Can Dogs Eat hazelnut spread

Can Dogs Eat Hazelnut Spread?

No, dogs should not eat hazelnut spread. Since hazelnut spread is high in oils, fats, and sugars, it is not a good snack for your pet. It also contains chocolate and cocoa, which can be toxic to dogs. While the amount of chocolate in hazelnut spread is likely not going to affect your dog, since it is such a small percentage, hazelnut spread should still be kept away from your pet. Truthfully, hazelnut spread is not even healthy for humans if eaten too often, and it is not safe for dogs, either. It also provides no nutritional value for your pet, so there is no reason to be feeding your dog hazelnut spread.

can dogs eat edamame

Can Dogs Eat Edamame? 

Dogs can absolutely eat edamame. Edamame is a healthy and delicious treat that you can give your dog. Edamame is not toxic at all, they shouldn’t cause your dog to have any adverse side effects, and they have great health benefits. 

can dogs eat ranch

Can Dogs Eat Ranch?

They can eat ranch, but it’ll be about as healthy as a dog eating a shoe. Dogs should only have a few hundred calories a day, and a small bowl of ranch already pushes them over the edge of what’s acceptable. Lots of empty calories, no health benefits.

can dogs eat olives

Can Dogs Eat Olives?

Dogs can absolutely eat olives. They are not toxic for dogs. But before you go feeding your dog handfuls of olives, it’s important that you understand they should only be fed to your canine friend in moderation. The types of olives you feed your dog should be plain and unsalted. And even though organic olives are going to be more expensive, they are the best when considering the health of your dog. 

Can Dogs Eat mung beans

Can Dogs Eat Mung Beans?

Yes, dogs can certainly eat mung beans! They are not toxic to your pet and will not cause stomach issues or other such reactions like some other foods would. Of course, if you overfeed your dog mung beans, you may run into digestion issues and an upset stomach, but the same is to be said of any food if your pet eats too much of it. Mung beans can be fed to your dog as a treat– they have a nice, crunchy texture that your pet will enjoy when raw– or as an additive to their regular food at mealtime. 

Can Dogs Eat yucca fries

Can Dogs Eat Yucca Fries?

No, dogs should refrain from yucca fries. Yucca fries, are a snack that you should keep to yourself. One is probably not going to do much for your dog, but the ingredient of yucca itself is not healthy for dogs– in fact, it is toxic. We go into more detail on the dangers of yucca below.