldn’t have it.

And again, too much ranch dressing means more onion and garlic, and these two ingredients are known to damage the red blood cells in dogs and even cats. Too much onion or garlic can wreak havoc on your dog, including leading to anemia. If your dog becomes anemic, you’re in big trouble. This means weakened muscles, a decrease in energy, difficulty breathing, increased heart rate, and in the worst cases – death! 

if your dog eats too much ranch in one sitting, probably the worst thing that will happen is diarrhea, discolored urine, vomiting, and even a potential allergic reaction. But your dog could also develop skin problems and even liver failure.

If you catch your dog slurping a whole lot of ranch, be sure that you monitor them closely for the next few days and look out for any dangerous symptoms. If your dog starts vomiting and doesn’t stop, it’s time to take them to the hospital.

What Are the Main Ingredients in Ranch?

To understand just how unhealthy ranch dressing is for a dog, check out all the ingredients that go into making one of the country’s favorite condiments.


Buttermilk is probably one of the only ingredients that isn’t super unhealthy. Buttermilk contains probiotics which help aid in the digestion of lactose. Normally, this would be perfectly fine for a dog. However, the buttermilk used in ranch dressing is almost always filled with salt and sugar and additional flavors to make it yummy for people. All these ingredients make it unhealthy for dogs. This is especially true if your dog is lactose intolerant. Buttermilk should never be given to dogs who suffer from lactose intolerance.


Chives are about as horrible for pets as onions and garlic. Chives come from the same family of foods, the allium family, and should be considered equally as dangerous as garlic.


Dill is actually a pretty good food for dogs. It’s not toxic at all and does offer some great health benefits. Not only that, but dogs also love the taste of dill. This is why dogs like eating dill Pickles. In moderation, dill is actually very safe for your dog and perfectly healthy.


Garlic is the worst ingredient of all. As we’ve already discussed, garlic is toxic and can do serious damage to your pet. Dogs aren’t really able to digest garlic and the chemicals inside the food have the potential to damage their blood cells.


Mustard is a spicy addition to ranch dressing usually containing vinegar. Mustard also comes packed full of other spices that will work to upset your dog’s stomach. Mustard is not a recommended food for dogs, not even if its on a yummy hot dog. In fact, any kind of spice is a bad idea for dogs. Spices almost always upset their tummy. 

Onion Powder

Onion powder is in the same line of hazardous as onions and chives. Unfortunately, onion powder is a popular ingredient in a lot of human food. If something contains onion powder, you generally shouldn’t let a dog eat it.


The parsley that goes into making ranch dressing is known to be toxic. It might be perfectly fine in small amounts, and its presence in ranch dressing isn’t the end of the world and won’t kill your dog. Just be aware that it is an ingredient labeled toxic for dogs, cats, and even horses.

Sour Cream

Sour cream is one thing that can be eaten by dogs without giving them any health problems. It’s not a healthy food at all and is high in fat, but it can be given to a dog as a snack. It just shouldn’t be eaten frequently, and servings should be small.

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