Can Dogs Eat Potted Meat

Can Dogs Eat Potted Meat We think of our dogs as carnivores– after all, they descended from wolves, who survived …

Can Dogs Eat Potted Meat

We think of our dogs as carnivores– after all, they descended from wolves, who survived on meat in the wild and hunted in packs. However, that does not necessarily mean that all forms of meat are safe for our pups. Take potted meat, for example– as soon as you open it up, your pet likely hears it, or smells the meat inside, and comes running to the kitchen. But is potted meat actually fit for dogs to eat?

Generally, it is not recommended that you feed your dog potted meat– no matter how much they beg! Many of the ingredients can lead to issues with digestion, and possibly more severe issues, depending on any existing issues that your pet is dealing with. Read on to learn more.

What Is Potted Meat?

First things first, what is potted meat? It may not be something that you are even familiar with. Potted meat is a food that is preserved and canned, or potted. It is usually a meat product, but is more similar to a paste and has a spreadable texture– like pate. Many people eat potted meats by spreading them on crackers. They are usually packed in with hot fat and preservatives during the potting process, and the fat then cools and creates an airtight seal before the pot or can is closed up. 

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Can Dogs Eat Potted Meat?

While potted meat is delicious, and may seem like an easy way to feed your dog, it is something that should be avoided. It contains preservatives, as well as a high amount of fat and sodium. All of these ingredients can be harmful to your dog, especially because they are not a part of his or her regular diet. Potted meat is one treat that should stay in your pantry or on your own plate– not in your pup’s dish. That being said, if you are considering canned dog food, that is something else entirely and you should feel free to go ahead and do so!

Risks of Feeding Your Dog Potted Meat

Of course, since potted meat is not considered a suitable treat for dogs, there are some risks involved if you do decide to give it to your four-legged friend. Below, we take a look at some of the most common risks when feeding your dog potted meat. 

Digestive Issues

Many of the ingredients in potted meat can lead to digestive and stomach issues– these are also the most common issues that a dog who has consumed potted meat may experience. The high level of sodium and fats are both contributors to digestive issues. They can lead to gas, constipation, or diarrhea and loose stool. Regardless of how the stomach issues decide to manifest, it will be uncomfortable for your dog and unpleasant for you to have to deal with as well. 


Vomiting is another common issue that can be caused by eating potted meat or any other food that is difficult for your dog’s body to process. Sometimes, the body will decide that it is easier to try and dispel the food, rather than digest it, and this is when vomiting comes into play. This is, of course, not fun for you to have to clean up, and is certainly an uncomfortable and unpleasant experience for your dog. The enjoyment that your pup gets out of the potted meat for the few minutes it is eating is not worth the risk later!


Preservatives are not really good for anyone, dog or human! They can also affect your dog’s digestion and can then lead to more long term issues, such as unhealthy skin or coat. Certain preservatives may even cause vitamin B1 deficiencies, which can prove to be fatal to your pooch. While a small amount of preservatives are usually fine for humans, you do have to consider that what may seem like a small amount of something to you is a larger amount to your dog. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What meat is unsafe for dogs?

Many people think that, since dogs are carnivores, they can eat all different sorts of meats without problem. This is not necessarily true. Some of the meats that are not safe for dogs include bacon, ham, trimmings or fat. All of these are high in fat, and often salt, too, which can cause stomach issues or indigestion– sometimes even vomiting in certain cases.

Can dogs eat canned meat?

There are some dog foods that are, essentially, canned meat. In these cases, this is safe for your dog and may even be superior to their dry dog food or kibble. However, in the case of canned meats meant for humans, you should keep those away from your pet.

These can contain additives and flavorings that can make your dog sick, as well as large amounts of fat or salt. Both fat and salt are also dangerous to your pet and can contribute to both short-term and long-term health issues. 

Is potted meat safe?

Potted meat is fairly safe– after all, if it was not, it would not be considered an edible food source. That being said, potted meat is high in fats and salt, so it is not something that is a good addition to your daily diet.

They also contain certain preservatives, which are not very healthy for consumption, either. Instead of eating potted meat on a regular basis, it should be treated as more of a special occasion treat or a luxury. Because of these ingredients, potted meat is neither a safe everyday food item for humans or for their furry friends. 

Can dogs eat packaged meat?

Technically, yes, your dog can eat packaged meats or lunch meats. However, it is not wise to give them too much of this, as processed deli meats do contain high amounts of salt and certain additives like nitrates, which have the potential to be harmful as well.

It is safer to avoid feeding these to your pet completely than to risk any issues, such as gastrointestinal issues, diarrhea, or vomiting– all of which may occur if your dog does eat too much-packaged meat. 

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